Yeah, I know how liberal hollywood is and I know how wacky celebrities can be nowadays but I continue to watch movies anyways…

There a lot of people out there that boycott Hollywood nowadays because of how liberal and crazy movie stars can be nowadays. I agree… the world in Hollywood is definitely wacked as fuck but I continue to watch movies ’cause it’s what I do. I’ve always been a huge movie buff my whole life and I can’t see myself stopping. I’ve been a movie addict and still am to this day admittedly.

I continue to watch movies ’cause I love storytelling… and even if some of these actors/actresses are very liberal people and they can be kind of crazy in real life, they are still talented people.

It is definitely possible to keep politics and personal lives separate from entertainment. Yes, stars like Tom Cruise and Nic Cage are nut jobs, no doubt… but I continue to watch their stuff ’cause they make good films. I know Harrison Ford is a very liberal guy but he’s still an awesome actor and he’s been my favorite for years. You can still like someone and not agree with them… I wish those conservatives on twitter would think about that.

Yeah, Stephen King is a die-hard liberal and kind of a jerk in real life but I still love to read his books and watch his adapted movies. Still a fan. I don’t have to agree with them but can still support their work. Try it sometime, ya know?

I just like to watch movies for the good stories and good acting, ya know? It’s the art I care about more.

I still like going to the movies and I still like buying them too.

Here is something you all may not know about me yet… I almost wanted to get into the Hollywood business myself. I played around with learning how to write screen plays a little bit and there was a point in my life where I researched film directing schools. I almost wanted to be a screenwriter/director myself but that dream wasn’t turning out so good at all so I became a musician instead.

I still love the movies, though… watching films is another passion of mine ’cause you all probably can tell. I wrote a lot of online reviews over the years. I love talking about movies. I can talk about movies all day.

I like to watch all kinds of movies but I mostly like to watch action and horror more than anything, though. I do like to watch drama, thrillers, westerns, war films, romance, family/kids stuff, etc. It doesn’t matter to me really. I like to watch everything from old movies to new stuff. I try my best to keep up with all the new releases as much as I can. I’ll never stop being a movie buff. Ever.

I do miss going to the movies since movie theaters been closed in NY due to pandemic but I still watch the new stuff by buying BluRays from amazon… that’s what I’ve been doing lately. When I buy films on BluRay, I buy stuff that I’ve seen before that I liked a lot or I’ll blind buy a movie that I’ll think I like… I’ll do it either way. I’ve always done that with DVD too. And now that streaming services is a thing, I try to watch as many movies as I can through those too.

When movie theaters ever open back up, I’ll definitely start going again.


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