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Expendables 4 is finally happening and Casting now underway…

So Lionsgate studios finally greenlights “Expendables 4” and looks like they are in a rush to get the casting done for the 4th installment of action movie franchise.

Of course, the main cast is officially returning: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren.

Doing a little research on whether or not Terry Crews will be back for this one, it’s looking like he won’t ’cause Avi Lerner of Lionsgate won’t allow Terry to be back unless he drops his lawsuit accusing this talent agent of sexual abuse. Things can always change, though so we’ll see if Terry decides to drop his sexual abuse lawsuit against this other person then he might be back, we’ll have to wait.

It is not yet known on whether or not Jet Li, Arnold or Bruce Willis gonna be back… we’ll have to wait on those too.

EX 4 announced a few new names to the Expendables cast: Megan Fox, 50 Cent and Tony Jaa.


It is not yet known what the plot for EX 4 is gonna be but Sly said on instagram it’s gonna be a spinoff but that can always change.

I’m sure the next Expendables is gonna be a crowded movie of big name action stars so I’m sure they’ll keep adding more and more big name stars in the future.

I’m sure the next Expendables will be Rated R this time and they will bring back the gritty and dark violence. The PG-13 rating was a failed experiment and they’ll never do that again.

They’ll keep adding more and more big names but again, my wish list: Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage, Jason Momoa, Danny Trejo, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Carl Weathers, Dave Bautista…

I doubt most of these guys would get in but Carl Weathers and Dave Bautista would be the most likely. Everybody would expect the Rock Dwayne Johnson to get added but he’s a busy guy with so many other projects but we’ll see about Dwayne… never say never.

I’m surprised Danny Trejo didn’t get in on these movies yet and I think a Mickey Rourke return would be cool.

As for females, you know they’re gonna add a few more ladies other than Megan Fox… Michelle Rodriguez would be a cool addition. Maybe Uma Thurman, Michelle Yeoh and Gina Carano.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on most of these picks and will only get a few of them right but ya never know. We’ll see.


EDIT TO ADD: Ooops, one correction that Danny Trejo was in the first Expendables movie, my bad on that one.

Looks like “Expendables 4” is happening after all and Sly is probably coming back for one more… the man himself confirms the news on Instagram…

Earlier in 2017, it was reported that Stallone has walked away from reprising his role as Barney Ross in “Expendables 4” due to creative differences and all that stuff. Well, it looks like Sly is definitely back on. It looks like Sly and Nu Image/Millennium are on good terms now.

The whole point of the Expendables movies are to get a bunch of big name action stars altogether in one movie. The films were meant to bring back old-school action style. Today’s action movies aren’t what they are anymore and Sly wants to bring back action movies how they used to be in the 80’s and early 90’s.

With each Expendables movie, the cast seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I’m sure Sly and Nu Image/Millennium will make the cast for “Expendables 4” even bigger. For EX4, I’m sure the main cast will return: Sly Stallone, Arnold, Dolph, Terry, Randy and Jet Li but I’m sure Sly will add a lot more people to the casting.

The last EX movie had Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammer, Wesley Snipes, Ronda Rousey and others but who are they gonna get for EX4?

Hopefully Sly can actually get Kurt Russell this time ’cause that would be cool. Sly has been trying to get Kurt Russell for every EX movie but Kurt kept turning them down. Now that Kurt is back into acting movies again, maybe it’s a possibility that Sly would get Kurt this time.

Also, I think Sly should add to the cast: Hulk Hogan, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Chris Hemsworth, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Liam Neeson, Jackie Chan, etc. Remember, that’s the whole point of these movies… adding a bunch of big name stars as much as possible in one film.

It’ll be interesting to see who Sly is planning to get for EX4. Can’t wait.

The Expendables series gets all kinds of mixed reviews, but I love these movies. I love all three of them but my favorite out of the three is the second one ’cause of JCVD playing the villain.

My question is will Bruce Willis return to this one? I read somewhere that Sly and Bruce had a little feud over these movies which is why Bruce didn’t do the 3rd one. I heard that Sly and Bruce are all cool now so it’s a definite possibility Bruce could be coming back. We’ll have to wait and find out!


Expendables 4 will come out in 2018, who will get added to the cast? Will Bruce Willis return?

Splendid Film company has bought rights for the next Expendables movie which will be the fourth and last installment. According to this article it sounds like the movie already got Sly Stallone, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger to star so does this mean that Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Randy Couture are out? Keep in mind that Dolph, Terry and Randy were part of the Expendables group throughout the first three films.


I think Dolph will be back for EX4 ’cause I can’t see these movies without him. His character for these films is pretty interesting. I read this interview with Dolph and he says he would do EX4 if it happens so he’ll probably come back.


I hope Randy and Terry comes back as well. I hope Jet Li returns also.

I’m sure EX4 will add a bunch more cast members. More tough guy actors. Who else should they add? I hope they get Kurt Russell this time. Dwayne Johnson would be cool too. What about Jackie Chan? Hulk Hogan said he wants in on EX4 so I can see Hogan getting added to the cast. Also these guys would be a cool addition too: Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista and hopefully Bruce Willis will return.

Can’t wait for the next Expendables movie ’cause I love these movies. I’m loving them all so far and yes, I think the third one was real good even though it wasn’t R-rated. Glad EX4 is finally confirmed!!! Hopefully they do go back to the R rating and make it violent ’cause that’s how they’re supposed to be!