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Film Review: The Expendables 3…

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Ronda Rousey

Directed by: Patrick Hughes

Welp, I decided to go to the movies today for something to do and I ended up seeing, “Expendables 3”. I know I said I was gonna pass on it and wait for DVD rental but I changed my mind. On with my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Barney augments his team with new blood for a personal battle: to take down Conrad Stonebanks, the Expendables co-founder and notorious arms trader who is hell bent on wiping out Barney and every single one of his associates.

After seeing this film, I can see why the movie flopped in the box office. It was definitely the PG-13 rating that turned people away from seeing it. Since this film is a PG-13 rating, you’re gonna see less blood and less swearing. The first two Expendables films were very successful ’cause they had a lot of blood and swearing, this one didn’t. This one was more family-friendly.

Still though, I thought the film was pretty good. Not the best of the trilogy but “Expendables 3” was fun. That’s all it is. Of course, it’s action packed all the way through. Even if there is not a lot of blood and swearing, the action scenes were still a blast to watch, though.

I had more fun seeing all the stars… wow… it had everybody in it pretty much. All the big icons. Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammer and actor Robert Davi (formerly known as Jake Fratelli in the “Goonies”) had a surprising cameo appearance. It was pretty cool to see Sly re-team with Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas. Those two guys teamed with Sly in past films before. I thought Ronda Rousey, the now UFC star and undefeated women’s champion did a pretty good job in her first major film role. I’m a huge fan of Ronda Rousey.

Like usual the plot was pretty simple and predictable. Arnold usually does his funny one-liners and he did his “Get To The Choppa” catchphrase in this film which was funny.

My question is that there was this one scene where Antonio Banderas was telling a story to Sly’s character, Barney and Antonio said this line, “We waited for support. No one ever came. Everybody died” — did Sly inspire that scene off the Sept 12th, 2012 – Benghazi attack??? Has Sly been paying attention to the Benghazi story since Benghazi got a reference in this film? That scene kind of got me scratching my head a little bit but it was a cool scene, though.

With all this being said, this wasn’t a bad Expendables movie. I just wished they kept the R rating. My other disappointment was that Jet Li got very little screen time which is understandable since this movie is so crowded with so many big stars.

I’m gonna rate these movie reviews a little different from now on and I’m gonna give this movie a score of: 3/5 as in “good”.

This wasn’t the best “Expendables” movie. Which film of the trilogy that I thought was the best film? I thought “Expendables 2” was the best so far simply because of JCVD and Chuck Norris.

I’m glad I got to see “Expendables 3” today.


Sly blames Arnold for career slump but sorry Sly, I disagree!!!

Sylvester himself appeared on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to promote “Expendables 3” and Sly went into some details about his longtime feud with Arnold over the years. Sly blames his 90’s career slump on Arnold. Sly claims that if he didn’t sign on to movies like, “Stop or My Mom or Shoot” or “Rhinestone”, Arnold would get in on those movies.


Honestly, I think Sly is full of it. Those are just excuses.

I think Sly’s career was starting to fail in the 90’s ’cause Sly was horrible at choosing scripts. It’s not Sly’s fault, though. Sometimes when an actor chooses a script and he likes it, you can never tell whether the film is gonna be a hit or not.

Sly is a star again these days ’cause he’s obviously being more careful at choosing scripts and his projects. He’s learning from his past mistakes.

“Rocky 6” and “Rambo 4” weren’t Sly’s big comebacks. Sly’s big comeback film was “Spy Kids 3D”, lol… and that film was a box office smash obviously.

I thought it was unfair and wrong for him to blame Arnold.

I mean, Sly has turned down some of the biggest movies ever like The Terminator, Die Hard, Romancing The Stone, Pretty Woman, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Face/Off, Star Wars, Superman: The Movie, etc. It’s true…. Sly was asked to star the lead in all of those movies and he even auditioned for some of them but he ended up saying no. Yes, he said no to starring in Superman and Star Wars when he auditioned for them.

On Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, Sly explained his audition for Star Wars when he was trying out for the Han Solo role and it was funny. It’s true that George Lucas considered Sly for the role. Look this stuff up.

Instead of going for all those movies I listed above Sly ends up going for movies like “Judge Dredd”, “The Specialist”, “Assassins”,  “Driven”, “Get Carter”, “Daylight”, “Oscar”, etc. All box office failures.

Sly is just lousy at choosing movies… that is all. You can see that the man will never admit it so he goes out of his way and blames Arnold.

Arnold was obviously a way more successful actor than Sly. Most of Arnold’s movies were box office hits ’cause why? Arnold is better at choosing his scripts, he knows what he’s doing. Of course, Arnold had some box office failures too but not as much as Sly did.

