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Expendables 4 is finally happening and Casting now underway…

So Lionsgate studios finally greenlights “Expendables 4” and looks like they are in a rush to get the casting done for the 4th installment of action movie franchise.

Of course, the main cast is officially returning: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren.

Doing a little research on whether or not Terry Crews will be back for this one, it’s looking like he won’t ’cause Avi Lerner of Lionsgate won’t allow Terry to be back unless he drops his lawsuit accusing this talent agent of sexual abuse. Things can always change, though so we’ll see if Terry decides to drop his sexual abuse lawsuit against this other person then he might be back, we’ll have to wait.

It is not yet known on whether or not Jet Li, Arnold or Bruce Willis gonna be back… we’ll have to wait on those too.

EX 4 announced a few new names to the Expendables cast: Megan Fox, 50 Cent and Tony Jaa.

It is not yet known what the plot for EX 4 is gonna be but Sly said on instagram it’s gonna be a spinoff but that can always change.

I’m sure the next Expendables is gonna be a crowded movie of big name action stars so I’m sure they’ll keep adding more and more big name stars in the future.

I’m sure the next Expendables will be Rated R this time and they will bring back the gritty and dark violence. The PG-13 rating was a failed experiment and they’ll never do that again.

They’ll keep adding more and more big names but again, my wish list: Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage, Jason Momoa, Danny Trejo, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Carl Weathers, Dave Bautista…

I doubt most of these guys would get in but Carl Weathers and Dave Bautista would be the most likely. Everybody would expect the Rock Dwayne Johnson to get added but he’s a busy guy with so many other projects but we’ll see about Dwayne… never say never.

I’m surprised Danny Trejo didn’t get in on these movies yet and I think a Mickey Rourke return would be cool.

As for females, you know they’re gonna add a few more ladies other than Megan Fox… Michelle Rodriguez would be a cool addition. Maybe Uma Thurman, Michelle Yeoh and Gina Carano.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on most of these picks and will only get a few of them right but ya never know. We’ll see.


EDIT TO ADD: Ooops, one correction that Danny Trejo was in the first Expendables movie, my bad on that one.

Sylvester Stallone shows Where he wrote First Rocky Script, Proves he came a long way…

At the time when Sly was starting out in acting and screenwriting, he wasn’t all that financial stable believe it or not. Back when he was young, he was struggling and in financial trouble. Almost broke and there was a point where he was broke for good for a little while.

Above is an instagram post where Sly showing us where he wrote the first Rocky script… in a shitty small apartment in Hollywood, Florida.

Florida is where it all started for Sly. He didn’t become rich and famous over night, he really worked hard for it. Most Hollywood actors, fame and fortune was just handed to ’em like spoiled brats but not Sly. Sly had to work for that so with that being said, fame and fortune, well deserved for Sly.

Sly went from living in shitty apartments to living in huge mansions… it took him a long time to get there for sure.

In all honesty, though, us Stallone fans gave him that. We paid our money to see his movies in the theaters over the years, buying his movies on VHS/DVD/BluRay and all that stuff. You can see Sly in that post thanking us for putting him there so he knows we helped him. Sly grew a large fan following over the years and he just keeps getting even more popular today.

There was a point where Sly was in a career slump when he was making all those box office bombs but he got himself out of that too.

Sly is King. I’ve always been a fan and still am.


Sylvester STallone drops big hint that “Expendables 4” is his next movie???

Sly’s last couple of movies were “Rambo: Last Blood”, “The Suicide Squad” and “Samaritan”. I haven’t seen “Samaritan” yet but will get the BluRay when it’s out.

Anyhow, Sly’s just dropped the big hint that “Expendables 4” is probably gonna be his next film. They have a script ready to go and it’s gonna start filming soon?

The goal with these Expendables film series is to have a bunch of big name actors all in one movie to go “old school” in action films. That’s the whole point of ’em. So far Sly had almost all the big action stars in the first three films.

Question is, who is going to be casted for “Expendables 4”? Here comes all the guessing games.

I’m sure the main cast will return: Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Terry Crews. Arnold will probably return but will Bruce Willis? We don’t know about Bruce since he refused to star in the 3rd one but we’ll see.

I’m sure Sly will add a bunch more big names to cast… here are some wild guesses…. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth might be possibilities… and I’m hoping and praying Sly gets Kurt Russell and Jackie Chan this time. Sly’s been trying to get Kurt and Jackie since the first one but they kept turning it down… hopefully Sly can get them this time.

One big name action star who hasn’t had a role in a Expendables yet was Steven Seagal. I’m sure Sly wants him pretty badly but as long as Avi Lerner is still producing Expendables 4 in which he is, no chance of that happening of Seagal being in EX4. As some of you may or may not know, Seagal and Lerner don’t get along, they had a big falling out and Seagal refuses to work with Lerner. Sly and Seagal has no beef with each other, they get along great still, it’s Avi Lerner that Seagal hates. Although, Steven Seagal would be an awesome addition…. too bad it’s never gonna happen.

