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Expendables 4 is finally happening and Casting now underway…

So Lionsgate studios finally greenlights “Expendables 4” and looks like they are in a rush to get the casting done for the 4th installment of action movie franchise.

Of course, the main cast is officially returning: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren.

Doing a little research on whether or not Terry Crews will be back for this one, it’s looking like he won’t ’cause Avi Lerner of Lionsgate won’t allow Terry to be back unless he drops his lawsuit accusing this talent agent of sexual abuse. Things can always change, though so we’ll see if Terry decides to drop his sexual abuse lawsuit against this other person then he might be back, we’ll have to wait.

It is not yet known on whether or not Jet Li, Arnold or Bruce Willis gonna be back… we’ll have to wait on those too.

EX 4 announced a few new names to the Expendables cast: Megan Fox, 50 Cent and Tony Jaa.


It is not yet known what the plot for EX 4 is gonna be but Sly said on instagram it’s gonna be a spinoff but that can always change.

I’m sure the next Expendables is gonna be a crowded movie of big name action stars so I’m sure they’ll keep adding more and more big name stars in the future.

I’m sure the next Expendables will be Rated R this time and they will bring back the gritty and dark violence. The PG-13 rating was a failed experiment and they’ll never do that again.

They’ll keep adding more and more big names but again, my wish list: Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage, Jason Momoa, Danny Trejo, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Carl Weathers, Dave Bautista…

I doubt most of these guys would get in but Carl Weathers and Dave Bautista would be the most likely. Everybody would expect the Rock Dwayne Johnson to get added but he’s a busy guy with so many other projects but we’ll see about Dwayne… never say never.

I’m surprised Danny Trejo didn’t get in on these movies yet and I think a Mickey Rourke return would be cool.

As for females, you know they’re gonna add a few more ladies other than Megan Fox… Michelle Rodriguez would be a cool addition. Maybe Uma Thurman, Michelle Yeoh and Gina Carano.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on most of these picks and will only get a few of them right but ya never know. We’ll see.


EDIT TO ADD: Ooops, one correction that Danny Trejo was in the first Expendables movie, my bad on that one.

“Rambo: Last Blood” was freakin’ great! Don’t listen to the critics and haters!!!

Just saw “Rambo: Last Blood” earlier today and I was blown away by it. The film was pretty amazing really. The film was pretty graphic, dark and intense. This film was a lot more darker than the previous 4 Rambo films.

The plot to this movie is very straightforward really. After years of John Rambo fighting battles… he finally decided that he had enough and live a normal life on his father’s ranch (starting where Rambo 4 ended). He adopts a family to live with since he hasn’t had a family in a long time. He lives with his old friend Maria who is the grandmother of Gabrielle (who appears to be Rambo’s adopted daughter as well). Gabrielle wants to go to Mexico to see her biological father who she hasn’t seen in years and once she goes there, she finds out her father never cared for her and her mother. Suddenly she goes missing after that and now all hell breaks loose.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot for now to avoid spoilers but there isn’t really anything shocking in the film anyway. It’s just a simple movie with a simple plot and story but most importantly this film is action packed all the way through. What do you expect from a Rambo movie, right?

This Rambo movie was totally different than the previous 4. It definitely felt like a western and you’ll see plenty of action, violence and gore. Like I said above… the film was pretty graphic, dark and intense. You’ll see exactly those three in this film. I’ve always known that Rambo was a pretty intense guy in the previous 4 films but wait until you see him in this movie. I predicted that Rambo fighting Mexican cartels would bring out the violent side of him even more and I was right. You thought Rambo was intense in Rambo 4 (2008), wait until you see him in “Last Blood”. You haven’t seen nothing yet. In this movie there will be some gross outs and some pretty gritty scenes.

Some Rambo fans wanna complain about the short hair but I have no problem with the short hair. Once you see this movie, you’ll see why. I think the long haired Rambo is played out anyways and it’s finally time to try something different, ya know?

Sly Stallone maybe a 70 year old guy but he can still do action movies pretty well and he still got it. Sly is an easy target of movie critics and haters but he’s still making movies and doing what he loves so I respect him for that.

