Sylvester Stallone shows Where he wrote First Rocky Script, Proves he came a long way…

At the time when Sly was starting out in acting and screenwriting, he wasn’t all that financial stable believe it or not. Back when he was young, he was struggling and in financial trouble. Almost broke and there was a point where he was broke for good for a little while.

Above is an instagram post where Sly showing us where he wrote the first Rocky script… in a shitty small apartment in Hollywood, Florida.

Florida is where it all started for Sly. He didn’t become rich and famous over night, he really worked hard for it. Most Hollywood actors, fame and fortune was just handed to ’em like spoiled brats but not Sly. Sly had to work for that so with that being said, fame and fortune, well deserved for Sly.

Sly went from living in shitty apartments to living in huge mansions… it took him a long time to get there for sure.

In all honesty, though, us Stallone fans gave him that. We paid our money to see his movies in the theaters over the years, buying his movies on VHS/DVD/BluRay and all that stuff. You can see Sly in that post thanking us for putting him there so he knows we helped him. Sly grew a large fan following over the years and he just keeps getting even more popular today.

There was a point where Sly was in a career slump when he was making all those box office bombs but he got himself out of that too.

Sly is King. I’ve always been a fan and still am.



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