Other names I’d like to see get added: Michael Rooker (Sly did Cliffhanger with him), Carl Weathers would be cool, Daniel Craig, Michael Douglas and John Travolta maybe? It’ll be cool to see Sly and Travolta re-team again.

It’ll be interesting to see who’ll they get for this one.


Sylvester STallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, two icons of action movies are best friends in real life which is amazing really…

Usually actors and actresses have no time for other people due to their busy and hectic acting career. That’s not the case with Sylvester Stallone, though. This man is not afraid to be friends with other movie stars as he spends a lot of time with some of them and keeps in touch with many of them. Sly is close friends with movie stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Carl Weathers, Bruce Willis and the list goes on and on. Even Jackie Chan is Sly’s buddy even though they have never starred in a movie together.

While Sly is friends with many actors, he’s obviously the most closest to Arnold. Why didn’t Sly and Arnie star in a movie together in the 80’s and 90’s when they could have? Well they didn’t want to be competitive and “ego” just got in the way for the most part. They used to hate other and used to be “enemies” back then. I guess they waited for the right time to bury the hatchet and now they’re like best brothers which is crazy.

Just imagine if Sly and Arnold did make an action movie together in the 80’s and 90’s? It would have been huge for sure and would have broken box office records. It’s too bad it didn’t happen. Well they are finally starting to star in movies after all these years with them two teaming for The Expendables series and the first “Escape Plan” movie. They’ll probably do another movie together in the future, though and will probably end up being “Expendables 4”.

Arnold and Sly continue to hang out. They just reunited after all the social distancing stuff with Covid and both guys are probably fully vaccinated so they’re starting to hang out again.


Sly Stallone hints at Rocky Prequel series for online streaming… Cool Idea, really…

Sly Stallone just hinted on instagram that he maybe working on a “Rocky” prequel series for online streaming. It’s a pretty cool idea really and I really think it could happen. The online streaming giants would be interested in it for sure. It’s not yet known whether it will go to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime yet but we’ll find out soon enough if it gets the greenlight that is.

I think the prequel “Rocky” series will go to Netflix possibly ’cause after the success of the show “Cobra Kai”, the “Rocky” prequel series could be just as big.

If you know Sly Stallone on how he wrote his scripts and his ideas, he always wrote them down on notebook paper. If you can read his handwriting. Sly hints that the Rocky prequel series would be around in the 60’s, around the time all those historical things were happening that Sly listed above.

Doing a little research, Rocky Balboa was 30 years old in the first Rocky movie and it was 1976 in that film… the same year the movie was filmed in. So since the prequel TV series would be taking place in the 60’s, Rocky would be in his 20’s. So they would need a young actor in his 20’s to play a young Rocky. Good luck to them on trying to find an actor to match Sly’s look and I’m sure they will find someone with no problem.

Sly’s goal with the series that he wants the show to get into more detail of all the characters that includes Adrian, Paulie, Mickey, Apollo Creed, Spider Rico, etc. All of them. So younger actors would have to play those characters too.

Will we get to see how Rocky first met Paulie? Ya know, Paulie who is Rocky’s alcoholic friend? I’m sure we’ll get to see more of Adrian’s life and especially Apollo Creed of how he got into boxing and all would be cool. We’ll get some more insight of how Rocky got into the loan shark business with Gazzo ’cause remember, Rocky was already into that before the first movie. We’ll see how Rocky first met Mickey and how he first got into Mickey’s gym ’cause we’ve never seen any of that yet. We could get more insight on the “Duke” Evers character too. There’s so many details we haven’t seen from the first Rocky. The prequel could be pretty useful, actually. I’m all for it.

The prequel series won’t go to Paramount+ or Disney+ since Rocky is owned by MGM… so Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime is probably your best bet. I prefer it go to Netflix so everyone can see it. The ratings for “Cobra Kai” is huge at Netflix so I think the Rocky prequel show will get a huge audience.

I’m totally all for it.


Sly Stallone living in florida now???

Looks like the news and rumors of Sly moving to Florida permanently is for real ’cause here’s Sly at the DMV in Florida getting his driver’s license there.

Sly has always been a driver himself ’cause he always took himself places where he needed to go. He didn’t need a limo driver even when he lived in California for so long.

Looks like he doesn’t like California anymore and made the move to Florida which is a good move really ’cause California is horrible. Plus Florida has a better governor, Ron Desantis so I’m sure Sly will like living in FL more.

Sly no longer lives in his longtime Beverly Hills mansion as it’s up for sale:


This is why Sly Stallone deserves more respect… he definitely got mine!!!

Most movie stars in Hollywood had fame and fortune landed on their laps… ya know, just handed to them… but not Sly. He really worked hard to get where he is today.

