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Mel Gibson set to direct and co-write “The Wild Bunch” remake… will Mel star in the film as well???

Well this is interesting. Warner Bros. has got “The Wild Bunch” remake in the works and they just signed Mel Gibson to direct and co-write the film. The question is will Mel star in the film as well? That is not yet known but I’m sure we’ll know pretty soon. Who’s gonna play the leading character of the film, Pike Bishop? I think none other than Mel Gibson himself should play that character ’cause Pike does remind me of Mel. The Pike role would fit Mel perfectly so don’t be surprised if Mel does decide to take on the role. Mel did direct and star in two films in the past which were “The Man Without a Face” and “Braveheart” (both excellent movies, by the way). Mel directed “Passion of the Christ”, “Apocalypto” and “Hacksaw Ridge” but didn’t star in those movies.

Currently Mel is at work on “The Passion” sequel and he’s going to get right to work on “The Wild Bunch” after that.


If Mel decides not to star in “The Wild Bunch” remake at all then I’m sure he’ll get someone else to play Pike and it will be interesting to see who he’s going to choose.

I’ve seen “The Wild Bunch” movie like once and it’s definitely one of the greatest Western films in the history of cinema. It was probably the most violent Western movie I’ve ever seen and Mel’s version would probably be even more violent. You know how violent and dark Mel Gibson directed movies can be.

Since “The Wild Bunch” remake is by Warner Bros., I am predicting we have a huge hit in our hands here. People will pack up the theaters for this one for sure, I bet. I’m sure Mel will choose a great cast for the other Wild Bunch gang members too.

I don’t like Hollywood remaking classics but I’m actually all for this one and I’m sure Mel can pull it off nicely. Mel seems to be a huge fan of Western stories so I’m sure he’ll do a good job. Remember, Mel starred in a Western movie once… remember the movie, “Maverick” released in 1994?


Will more celebs at the Oscars come out in support of Trump after the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident?

A lot of people are expecting a lot of Trump bashing at the Oscars and there probably will be but I’m thinking not all of it will be Trump bashing. After the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident at the Grammy’s, do you think more celebs will come out in support of Trump? Whether on the red carpet or during the Oscars show itself, I think a few more movie stars will come out in support of Trump. Who knows who may that be?

Mel Gibson himself seems to be a Trump supporter even though he hasn’t been vocal about it but Mel has been caught giving a dirty look when Meryl Streep was bashing Trump at the Golden Globes. Mel seemed to be disgusted with Meryl bashing Trump at the Globes. Maybe Mel will speak for his support of Trump at the Oscars this weekend, who knows?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I think it’ll be cool if more celebs would come out in support of Trump at the Oscars to piss off liberal Hollywood even more. That would be funny as hell!


Will Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” actually win Best Picture??? It would be amazing if Mel Gibson would get it but I doubt he would…

I know I’ve said I was gonna skip the Oscars and boycott earlier in the past but I think I changed my mind. I’m probably gonna end up watching it anyways this Sunday ’cause I’m pretty curious on who the “Best Picture” award is gonna go to. The three top choices that the “Best Picture” award could go to either: “Hacksaw Ridge”, “Moonlight” or “La La Land”. I haven’t seen all of the “Best Picture” nominations at the Oscars this year. The only movies I’ve seen out of the “Best Picture” nominees were “Arrival” and “Hell or High Water” but I haven’t seen the rest of them. “Arrival” and “Hell or High Water” are both excellent movies but I don’t think they’re gonna win at all. “Hacksaw Ridge” has a pretty good chance but I doubt that will win ’cause that film is too “patriotic” and it’s about “war” which will be too much for liberal Hollywood to handle. So my bet the “Best Picture” award will probably go to “Moonlight” or “La la Land”. The film “La La Land” is probably gonna get it.

If “Hacksaw Ridge” ends up getting “Best Picture” after all then that would be amazing and shocking. If “Hacksaw Ridge” wins, no doubt it will spark a backlash by liberals and the MSM ’cause of Mel Gibson. They would rip him to shreds if Mel Gibson won “Best Picture” for his film. Liberals would go, “Oh, how could the Academy reward a man who had a past with alcoholism and anti-semitism” blah blah blah blah. You get the deal. If “Hacksaw Ridge” wins, liberals would be outraged again.

The Oscars is gonna suck and no doubt, it will be full of liberal politics and Trump bashing for sure. I’m curious on who’s gonna get the Best Picture award.

I’m not even interested in the movie “La La Land” so I probably won’t see that one at all. Just doesn’t look interesting to me. Just another typical musical movie  nobody really cares about. I will get around to seeing “Hacksaw Ridge” though ’cause that movie does look really good. I love Mel Gibson movies. Yeah Mel has a lot of problems in real life but love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he is a talented man. He’s a good director and good actor too. He made some great films over the years especially “Braveheart”, “The Man Without a Face”, the Mad Max trilogy, the Lethal Weapon series, etc. I wish Mel Gibson good luck this weekend ’cause he’s gonna need it.


Mel Gibson surprises Tom Hardy and fans by showing up at the “Mad Max: Fury Road” premiere!