With that being said, “Rambo: Last Blood” was a badass movie. I loved it all the way through. A perfect action movie. Those sex traffickers in the movie thought Sly would be easy to pick on but man, once you see this movie you’ll see that the sex traffickers thought wrong. They didn’t realize who they were fucking with, lmao. You don’t mess with Rambo and Rambo will make sure you wish you never did.

If you’re a Rambo fan or a newbie, you should go see it. You don’t really need to see the Rambo movies in order since they’re all standalone movies with their own stories anyways. This makes me want to re-watch the first four Rambo films and I will soon.


Sly Stallone posts photo of Rambo’s bloody arm, giving us a hint that not only violence will be back, blood will be back too…

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“ Don’t let the bogeyman get you!… “Happy Halloween.

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Today on Sly’s instagram he just posted another Rambo pic while on set of the new film. As you can see he just posted a pic of Rambo’s bloody arm… giving us a hint that the dark, violent and angry Rambo will indeed be back for the next one.

Will Rambo 5 be similar to Rambo II, III and IV? No, I’ve read somewhere that Sly wants Rambo “Last Blood” to be completely different than the previous 4. I read that Sly wanted “Last Blood” to be his own version of “No Country For Old Men”. Kind of like a violent Western movie is what Sly is going for so it looks like they’re definitely going for a more Western feeling. As you can see in the pic, I’m sure there will still be plenty of violence and action scenes.

I remember a time where Sly Stallone came pretty close to retiring the Rambo character for good. Rambo 5 have been in development for a pretty long time. It’s been in the works on and off since Rambo 4 in 2008. Why did Sly almost retire the character? Read this interesting article.


I wonder what made Sly change his mind about retiring the Rambo character and coming back after all? The answer to that question is not yet known but maybe Sly just feels that the fans deserve one more Rambo film ’cause a lot of fans have been begging him for one more. Fans just believe Rambo shouldn’t end with Rambo 4. The Rambo series deserves a better closure then what we saw in Rambo 4.

Sly had other plot ideas for Rambo 5 but Lionsgate/Millennium Films wanted to do a Rambo film about human trafficking so they’re sticking with that plot. Why do they want to do a movie about human trafficking? Probably to help bring awareness to human trafficking. Human trafficking is real and it’s a problem in America. That’s the goal with the movie to bring more awareness to human trafficking. That’s what the studio wants and Sly is going for it.

I’m sure they’ll give us a great Rambo movie and I’m sure they won’t disappoint the fans at all. I wonder how it will all end? Will they make Rambo die in this one? I’m still thinking yes, they probably will kill him off somehow. In “Rambo: First Blood”, they actually tried to kill Rambo off but the studio wasn’t haven’t it so they forced Sly to re-write the ending so Rambo can live for upcoming sequels. I can see them killing Rambo off this time in order to end the Rambo series for good. Would make sense. It’s not a spoiler or anything, just a prediction.



Lionsgate moving forward with “Saw 8″… will Tobin Bell return as Jigsaw???

Man, I’m so glad this is happening ’cause I fucking LOVE the “SAW” movies. I love ’em all. All 7 films. It’s a pretty long series but each film is pretty smart storytelling. They all tell an actual story which is what I love about ’em. I also love the story of John Kramer. Pretty insightful stuff.

Lionsgate is moving forward with “SAW 8” which is currently titled, “SAW: Legacy”. Ever since the first SAW film came out in 2004 directed by James Wan, the series became such a smash hit. Each time a sequel came out every Oct., the film is a smash hit. Each film did very well in the box office so I’m not surprised they’re planning another one.

The 7th film kind of did leave open for another movie so it’s obviously not over yet. The Game isn’t over. Hear Jigsaw’s voice, “I want to play a game”.

‘Saw’: Lionsgate Begins Developing Next Sequel, ‘Legacy’

Will Tobin Bell return as John Kramer/Jigsaw? Given the title that it is “Saw: Legacy”… hint the title, “Legacy”… it’s hinting you that the next film will be about chronicling the earlier films so there’s probably gonna be a lot of flashbacks. So yeah, I think there’s a very BIG change Tobin Bell will return.

Only thing is, though that John Kramer died of cancer in one of the earlier films so how would they bring him back? Would they do more flashbacks? Um no… I think that’s a lame idea. I think it would be more interesting if they can find a way to bring Kramer back from the dead. Keep in mind this is “horror” so anything is possible.

