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Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger the man himself speaks to the USAPL crowd at the Arnold Festival…

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man himself surprises powerlifting crowd at the USAPL meets at The Arnold Festival by making a special appearance. Guess he was there to help hype up the crowd and get the lifters all pumped up before they start lifting.

I know there has been stuff going on with the Arnold Festival over this Corona Virus stuff with the Arnold being partially cancelled over it and all that.

Now that I’m finally a USAPL member, I hope to one day compete at the Arnold and that’s the goal. One day I will compete for the major meets like the Arnold and the RAW Nationals and go pro. I’d love to win a gold medal someday (a real one) and that’s my dream. You can win actual gold through the USAPL which is awesome. Someday that will happen but I’m not gonna rush and take my time.

It would be cool for me to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger myself someday… while I don’t agree with his politics… I just respect the hell out of him ’cause he’s bodybuilding champion and I’m a fan of his movies.


Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren party it up in video gone viral… check it out…

Sly posted this cool instagram video that quickly went viral and went up to over 2 million views. Why did it go viral? I think people just admire the fact that they see three grown men having a little fun and enjoying themselves. Obviously, Sly, Arnie and Dolph do look a little wasted and looks like they had too much to drink but it’s still funny.

I think the point that Sly wanted to make in this video is that he wants to tell you that it’s okay to have fun and enjoy yourself no matter how old you are. You maybe aging but it’s okay to be silly, goofy and just laugh for no reason at all.

They are at Arnie’s home where he has his yearly private parties where I’m sure Arnie invites his family and friends only. I’m sure his parties are full of movie stars and other types of celebs.

Anyhow, there is a pretty good reason why Arnie, Sly and Dolph are together here. I think it’s obvious that they are planning an Expendables 4. That’s gonna be Sly’s next movie after “Rambo: Last Blood”, I believe.

When it comes to this video, Sly is right, though. When you want to have fun and act like a kid, it don’t matter. I like to have fun and be goofy myself sometimes and I’m in my 40’s now. Nothing wrong with it. Life is short, live life like you mean it and learn to smile and laugh a lot. I’ve heard that people who age are way more happier than young people, anyway.


Thoughts on Arnold getting attacked by some nutjob in South Africa… if you hated Arnold before then you may no longer hate him after this…

Celebrities in America always get criticized for having armed bodyguards everywhere they go. If you watch the video clip Arnold posted above on his twitter, you would immediately see why celebrities have bodyguards. It’s for their protection and safety. Having bodyguards helps keeps them safe from nutjobs and violent people. Celebrities are such a big public figure in America and they are always gonna get crazies after them.

You may have hated Arnold in the past but after seeing this video, I’m sure you respect him a little bit more. Whether you love Arnold or hate him, you can’t deny the fact that he is a tough dude. Arnie is a former pro bodybuilder. Even though he is a retired bodybuilder, he still works out in the gym and he’s still in great shape. If Arnold didn’t have that muscular body then that attack could have been much worse for him. Do you see how that having a muscular body can do good things for someone? Having a muscular physique can help protect you.

Fitness and bodybuilding can do great things for you later in life and this is proof of it. This makes me respect Arnie even more. I loved how he brushed this off and laughed it off like it was nothing.

Glad Arnie is okay, though. Look, I get that some of you out there don’t like a certain celebrity but what you DON’T DO is attack them. You could get into a lot of trouble for that and when you physically attack someone famous, that could ruin your life forever. You could get sent to jail for a long time, people will lose respect for you and I can go on and on. You may not like certain celebrities out there but they are still human and they are real people like all of us. They don’t deserve to get attacked by nutjobs. If I see a certain celebrity that I’m no fan of getting attacked by someone, I will still save him/her from the attacker ’cause that would be the right thing to do.

I don’t agree with Arnold’s politics but I’m still a huge fan and admirer of his. I just respect him for his movie career and bodybuilding. That’s pretty much it really.


Linda Hamilton is reprising her role as Sarah Connor…

Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, is officially returning to the Terminator franchise… the role that made her famous. Linda hasn’t played the character again for about 25 years. T-2: Judgement Day was released in 1991.

