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Clint Eastwood to direct and Star in new Western film titled, “Cry Macho”, iT will also star Dwight Yoakam…

Looks like Clint Eastwood finally picked his next directorial film. I figure Clint would decide on something while not doing anything throughout this pandemic and now he’s getting ready get back to work finally. Clint picked a movie titled, “Cry Mancho” which is adapted from the book. It’s more of a neo-Western, though…. which the story takes place in the 70’s.


The plot for “Cry Macho” film will be about Eastwood playing a retired rodeo star who is hired to bring back an 11 Year old boy in Mexico back to the United States. The movie will have Clint playing the leading role again and it will star alongside country singer/actor Dwight Yoakam and young actor Eduardo Minett who plays the 11 year old kid.

Eastwood stayed away from the Western genre for years and looks like he’s about to make a huge comeback to it. His last Western that he starred and directed was “Unforgiven” in 1998. It’s no secret that Eastwood is a huge fan of the Western genre ’cause he did so many of those films throughout his career.

Keep in mind that Clint is 90 years old now and he’s still directing and starring the lead in his own movies. Age is not stopping this man and he definitely doesn’t believe in retirement and he’ll do this until he passes on.

Speaking of Clint Eastwood, I just watched his films “High Plains Drifter” and “Joe Kidd”…. both Westerns and loved ’em both. Great films. I’m a huge fan of Eastwood and trying to watch as many films of his as possible. There are still many I haven’t seen.


Report: Arnold makes “Cry Macho” his next movie official…

Arnold’s getting back to work right away. He decides to make that horse drama, “Cry Macho”, his next official movie where he plays a horse trainer. A lot of you may think to yourself, “Huh? Arnold on a Horse? LOL!”. Just for your information, “Cry Macho” won’t be the first movie where he rode a horse on in a film. Remember, in the movie “True Lies”, Arnold rode a police horse to chase some guy on a motorcycle (see the scene below).

While it is kind of disappointing that Arnold is doing a drama film first, I’m just glad he’s going back to leading roles, where he belongs. I’ll probably see “Cry Macho” in theater, sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how Arnold handles a drama film which he’s never done before. You can’t blame him for trying something different.

On top of that, Arnold seems to be a big horse lover and he attends a lot of horse races. I think he goes to the Kentucky Derby every year.

Deadline, reports.


Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger will try some serious “acting” before getting into “action”…

Yes, Arnold is officially back with the Terminator but don’t expect him to get back into action movies this soon. The Governator is set to star in a drama film called, “Cry Macho” which will be directed by “The Lincoln Lawyer”, director Brad Furman. The filming for “Cry Macho” will begin as soon as possible later this summer.

Arnold wants to find out if he has serious acting chops after all the silly popcorn action flicks he has done for so many years. “Cry Macho” is a novel adapted from N. Richard Nash. The plot/synopsis from this article, “He will play a damaged-goods horse trainer who’s just been ignominiously put out to pasture by his feckless boss. In exchange for some retirement money, the broken — and broke — horseman agrees to kidnap the boss’s 11-year-old son from his rich Mexican ex-wife. Things take an unexpected turn, however, when the ex-wife is all too glad to be rid of her juvenile delinquent.”

Arnold is signing on to projects like crazy. First announced was the Marvel project with Stan Lee for “The Governator” cartoon series & comic, then he announces action thriller “The Last Stand”, earlier this week he’s officially in for the next “Terminator”, and now this.

I’m glad Arnie is getting away from politics and getting back where he belongs, in the movies. As for “Cry Macho”, I wonder if he’s going to try to get an Oscar nod for this movie. Arnold’s never done a serious drama film in his life. They’ve all been action flicks. Sure, Arnold has done a few other genres. He’s done a few comedies like “Kindergarten Cop”, “Junior”, “Twins”, and he’s done a few thrillers like “End of Days” & “Collateral Damage”. He’s even done some sci fi films like “Total Recall” and “The 6th Day”.

Do you think people would care to see him in a drama? We’ll wait and see how the box office does with, “Cry Macho”. I don’t think Arnie will get an Oscar nod for that film. I can’t blame him for trying something different for once.