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Happy 91st Birthday, Clint Eastwood…

Not only that today is Memorial Day, it is also Clint Eastwood’s 91st birthday. Yeah, he is 91 and he is still alive and well. I’ve always been a huge fan. Trying to watch as many films of his as I can especially a lot of his older Westerns… trying to catch up with them all. I’ve seen a lot of his old westerns like the Man With No Name Trilogy: “Fistful Of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. All three are great films but of course, I find the third one “TG, TB and TU” being the best.

Not too long ago, I got around to watching “Outlaw Josey Wales”, “High Plains Drifter”, “Joe Kidd”, “Hang ‘Em High”, for the first time and I loved all of those. Of course, I’ve seen “Unforgiven” many times and I still think “Unforgiven” is one of his best Westerns.

As far as his work outside of the Western genre… of course, I love all the Dirty Harry movies which I think “Sudden Impact” being the best one.

Other Eastwood films I loved were “Escape From Alcatraz” which is one of my favorites that he starred in but didn’t direct.

I also loved “Bridges of Madison County”, “Absolute Power”, “In the Line Of Fire”, “Gran Torino”, “Jersey Boys”, “American Sniper, “The Mule”, “Changeling” and “Richard Jewell”. Another one of his best films I think is “Million Dollar Baby” and I gotta get the BluRay to that film sometime soon. Love that film so much. I also loved the crime thriller, “Mystic River” and a thriller he starred in called “Bloodwork”. The 1999 crime thriller, “True Crime” was excellent as well.

There’s still so many films of his I haven’t seen yet ’cause he has a very impressive and very prolific filmography. He’s done way over 60 -70 films, it’s crazy.

Not all of his movies are good, though, he did make some stinkers… I didn’t care for “J. Edgar”, didn’t care for “Hereafter”, “Invictus” and didn’t like “Trouble With the Curve”.

This man is a legend and a genius for sure. I respect him so much ’cause he keeps going. He’s one actor and director who doesn’t believe in retirement ’cause obviously, he’s gonna keep making movies until he passes. He’s never retiring, trust me. He’s got some more movies left in him until he can’t do it anymore ’cause that time is coming and he knows it too.

Happy birthday, Clint. I’m sure he’s excited to get back to work soon after covid stopped him from working like everyone else.

I wish he would give us one more Dirty Harry film, though. I believe he can pull that off. A retired inspector, Harry Callahan being forced to fight crime again at an old age when he’s no longer a police detective sounds good to me.


Clint Eastwood to direct and Star in new Western film titled, “Cry Macho”, iT will also star Dwight Yoakam…

Looks like Clint Eastwood finally picked his next directorial film. I figure Clint would decide on something while not doing anything throughout this pandemic and now he’s getting ready get back to work finally. Clint picked a movie titled, “Cry Mancho” which is adapted from the book. It’s more of a neo-Western, though…. which the story takes place in the 70’s.


The plot for “Cry Macho” film will be about Eastwood playing a retired rodeo star who is hired to bring back an 11 Year old boy in Mexico back to the United States. The movie will have Clint playing the leading role again and it will star alongside country singer/actor Dwight Yoakam and young actor Eduardo Minett who plays the 11 year old kid.

Eastwood stayed away from the Western genre for years and looks like he’s about to make a huge comeback to it. His last Western that he starred and directed was “Unforgiven” in 1998. It’s no secret that Eastwood is a huge fan of the Western genre ’cause he did so many of those films throughout his career.

Keep in mind that Clint is 90 years old now and he’s still directing and starring the lead in his own movies. Age is not stopping this man and he definitely doesn’t believe in retirement and he’ll do this until he passes on.

Speaking of Clint Eastwood, I just watched his films “High Plains Drifter” and “Joe Kidd”…. both Westerns and loved ’em both. Great films. I’m a huge fan of Eastwood and trying to watch as many films of his as possible. There are still many I haven’t seen.