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger are involved in the new Terminator film. The new film is gonna be directed by Tim Miller. How is Cameron being involved? Well he is producing, of course. Cameron will also be involved in writing duties. While the plot and synopsis of the movie are being kept secret, Cameron hints that he wants a young 18 year old female to be the big star of the film. Hamilton and Schwarzenegger would be the co-stars, it looks like.


Looks like the next Terminator film is not gonna have anything to do with Terminator: Genysis. I bet the next film is gonna be some kind of continuation of T-2: Judgement Day. The next film could be a nice third installment of the original trilogy, ya know? It’ll be cool if they could get Ed Furlong back as John Connor if they can and I’m sure they’re gonna try to get him. I’m sure John Connor will still be the vital part of the story.

I’m a huge Terminator fan. Loved all the movies. Yes, I even thought T: Salvation and T: Genisys were great films. I thought Emilia Clarke made a great Sarah Connor; it’s kind of a shame that she doesn’t want to come back to the role.

I’m glad Linda is finally coming back, though. Linda is 60 years old now and that’s how you can tell it might be a continuation after T2: Judgement Day. I’m sure Linda as Sarah Connor will still be the badass tough woman kicking the bad guys asses like she was in Judgement Day. I’m sure Linda can still play the Sarah Connor character well after all these years; I’m sure she still got it!


Video: Is Arnold a closet Trump supporter, is that why he walked off interview???

A lot of people are mistakenly thinking that the reason Arnold walked off this interview when asked what his thoughts are on Donald Trump is ’cause Arnold is a Trump hater. You see, I don’t think Arnold is a Trump hater. Ya know, if Arnold was a Trump hater then he wouldn’t have agreed to sign on to host “The Celebrity Apprentice”. I mean, if he really hated Donald Trump then he would have boycotted anything that had to do with Donald Trump but Arnold didn’t. Arnold agreed to replace Trump for “The Celebrity Apprentice” so does that mean that Arnold actually likes Mr. Trump? Is that why Arnold has been silent on Donald Trump? I believe Arnold is a secret Trump supporter. Maybe Arnold didn’t endorse Trump for president ’cause he was afraid it would hurt his career so he endorsed John Kasich instead. I think it’s a possibility that Arnold walked off the interview ’cause he refused to say negative things about Mr. Trump. The interviewer expected Arnold to say negative things about Trump but Arnie didn’t want to. There’s no doubt in my mind that Arnie is a closet Trump supporter. Arnie did the right thing walking off the interview, though. He’s got better things to do than to attack Trump. If Arnie decided to attack Trump in the media then he could lose his job as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice”. Whether Arnie likes Mr. Trump or not, it would be unprofessional for Arnie to attack Trump. Arnold is not scared of answering tough questions, he just did a professional thing. He just doesn’t want to hurt Trump while he’s still signed to host “Celebrity Apprentice”.


How much did John Kasich pay Arnold to endorse him today?

Kind of funny how Arnold accepted to take over Donald Trump as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice” but ends up endorsing John Kasich today. As far as I remember, I don’t think Kasich ever had any endorsement from famous people until now. Kasich is not doing well at all. Kasich is doing badly in the primaries so he must be desperate to survive in the race by having Arnold endorse him today.


Ya know, I do love and respect Arnold for being an action star and respect him for his movie career but I never liked Arnold’s politics, though. Arnold calls himself a “republican” but is he really? He supports gun control, gay marriage and a lot of liberal things. In other words a term for that is RINO. A republican who still has some left-wing views.

Kasich rallies are very small while Donald Trump does his rallies at very large arenas. Kasich thinks he’s gonna get more votes by having Arnold endorse him. Not gonna happen so Kasich may as well drop out. I think he will soon anyway. Kasich is a piece of shit and anybody who thinks he’s the best of the GOP candidates is a low info voter.


