This is why Sly Stallone deserves more respect… he definitely got mine!!!

Most movie stars in Hollywood had fame and fortune landed on their laps… ya know, just handed to them… but not Sly. He really worked hard to get where he is today.

When Sly was young in his 20’s, he was almost broke. He was living homeless for a little while and lived in shittiest apartments in his younger years… so yeah, you can betcha that a lot of the first “Rocky” was inspired from Sly’s real life pretty much when he wrote that script.

Sly worked real hard to become a huge name and become a wealthy millionaire. He certainly did not get there overnight.

Some people want to make fun of the man’s acting over the years but the man actually studied “drama” through college in Miami for a few years. Before his fame in the movies, Sly started off as a theatrical stage actor.

Yeah, Sly got his start in film in a softcore porn “The Party at Kitty and Studs” which he always admits to regretting doing but he just did it for the money and that’s it really.

Most movie stars are nothing but leftist whack jobs who always brings politics into everything but not Sly… Sylvester has always been an apolitical guy and always focused on his movie career over the years. That’s another reason he should get more respect. Most movie stars sucks and are awful people but Sly is one of the few good ones left.

He didn’t become Rocky and Rambo overnight… it took him a long road to get there. When he started getting films, he mostly did cameos and was mostly extras but he gotta start somewhere right?

His first leading role wasn’t Rocky believe it or not. It was an action thriller called, “No Place to Hide” released in 1973. A film of his I’ve never seen before but want to.

I still am a huge Sly Stallone fan even to this day… I will always be 100% loyal to this guy! I still hope to get my chance to meet the man in person if lucky enough ’cause that would be amazing.


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