Happy 74th birthday, Sylvester Stallone!!!



I will always be a huge loyal fan of Sly Stallone’s film career! I just respect the man so much. Yeah, he has made some bad films in the past admittedly but Sly himself is not perfect… even Sly himself publicly admitted that he doesn’t like some of his own movies but he is a talented actor, screenwriter and director.

I like a lot of his movies but my absolutely favorites will always be the first Rocky, the first two Rambo films, Cop Land, Cliffhanger, Cobra, Get Carter and “Creed II”. They were his best work, in my opinion.

I really dig Sly’s new white bearded and white hair look and it’s looking like he’s keeping it. I guess he got tired of dying his hair black all the time… unless he’s only keeping this look for a movie role, though???

Sly is still stuck at home like the rest of us ’cause Hollywood is out of work. Well, Sly got to spend his birthday at home at least.

Happy birthday, Sly!!!!!


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