Arnold’s “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants announced…

What are the bets that Snooki is gonna end up winning the whole thing? Get her back in the celebrity spotlight. She’s been out of the mainstream for a long while. You haven’t heard much of “Snooki” ever since Jersey Shore left the air. Why did she take a break from TV ever since Jersey Shore left the airwaves? Probably because she’s a Mom now and she wanted to spend more time with her family. Now she’s coming back in a big way. You can betcha the media will be all over her again.

And it looks like the Trump family will no longer be the advisors ’cause they’ll be too busy helping out Trump’s presidential campaign as well: Donald Jr., Ivanka, etc.


Even the Trump family are no longer involved in this show, I’m sure they’ll do fine in the ratings with Arnold, Snooki and Boy George being involved in this show. It’ll still be the highest rated show even without the Donald.


Who are gonna be the celebrity guests for the Arnold hosted, “Celebrity Apprentice”?

I’m glad NBC and Donald Trump are back on good terms again so that means Celebrity Apprentice for the next season is back on NBC. Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is hosting, who will be the celebrity contestants for next season in 2016?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Sly Stallone ended up being one of the contestants for next season? Arnie says “Sly, you’re fired” directly to Sly’s face. Sly will want to have a boxing match with Arnie on that one.

Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if Arnie ends up having some of his old cast mates from his past movies as contestants. I’m sure we’ll learn who the contestants are pretty soon. Arnold’s the best choice as host for this ’cause why? Arnold is a guy who has dealt with Hollywood for most of his life so he knows what celebrities are like and how they are. He’s dealt with celebrities of all kinds not just actors… also sports stars and TV personalities.

I used to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” but stopped watching after the season that Joan Rivers won on. It is a good show, though. I’ll have to watch next season. Arnold hosting should be funny and entertaining as hell, though. Like most people, I love the way Arnold talks… his Austria accent is funny.


Arnold set to replace Donald Trump as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice”…

Donald Trump is leaving the “Celebrity Apprentice” for a while to run for president so obviously the Donald found an immediate replacement. None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger… which is a great choice actually. Despite Arnold’s mix of liberal/conservative politics, I still like him. Arnold taking over the show should be a ratings draw for sure, he’s got a lot of fans.

First Arnold was a professional bodybuilder, then iconic movie star, then Governor of California and now he has something new to add to his growing resume.

Here’s a response from Arnie himself.


Arnold Schwarzenegger should get Oscar nomination for his role in “Maggie” and I really mean that!!!

Well I finally got around to watching the movie “Maggie” starring Arnie and Abigail Breslin. It was a really good movie too. It’s definitely one of the best movies released this year and I also think it’s Arnie’s best acting role. I really think Arnold should get Oscar nominated for his role in this film ’cause he did a good job with his acting in this film. You know how in most movies that Arnie’s acting wasn’t all that good? He’s more of an entertainer than an actor? Well, he really showed his acting chops in this movie and this movie proved that he can act really good! The reason is ’cause this is a different role for Arnold. He doesn’t play a typical tough guy & badass like he does in most of his movies. In this movie, Arnold is more serious and more real.

Yes, this film is a zombie film indeed but it’s not like the “Walking Dead” at all. You’re gonna see a different kind of zombie movie. Yes, in “Maggie” there are still some pretty scary scenes but this film mostly focuses on the story. It’s a more serious story. “Maggie” can be a bit slow pacing movie but that’s what I like about it. The movie can get pretty sad and intense at times. This movie is about a young girl who is infected by a virus and while she is being sick & has time to live her father stays by her side and supports her… the virus turns people into flesh eating zombies. While Maggie still has time, Arnie’s character, Wade Vogel refuses to quarantine his daughter and he wants to take care of her before she turns.

Like I said, this is no typical zombie film… you’re not gonna see “The Walking Dead” and you’re not gonna see George Romero at all. If you’re expecting those kind of zombie movies with this film, then you might be disappointed.

I really was impressed with Arnie’s acting in this film, he did an incredible job. This movie can get really sad though so if you watch this better have a box of kleenex nearby for sure. I’m thinking about re-watching it again later tonight ’cause it really was that damn good. I rented it through Netflix DVD. I think I’m definitely gonna buy it on BluRay too.

You should definitely check this one out.