Finally got around to watching “The Mule” and thought it was great… Clint Eastwood still got it with acting after all these years…

Over the weekend, I finally gotten around to watching Clint Eastwood’s latest acting role, “The Mule” and which he also directed. I’ve been wanting to see this film for a long while since I’ve never gotten a chance to see it in theater although I wanted to. So I figured I would order the BluRay from amazon since NY State is in strict lockdown still.

I watched this over the weekend and thought it was another winner for Eastwood. Freakin’ loved it actually. This film has gotten mixed reviews but I thought the whole film was fine to me. I don’t have any complaints at all… the film had good acting by the whole cast all around, good direction by Eastwood and good writing too.

“The Mule” was inspired by the real life story of Leo Sharp, who was actually an old man who smuggled drugs for a Mexican cartel. Of course, Clint’s version he plays Earl Stone, a horticulturist and Korean War veteran who got himself into drug smuggling for a Mexican drug cartel ’cause he was desperate for money and Earl didn’t know what he was getting himself into after all that time.

The film is a crime drama yes but it’s so refreshing and different to see a crime drama that doesn’t include a lot of violence and tough guy cops. You won’t see any of that in this movie at all. Seeing crime dramas with tough guy cops and intelligent detectives that can solve difficult crimes quickly can get old and tiresome. In this film, “The Mule”, you’ll see something that can happen for real.

While the entire cast did a great job with the acting, I was of course most impressed with Clint. Oh man, Clint can still act even at 90 years old. People always questioned his acting skills at an old age but he can still do it and he can prove them wrong each time. Clint can still do leading roles pretty well. I was kind of shocked to see that Clint had a lot of screen time as you’ll see him throughout the entire movie pretty much. I don’t think this will be his last acting role either as I think he’ll keep acting as long as he’s still alive. What I’m saying is Clint still got it. He can still play the grumpy old man kind of role really well.

I thought “The Mule” was one of his best new films for sure.

It’s going to be interesting to see what’s next for Eastwood now that he’s got “Richard Jewell” and “The Mule” out of the way which are both excellent movies. No new film has been announced by Clint yet but I’m sure he will find something. I love Clint Eastwood movies as I’ve always been a massive fan and trying to watch as many as I can. There’s so many older Eastwood movies I’ve never seen before and trying to get to them. Keep in mind, though, I don’t enjoy every Clint film I’ve seen… he did make a few stinkers like I said in a post before but he is an amazing talent for the most part.

It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll do next. With America in a pandemic and I’m sure Clint is stuck at home like the rest of us, I’m sure he has a lot more time on his hands and I’m sure he’s going through a bunch of scripts to choose his next project. I’m sure Hollywood will get back to work real soon, hopefully.


Happy 90th birthday, Clint Eastwood…

Many actors have retired from the big screen as they got older… actors such as Gene Hackman, Jack Nicholson, Paul Hogan (known as Crocodile Dundee) and Sean Connery to name a few.

One actor who doesn’t believe in retirement is none other than Clint Eastwood. The legendary actor/director just turned 90 today. Yes, he is still alive and well and he is still acting & directing.

Clint’s latest leading acting role was “The Mule” which I haven’t seen yet but want to and his latest directed film/not star in was “Richard Jewell” another one I haven’t seen yet.

Clint is probably gonna keep making movies whether acting or directing or both as long as he’s alive. He’ll be doing this until he passes on probably. In this article, Clint says he’s keeping his career going ’cause he likes doing it still. Making movies is his passion it looks like and he’ll never give it up.

Clint Eastwood, 89, Puts Retirement Rumors to Rest: ‘It’s Nice to Be Able to Have a Paying Job’

Clint has a very extensive filmography. Why does he have so many directed films? It’s because he’s a very fast worker. When he directs movies he only does scenes in like 1 or 2 takes and that’s it. Pretty much all of his directed movies were done in a month or two.

