Do The Gym The way You want to anD The Way you nEed to, Ignore Everybody!

Ya know something, this has been getting on my mind lately and it needs to get off my chest. You’ve been working out in the gym for a long time. Your goals are to be muscular, strong or whatever but keep in mind that not everybody will be supportive of your goals and dreams. You will also get many criticizers and haters.

The thing that I love the most and it never ceases to amaze me is that people who don’t go to the gym at all, act like know it alls, giving you all kinds of lifting advice and teaching you how to do things. Yeah, you do know what you’re doing in the gym and you know how to take care of yourself but keep in mind that there will be people who will be coming around that won’t think that way about you. You got lifting experience, a lot of it but you’ll get know it alls telling you that you can’t lift heavy, telling you that you’re doing too much when you’re not, etc. You get the idea, you’re gonna get all kinds of misinformed people giving you “gym advice” which is a problem.

You want to improve your life by going to the gym and eating right. You want to change your eating habits for the better and get healthy but people will criticize that too. It’s crazy, ya know?

The reason people are like that is ’cause they are mad at you ’cause you are doing things that they can’t do so they do this out of jealousy really.

Really, though, you shouldn’t take any lifting advice and gym advice from anybody… well maybe you can take form advice from experienced lifters and pro trainers maybe okay but even they can be misinformed on a bunch of things so be careful there.

It’s funny that everyone wants to act like lifting experts and they always want to act like I’m a novice lifter. I’ve been doing bodybuilding for at least 15 years now and been doing powerlifting for a couple of years so you think I know what I’m doing by now… but nope, people want to continue to act like I don’t know anything.

I’ve always done things my own way and the way I want to do ’em. You should too. I know what I’m doing. I’ve researched lifting for years and if I need form advice, I’ll look it up in youtube or on or something, that’s what I usually do. I’m still learning bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Yeah, I do take good form seriously and I know enough that you shouldn’t be lifting weights that you can’t handle but man, people continue to act like I don’t know anything.

That’s the thing with the bodybuilding and gym world, people are gonna be weird and crazy for sure so that’s why you gotta ignore everybody and do your own thing only. Gym is freedom, that’s the beauty of it.



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