Thought: Leo Dicaprio could get the Superman role, don’t be surprised folks!

Well, I’ve heard that Brandon Routh and Tom Welling of “Smallville” TV show is out of the new Superman, they are definitely not doing it. Jon Hamm is rumored to be a possibility now. Don’t be surprised that Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan has their eye on Leo Dicaprio for Superman. For many years, comic book superhero films has tried to get Leo to play a super hero, but a deal never fell through for Leo to star in a superhero film. Could Leo actually be Clark Kent/Superman? “Inception” was such a huge hit, and keep in mind, “Inception” was a Warner Bros. movie too. I know I had a post before about Leo could possibly get a role for the new “Superman” movie, but I’m going to rewrite it again to remind you all. If Leo is not Superman, maybe he could get a different role, Leo could be Luthor or maybe Jor-El. Leo will definitely get a role for either the new “Superman” film or the next “Batman” film either way. Would everybody go see Superman, if Leo was Supes?

I’ve been reading articles online that the film makers are already casting for Superman. We’ll know who it is real soon.


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