As far as my favorite Clint Eastwood movies go, they are listed here:

Favorite movies he starred in:

– The Good, The Bad and Ugly
– Dirty Harry
– Dirty Harry and Sudden Impact
– The Unforgiven
– Play Misty For Me
– Million Dollar Baby
– Escape From Alcratraz
– Gran Torino
– True Crime
– A Fistful Of Dollars

Favorite movies he directed but didn’t star, I’ll just name 5:

– Mystic River
– American Sniper
– Jersey Boys
– Changeling
– Sully

Haven’t seen a lot of his older Westerns but I’m trying to get to them all. I’ve seen most of Clint’s filmography, though.

He did make a few stinkers, though… I didn’t like “J. Edgar” and thought “Hereafter” was pretty bad too.


Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule” trailer is out and the film looks freakin’ amazing!

Clint Eastwood is once again starring in the leading role of a film he directed. The last time he directed and starred in his own movie was “Gran Torino” released in 2008. Here is Clint’s new movie called, “The Mule” which he directed and starred once again. The film also stars Bradley Cooper. Brad Cooper starred in a Clint Eastwood directed film called “American Sniper” but didn’t star with Clint in that one. This time Brad gets the opportunity to star in a movie with Clint. It’s nice to finally see Brad and Clint onscreen together.

From the looks of the trailer, I think the film looks AMAZING as I got goosebumps watching it. This is no surprise ’cause Clint Eastwood always directed great movies. I try to watch all Clint Eastwood directed films with the exception of “Hereafter”, “Invictus” and “Jersey Boys” which I haven’t seen.

Keep in mind that Clint is 88 years old and he still doesn’t believe in retirement it looks like. Clint agreed to star in “The Mule” ’cause it fits the story. The story is about a 90 year old man delivering cocaine for a Mexican drug cartel.

I think the film looks great and definitely going to see this one in December. Looks like there are some pretty good movies coming out for the rest of the year. Other movies I want to see this year are: “A Star Is Born”, the new “Halloween”, “The Girl In the Spider’s Web”, “Creed II” and “The Mule”. I’m going to try to see all those.


Happy 88th birthday, Clint Eastwood!!!

Regardless of what you think of his politics, the man is still a legend. Clint Eastwood is no doubt a legend and icon in the movie business. Clint is celebrating his 88th birthday today. The man is still alive and well. He is still directing movies even to this day. He sometimes still do some acting in his own movies that he directs like in “Million Dollar Baby” and “Gran Torino” which are both great movies.

I’ve been a huge Clint Eastwood fan for years. Grew up watching his movies. I haven’t watched a lot of Clint’s old Western movies but I fucking love “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. I also love “High Plains Drifter” and “A Fistful of Dollars”. He has done many other great movies like the Dirty Harry series, “The Unforgiven”, “In the Line of Fire”, “Pink Cadillac”, “True Crime”, “Space Cowboys”, “Blood Work”, “Mystic River”, “Changeling”, “American Sniper” and so many others.

Happy Birthday, Clint! The man is a badass and still is!


Scott Eastwood tried to get roles in his father’s directed films but was turned down…

Scott Eastwood who is the son of legendary actor/director, Clint Eastwood tried to get roles for his father’s films but he was turned down. Yes, turned down by his own father. Scott auditioned for a role in “American Sniper” and badly wanted to be a part of that film but Clint said no. There were also other films that Scott wanted to be a part of too but Clint also said no. The reason? Clint gave him advice that if he wants to become an actor then he must earn it. Scott also said that Clint is old-school and there are no “hand outs”. Meaning just because you have a parent in the movie business doesn’t mean he/she will give you free hand-outs and free opportunities, you have to earn your way into the business yourself. Clint is trying to keep it real.

However, Clint didn’t turn down his son in all of his movies. Scott was in a few of Clint’s directed films such as “Flags of Our Fathers”, “Gran Torino” and “Invictus” probably because Clint had something that Scott could fit in.