I’m glad Arnold and Sly finally buried the hatchet. Hopefully it stays that way so they can star in more movies together. They did 4 films together so far. The three Expendables movies and “Escape Plan”. I think they’ll collaborate on more movies together outside of the Expendables films.



Expendables 3 at Cannes…

Here is a pretty cool article about the Expendables 3 at Cannes which is a yearly film festival in France. Sly hints at retirement from Hollywood which maybe possible that this is the final Expendables movie that Sly will star in. I love seeing Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson together in these photos. Mel is looking good and it’s great to see him smiling and enjoying himself for a change.

Check out the article here:


I hate that we have to wait all the way to August to see Expendables 3. I love these films!!! Yes, I loved the first two and looking forward to the third!


Does Mel Gibson deserve a second chance in Hollywood? I’d say yes, absolutely!!!

Deadline is begging Hollywood and movie fans to give actor/director, Mel Gibson, a second chance in the mainstream due to the 10th Anniversary of “The Passion”. Everybody knows that Mel got into a lot of trouble for his anti-semitic rant in 2006.

Read more here:


After 2006, Mel took a couple of years off of making movies but he returned in 2010 with the action/thriller, “Edge of Darkness”, in which he played the leading role. Then he starred in Jodie Foster’s, “The Beaver”, and released the straight-to-DVD film, “Get The Gringo”, he also played a role in “Machete Kills”.

Mel Gibson will next star in “Expendables 3” as the main villain.

Do I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood? Yes, absolutely! In the past, I used to be upset with Mel’s anti-semitic rant myself but I got over it. You should do the same. People make mistakes. We all make ’em. It’s about learning from your mistakes and moving on. That’s what Mel did. He learned from his mistakes and moved on. He was really drunk and wasted around the time he said those things so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it ’cause drunk people can say stupid shit, believe me.

Love him or hate him… Mel is a talented man. He’s a good actor, writer, and film director. Like most people, “Braveheart” is one of my favorite films and I think “Apocalypto” is an amazing film as well. Of course, “The Passion” was great also. He made too many great films. I love all the Mad Max movies and of course, the Lethal Weapon series.

Of course, there will be tons of ignorant people who WILL NEVER move on from the anti-semitic stuff. There will always be people who will try to bring Mel down no matter what he does. I’m sure there will be campaign groups trying to get “The Expendables 3” banned in the USA ’cause of Mel Gibson. Wait ’til that film comes out.

Mel continues to work in Hollywood despite all of his troubles ’cause that’s what the man does. He makes movies for a living.

Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. I think it’s time to forgive and forget. Mel deserves it. He may seem like an asshole but in reality, I think he might be a great guy. He’s human just like the rest of us.

I think he deserves to be a big part of Hollywood again. Give him a break and let him live his life. He seems like a changed man and he’s getting better.


Finally, a photo of Harrison Ford on the set of EXP3!!!!



Arnold just tweeted this pic today of him filming “Expendables 3”. Look like Arnold is still on for the Expendables even though Bruce is no longer in it! Here is Arnold on the set of the EXP3 with Harrison Ford and the guy in the center is the film’s director, Patrick Hughes.

You can tell by the look of Harrison’s face that he looks pretty psyched to be a part of this franchise.

Nice to finally see Arnold and Harrison together. Two icons of Hollywood! Terminator and Indiana Jones!

Now I hope I’ll get a photo of Mel Gibson on the set of the film.


Cool Video: Clint Eastwood talks to EXTRA about a variety of topics… his new film, the RNC empty chair speech, and will he do “Expendables 3”???

Clint Eastwood did a cool interview with Extra and talked about a variety of topics. He talked about his new film that he’s starring in and not directing, “Trouble With the Curve”. His RNC empty chair speech, and he responded whether or not if he will have a role in “Expendables 3”.

As for the RNC speech, Clint doesn’t seem to be ashamed of it, and he seems proud of it. Plus, it wasn’t the first time he talked to invisible people, he said he stole the idea from a funeral speech he did.

On whether or not he will do “Expendables 3”, Clint says he never got around to seeing the first one yet and he hasn’t read a script of the 3rd one. Keep in mind that Eastwood has always been picky and choosy with scripts. He’ll do a project if he likes the script. Would Clint consider doing “EXP3”? He jokingly said he would do it if he directed it. If Clint directed the next “EXP” movie, do you think he has what it takes to direct an action movie? I think he does. He directed action movies before with films like “The Gauntlet”, “Sudden Impact” (a Dirty Harry film), and “Bloodwork”, they were action movies. “Gran Torino” was sort of like an action movie too. I don’t think Clint will do “EXP3” but it will be cool if he gets a cameo at least.

Enjoy the video interview with Clint, here.