When Sly was young in his 20’s, he was almost broke. He was living homeless for a little while and lived in shittiest apartments in his younger years… so yeah, you can betcha that a lot of the first “Rocky” was inspired from Sly’s real life pretty much when he wrote that script.

Sly worked real hard to become a huge name and become a wealthy millionaire. He certainly did not get there overnight.

Some people want to make fun of the man’s acting over the years but the man actually studied “drama” through college in Miami for a few years. Before his fame in the movies, Sly started off as a theatrical stage actor.

Yeah, Sly got his start in film in a softcore porn “The Party at Kitty and Studs” which he always admits to regretting doing but he just did it for the money and that’s it really.

Most movie stars are nothing but leftist whack jobs who always brings politics into everything but not Sly… Sylvester has always been an apolitical guy and always focused on his movie career over the years. That’s another reason he should get more respect. Most movie stars sucks and are awful people but Sly is one of the few good ones left.

He didn’t become Rocky and Rambo overnight… it took him a long road to get there. When he started getting films, he mostly did cameos and was mostly extras but he gotta start somewhere right?

His first leading role wasn’t Rocky believe it or not. It was an action thriller called, “No Place to Hide” released in 1973. A film of his I’ve never seen before but want to.

I still am a huge Sly Stallone fan even to this day… I will always be 100% loyal to this guy! I still hope to get my chance to meet the man in person if lucky enough ’cause that would be amazing.


Sly Stallone Celebrates wrap up of latest movie “Samaritan” with Cast and Crew… cool video…

Sylvester Stallone here, finishing up his latest and newest film “Samaritan” wrapping up after a little break due to covid.

Don’t know about you but Sly seems like a cool and stand up dude in real life. He seems fun to talk to and as you probably noticed, the man is so humble while on set. He shows more respect to the film crew ’cause love Hollywood or hate ’em, they are the hardest working people.

Of course, the cast and crew loves working with Sly ’cause he’s such a legend. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to be working with him?

I just heard that Sly got signed for an unspecified role in “Suicide Squad 2” which seems exciting and it’s probably gonna be another cameo appearance. After Sly’s cameo in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, I predicted that he’s probably gonna star in more superhero films after that one.

This film “Samaritan” is a superhero film and looking forward to seeing the film’s first trailer real soon.


Happy 74th birthday, Sylvester Stallone!!!



I will always be a huge loyal fan of Sly Stallone’s film career! I just respect the man so much. Yeah, he has made some bad films in the past admittedly but Sly himself is not perfect… even Sly himself publicly admitted that he doesn’t like some of his own movies but he is a talented actor, screenwriter and director.

I like a lot of his movies but my absolutely favorites will always be the first Rocky, the first two Rambo films, Cop Land, Cliffhanger, Cobra, Get Carter and “Creed II”. They were his best work, in my opinion.

I really dig Sly’s new white bearded and white hair look and it’s looking like he’s keeping it. I guess he got tired of dying his hair black all the time… unless he’s only keeping this look for a movie role, though???

Sly is still stuck at home like the rest of us ’cause Hollywood is out of work. Well, Sly got to spend his birthday at home at least.

Happy birthday, Sly!!!!!


Sly Stallone “Rocky” watch party from facebook last night…

Last night on FB, I watched the “Rocky” online party with Sylvester Stallone the man himself on FB. Sly Stallone was live online last night giving live commentary as he watches the first Rocky movie with the internet.

Since I’m such a huge Sly Stallone and Rocky fan myself, I just had to get on the MGM studios facebook page so I can watch it myself. Watch parties online are pretty interesting, though… that was my first watch party… watching a movie online while an actor watches it himself.

Throughout the first “Rocky” movie which came out in 1976, Sly just gave all kinds of behind the scenes insight throughout the film. I was impressed with Sly… he did a real good job and his insight about the movie was interesting. I’ve seen the first “Rocky” 100’s of times since it’s one of my favorite movies ever and after all these years I’ve seen the film so many times, there were so many new things that I learned about the film that I didn’t know about yet thanks for Sly’s commentary on it.

Sly admitted on the Watch Party that he doesn’t watch his own movies that much… so him watching his own movie was interesting too. As Sly was watching “Rocky” it was interesting watching his reaction to certain scenes especially the Rocky and Adrian love making scene in Rocky’s apartment. As you watch Sly watching his own movie and talking about it, you can tell he loves the Rocky character so much.

In this lockdown and during these hard times, even Sly himself is bored to death and he’s doing whatever to continue to entertain his fanbase. Sly is an interesting guy and he’s a very intelligent man when it comes to movie making. I’m hoping he does watch parties for all the other Rocky films and the two Creed films as well… just maybe, we’ll wait and see.

I’m glad I watched the “Rocky” watch party and hope Sly has more of them.