I thought this was a pretty cool story so I thought I would share it.


On top of that who cares if “American Sniper” didn’t win Best Picture, the film was better off anyway…

That’s gotta be really hurting for Taya, Brad and Clint to go to the Oscar awards show and finding out that they weren’t gonna get the win for “Best Picture” for “American Sniper” like they were hoping. I think Neil Patrick Harris even warned them during that song that he was singing during the opening so he kind of did spoil it a little.

During that opening song that Neil was singing, he sang these lyrics, “They know the camera’s on and we’re behaving our best. Yet, I secretly hope someone pulls a Kanye West.”

Was Neil telling the “American Sniper” crew that they were gonna lose the “Best Picture”????

Anyways, who cares if “American Sniper” didn’t win Best Picture and Brad didn’t win for Best Actor. Us Americans honored Chris Kyle just by buying a movie ticket to see that film. The film made over $320 million. So love Chris Kyle or hate him, the movie was a box office smash. We celebrated Chris Kyle’s heroism that way. Who cares about some trophy, ya know?


I wish the Oscars would focus on the talent and the art of the film but instead the Academy have to be politically correct on everything. They’re so one-sided in their liberal beliefs. Instead of listening to the people, it seems like they are about pleasing themselves instead of us.

I found a nice tweet on twitter by someone who summed up the Oscars very nicely and I agree with it:

That’s probably the only reason why “Birdman” won “Best Picture” ’cause they did everything they could to avoid “American Sniper”.

Like I said before, award shows shouldn’t be telling us what movies are the “best” when we should be the ones doing the choosing. Just see a bunch of movies and make a top 10 list of your favorite movies and that’s all we need.

Yep, I think I’m done with the Oscars. It’s gonna be the same bullshit next year too.


Now I know why, “American Sniper” film never showed Chris Kyle’s death at gun range…

The “American Sniper” film never depicted Chris Kyle’s death scene for the film’s ending. I thought Eastwood intentionally left that part out of the movie out of respect for Chris’s family but it turns out they originally had that scene in the film after all. Eastwood had to take it out by Taya’s request.


Sucks they had to take that scene out but understandable. Chris’s death scene would have made the film even more powerful and dramatic, in my opinion. Hopefully that scene will be available for the upcoming Blu Ray release.


Love him or hate him Chris Kyle deserves “Medal Of Honor”… sign this petition…

It really is such a shame to see Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper get so much hate and disrespect from libtards. When it comes to hate against Chris Kyle, I am starting to believe that people on the left are just jealous of his record breaking kills. People are just envious of him. They just wished they joined the military and wished they had that many kills themselves. Just being jealous of his heroism.

If you’re a Chris Kyle supporter and believer like myself and think Congress should award him Medal of Honor, sign this petition. Chris Kyle is eligible and he should definitely get one.


There is also this big debate that sparked in social networking on whether or not Obama supports our US military. In my opinion, no he doesn’t. Why do you think Obama’s approval ratings are so low from the military? Even they can’t stand him!

He has never showed any respect toward our military since 2008. Obama makes the claim that he leaves “No men and women in uniform behind” and there’s no proof of his claim at all. Really? What about all those veterans that were killed that were forced on a waiting list with no help coming? What about those 4 men that were killed in Benghazi and the White House didn’t have a care to save them? What about all those Navy Seals that were killed on a helicopter? Obama refused to give Chris Kyle any acknowledgement since his death and yet he supports a Muslim deserter like Bowe Bergdhal instead.

Does all this look like he’s being supportive of the military? Again, here is a big fuck you. You are delusional if you think so. Even the military themselves knows Obama has turned his back on them, google it. Obama is a traitor and a fraud.

Now that we finally have an all Republican Congress, I think there’s a pretty good chance Chris Kyle will be awarded his “Medal of Honor”… hopefully soon!