I love the SAW movies and I’m absolutely down with the new one. It’s good timing to do another one ’cause Tobin Bell is getting old… he’s in his 70’s now but I’m sure he’s still in good health to do one more movie.



“Operation: Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal being made into a big screen Hollywood movie…

First Michael Bay made a movie about the Benghazi attacks and it will soon hit theaters in January of 2016 (which is perfect timing incase Hillary wins the nomination). Now there’s another Obama admin. crime being made into a big screen movie. Yep, there’s a movie about “Operation: Fast and Furious” coming to the big screen soon brought to you by Lionsgate studios. Not to be confused with “Fast and Furious” with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. This is a different “Fast and Furious”, the one about the Mexican drug lord gun running scandal that killed American, Brian Terry.

This movie will be based upon the book that is titled “The Unarmed Truth” (which I haven’t read yet but I will look into it) and the movie will be scripted by World War Z writer, Matthew Carnahan.


Another movie that I’m sure that Obama and Holder are not gonna like. I’m pretty sure the movie won’t be called “Operation: Fast and Furious” because it will cause a lot of confusion with the other “Fast and Furious” franchise so they will probably title this movie, “The Unarmed Truth”, I would think.

I wonder who they’re gonna get to play Brian Terry?

As you can see Brian was young and not trying to sound gay or anything but he was good looking too so they would have to find an actor who resembles him. Brian was 40 years old so they would have to pick an actor around that age. Who does Brian resemble? I’d say he reminds me of Ben Affleck a little bit.

I hope they don’t get Jeremy Renner ’cause I’m tired of seeing him in everything.


The “Saw” series is the best horror franchise out there, I hope there will be a part 8…

I just watched all 7 “Saw” films just recently on BluRay and WOW!!!!!!!!!! I’m fuckin’ blown away with all of them! Loved every film! I think “Saw” is easily the best horror franchise around but is “Saw 7” seriously the last one? I sure hope not! I think I’ve read somewhere that Lionsgate studios is planning a Saw 8 so I hope it’s true. They should keep these series going.

The reason I was impressed with these series ’cause they are so different than any other horror franchise out there. We have “Friday the 13th”, “Halloween”, the Chucky Movies, the Freddy movies, etc. but they all have the same boring plot and same boring story. Not with the “Saw” movies, though. Each film has a plot and story. I thought the storytelling in the “Saw” movies was pretty intelligent and thought provoking. These movies can get you thinking for sure.

As I was watching these movies, I’ve come to a realization that Jigsaw (or John Kramer played by the great Tobin Bell) is more of a hero than a villain, in my opinion. How? Well, Jigsaw only took down those who were bad people. He took down criminals, drug dealers, rapists and all that stuff. He also took down those who doesn’t appreciate life, doesn’t deserve a life. As the films get going, you would learn more about John Kramer in the sequels. You would learn why he started the Jigsaw games. I don’t wanna spoil things to you but lets just say that John Kramer was a broken down guy who was upset about something. It had something to do with his wife. The stories had all kinds of twists and turns and shockers.

Jigsaw is also the king of movie quotes. He said some pretty epic quotes such as “Live or die, make your choice”, “Let the game begin”, “Hello (name here), I want to play a game”, etc.

I hope they keep these movies going. I don’t want remakes or reboots ’cause that would destroy this franchise. Could they bring John Kramer back somehow? Keep in mind, this is horror so I’m sure there’s always a way to figure out a way to bring Kramer back for one more movie.

Tobin Bell is a phenomenal actor though. Now I understand why these movies are so popular and most of them did well in the box office too. I’ve always been a big fan of Cary Elwes, he’s been a favorite actor of mine for a pretty long time. While all 7 movies are great, the first one with Cary and Danny Glover will always be a classic! I’m glad I finally got around to seeing the rest of them.


Arnold’s zombie apocalypse movie, “Maggie” teaser is out…

Arnold trying to do horror movies is nothing new. He already did a horror movie in 1999 called, “End of Days” which is a good one and you’ve probably seen it. Arnold decides to try the horror genre again with a film called, “Maggie”, a zombie apocalypse film.

I’m a big fan of zombies and stuff so I’m looking forward to this.

This for sure looks like a totally different movie for Arnold. Instead of being the typical tough guy action hero like he always is, his role in “Maggie” looks a little more serious.

