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I say no to Leo Dicaprio starring and Danny Boyle directing, “Steve Jobs” biopic…

Since David Fincher and Christian Bale bailed out of the “Steve Jobs” biopic… Sony is already in search of a replacement for both of them. Sony is in early talks with “Slumdog Millionaire”  and “127 Hours” director Danny Boyle to helm the “Jobs” movie and Sony is eye’ing Leo Dicaprio to star as Jobs for the film.


It seems that Sony is desperate for an Oscar award winning film here. If these two sign on Danny and Leo, I’ll no longer be interested.

Why not get Ashton Kutcher for Steve Jobs again? I just saw Kutcher’s version of the “Jobs” movie and it turned out surprisingly good. Kutcher’s version of “Jobs” was surprisingly “accurate” on Jobs life and career. Also, Kutcher nailed the Jobs role pretty well. Kutcher’s version of “Jobs” is available for Netflix streaming so you should check it out yourself. Kutcher is the only actor who is able to match Jobs pretty well. I’m sure Kutcher would be up for this if Sony would ask him. I used to never be a fan of Ashton Kutcher but he’s been winning over my respect lately.

As for my choice on who to direct the Aaron Sorkin scripted, “Jobs” movie… I’d say the guy who directed “American Hustle”, David O Russell.


Report: So Clint Eastwood’s “A Star Is Born” will be an interacial relationship movie? Leo Dicaprio is in talks to join Beyonce for the film…

For a long time now, Warner Bros. have been wanting Will Smith to team with Beyonce for Clint Eastwood’s musical movie, “A Star Is Born”. Eastwood is in talks with Leo Dicaprio in starring in the film instead of Will Smith. Eastwood and Dicaprio are currently filming the J. Edgar Hoover biopic, and while filming the movie, Eastwood have been talking to Leo about, “A Star Is Born”.

Deadline reports.

Clint Eastwood is a phenomenal director, but I’m a bit skeptical about him doing a musical. I don’t like the idea. I know Clint is a musician himself, he’s done his own music for a lot of his own films he directed. Maybe I don’t like the idea of Beyonce starring in it. I would prefer Christina Aguilera starring in it ’cause I actually enjoyed the film, “Burlesque”. Beyonce is overrated and she’s not hot. I like Leo Dicaprio but not Beyonce. Not trying to sound racist, just my opinion.


Thought: Leo Dicaprio could get the Superman role, don’t be surprised folks!

Well, I’ve heard that Brandon Routh and Tom Welling of “Smallville” TV show is out of the new Superman, they are definitely not doing it. Jon Hamm is rumored to be a possibility now. Don’t be surprised that Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan has their eye on Leo Dicaprio for Superman. For many years, comic book superhero films has tried to get Leo to play a super hero, but a deal never fell through for Leo to star in a superhero film. Could Leo actually be Clark Kent/Superman? “Inception” was such a huge hit, and keep in mind, “Inception” was a Warner Bros. movie too. I know I had a post before about Leo could possibly get a role for the new “Superman” movie, but I’m going to rewrite it again to remind you all. If Leo is not Superman, maybe he could get a different role, Leo could be Luthor or maybe Jor-El. Leo will definitely get a role for either the new “Superman” film or the next “Batman” film either way. Would everybody go see Superman, if Leo was Supes?

I’ve been reading articles online that the film makers are already casting for Superman. We’ll know who it is real soon.


Report: “Shutter Island” pushed back to Spring of 2010…

The new horror film, “Shutter Island” that was directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Leonardo Dicaprio has been pushed back to a later date. It was originally scheduled for releas Oct. 2nd, but Paramount pushed it for Feb. 19th of 2010. The studio did this ’cause they were having economic problems.

Variety Reports:


It’s a good move because with the Michael Jackson, “This is It” movie being released that month, MJ will destroy all movies released in Oct. for box offices anyways.

I actually want to see “Shutter Island”, it looks good.