The film comes out in May and I think I’m definitely gonna go check it out. Enjoy!


“Expendables” TV series aimed for iconic TV stars???

Sly Stallone and Avi Lerner of Lionsgate studios are planning a TV version of “The Expendables” which means that the cast for the TV version will be full of iconic TV stars. Yes, this means that the TV version will include stars such as Kiefer Sutherland, Lucy Lawless, Scott Bakula, Mr. T and many others.


What a great idea!!!! I’m all for it.

They need to include Richard Dean Anderson, Dean Cain, The Hoff and Pam Anderson. Kevin Sorbo as well.


Film Review: The Expendables 3…

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Ronda Rousey

Directed by: Patrick Hughes

Welp, I decided to go to the movies today for something to do and I ended up seeing, “Expendables 3”. I know I said I was gonna pass on it and wait for DVD rental but I changed my mind. On with my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Barney augments his team with new blood for a personal battle: to take down Conrad Stonebanks, the Expendables co-founder and notorious arms trader who is hell bent on wiping out Barney and every single one of his associates.

After seeing this film, I can see why the movie flopped in the box office. It was definitely the PG-13 rating that turned people away from seeing it. Since this film is a PG-13 rating, you’re gonna see less blood and less swearing. The first two Expendables films were very successful ’cause they had a lot of blood and swearing, this one didn’t. This one was more family-friendly.

Still though, I thought the film was pretty good. Not the best of the trilogy but “Expendables 3” was fun. That’s all it is. Of course, it’s action packed all the way through. Even if there is not a lot of blood and swearing, the action scenes were still a blast to watch, though.

I had more fun seeing all the stars… wow… it had everybody in it pretty much. All the big icons. Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammer and actor Robert Davi (formerly known as Jake Fratelli in the “Goonies”) had a surprising cameo appearance. It was pretty cool to see Sly re-team with Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas. Those two guys teamed with Sly in past films before. I thought Ronda Rousey, the now UFC star and undefeated women’s champion did a pretty good job in her first major film role. I’m a huge fan of Ronda Rousey.

Like usual the plot was pretty simple and predictable. Arnold usually does his funny one-liners and he did his “Get To The Choppa” catchphrase in this film which was funny.

My question is that there was this one scene where Antonio Banderas was telling a story to Sly’s character, Barney and Antonio said this line, “We waited for support. No one ever came. Everybody died” — did Sly inspire that scene off the Sept 12th, 2012 – Benghazi attack??? Has Sly been paying attention to the Benghazi story since Benghazi got a reference in this film? That scene kind of got me scratching my head a little bit but it was a cool scene, though.

With all this being said, this wasn’t a bad Expendables movie. I just wished they kept the R rating. My other disappointment was that Jet Li got very little screen time which is understandable since this movie is so crowded with so many big stars.

I’m gonna rate these movie reviews a little different from now on and I’m gonna give this movie a score of: 3/5 as in “good”.

This wasn’t the best “Expendables” movie. Which film of the trilogy that I thought was the best film? I thought “Expendables 2” was the best so far simply because of JCVD and Chuck Norris.

I’m glad I got to see “Expendables 3” today.


“Expendables 3” flops in the box office… why???

I remember in the past, Sylvester’s movie career was in a slump. He kept making films that flopped in the box office and he made a few straight to video movies. Then he came back with Rocky, Rambo and now the Expendables… Sly is now a star again. Is Sly’s career about to go downhill again? “Expendables 3” just flopped in the box office this weekend. Not doing well at all.

I wonder why? These are just my observations… PG13 rating? That could be it. The first two “Expendables” movies were very successful ’cause of the R rating. There were lots of violence, blood, and swearing. Not sure how much we’ll see of that in “Expendables 3”, though. Maybe another reason is ’cause of Mel Gibson. Maybe a lot of people still haven’t forgiven him yet and people refuse to support him after his anti-Semitic scandals. No Bruce Willis maybe another reason. Remember, Bruce bailed out of this one.

Honestly, I think the new Expendables group is way too crowded. Maybe that’s another reason. Too many actors in one movie.

If they got stars like Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan and maybe The Rock… then I’m sure it would have been a box office smash.


Anyhow, despite the box office failure of “Expendables 3”, I’m still gonna see it.