While it’s sad that Mel Gibson is no longer involved in the “Mad Max” franchise, it’s great to see that Mel still gets their support and his blessing. Mel Gibson, the man himself makes a surprise appearance at the “Mad Max: Fury Road” premiere. George Miller the director admitted that the reason he didn’t have Mel star in the next installment ’cause he was worried that the cast and crew would hate Mel on set due to all of Mel’s past troubles. It seems that Mel wasn’t invited to the premiere, he just showed up to surprise them. Mel was all smiles and hugging everybody, looking real good. George and everybody else never expected Mel to be there so it was a surprise for sure. Mel showed up as a way to show them that he has no beef with anybody. He’s all cool with them!


I am planning to see the new “Mad Max” movie ’cause I’m a big fan of these movies.


George Miller finally explains why Mel Gibson wasn’t casted for “Mad Max: Fury Road”…

Before Mad Max 4 began production, fans of the Mad Max series begged George Miller to bring Mel Gibson back as the role of Max Rockatansky. This is what the fans wanted for a long time was for Mel to reprise this legendary role but now fans have to go through a disappointment now that they learned that Mel was replaced by Tom Hardy. George Miller who directed all of the Mad Max movies finally explains why. It wasn’t because of his 2006 arrest and anti-Semetic scandals. It’s just that George simply felt that Mel is too old.

More here:


Mel is too old, my ass!!! Come on George! Mel is STILL doing violent action movies and he seems to be doing fine doing all of his own stunts. I’m sure there is still a way to write Mel in Mad Max 4 somehow so it can make a little more sense to have an aging Max fighting off the bad guys.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to see “Mad Max: Fury Road” ’cause I can’t see a Mad Max movie without Mel ’cause I’m a huge fan of the original trilogy. Of course, “The Road Warrior” will always be the best Mad Max film. I think I’ll pass on the “Mad Max: Fury Road” ’cause they simply neglected Gibson.

Don’t get me wrong, “Fury Road” looks alright but I don’t really like Tom Hardy all that much.

I think Mel would have done fine if he still played the character. I just totally disagree with George on that one.


This is Gary Oldman exposing hypocrisy in America and I freakin’ love it!!!!

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Oscar award winning actor Gary Oldman goes on a rant on hypocrisy in America.

He rants about a lot of things like political correctness, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart having the power to say what they want and they get away with it, he talks about Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin and other topics. He also exposes the evils and the secrets of Hollywood.

Read what Gary have to say here:


Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors of all time. I’ve admired his acting for years. I respect him even more now.

More examples of liberals getting a free pass… they think it’s offensive for people to hate on Barack Obama and compare him to Hitler and all… yet liberals think it’s okay to say all kinds of hateful things about Sarah Palin or George W. Bush. That’s hypocrisy.

When you want to show support for George Zimmerman or Paula Deen, you’ll get called a racist.

If you want to support people like Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” for his views on homosexuality when he has every right for an opinion even if you don’t like it, you’ll get labeled a hateful homophobe.

Welcome to America. Interesting how this country works, doesn’t it? You really do have to be careful of what you say these days when it really shouldn’t be that way and liberals have a free pass that they think can say whatever they want to and get away with it. Pisses me off.

Gary talks truth 100%.


Expendables 3 at Cannes…

Here is a pretty cool article about the Expendables 3 at Cannes which is a yearly film festival in France. Sly hints at retirement from Hollywood which maybe possible that this is the final Expendables movie that Sly will star in. I love seeing Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson together in these photos. Mel is looking good and it’s great to see him smiling and enjoying himself for a change.

Check out the article here:


I hate that we have to wait all the way to August to see Expendables 3. I love these films!!! Yes, I loved the first two and looking forward to the third!


Does Mel Gibson deserve a second chance in Hollywood? I’d say yes, absolutely!!!

Deadline is begging Hollywood and movie fans to give actor/director, Mel Gibson, a second chance in the mainstream due to the 10th Anniversary of “The Passion”. Everybody knows that Mel got into a lot of trouble for his anti-semitic rant in 2006.

Read more here:


After 2006, Mel took a couple of years off of making movies but he returned in 2010 with the action/thriller, “Edge of Darkness”, in which he played the leading role. Then he starred in Jodie Foster’s, “The Beaver”, and released the straight-to-DVD film, “Get The Gringo”, he also played a role in “Machete Kills”.

Mel Gibson will next star in “Expendables 3” as the main villain.

Do I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood? Yes, absolutely! In the past, I used to be upset with Mel’s anti-semitic rant myself but I got over it. You should do the same. People make mistakes. We all make ’em. It’s about learning from your mistakes and moving on. That’s what Mel did. He learned from his mistakes and moved on. He was really drunk and wasted around the time he said those things so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it ’cause drunk people can say stupid shit, believe me.

Love him or hate him… Mel is a talented man. He’s a good actor, writer, and film director. Like most people, “Braveheart” is one of my favorite films and I think “Apocalypto” is an amazing film as well. Of course, “The Passion” was great also. He made too many great films. I love all the Mad Max movies and of course, the Lethal Weapon series.

Of course, there will be tons of ignorant people who WILL NEVER move on from the anti-semitic stuff. There will always be people who will try to bring Mel down no matter what he does. I’m sure there will be campaign groups trying to get “The Expendables 3” banned in the USA ’cause of Mel Gibson. Wait ’til that film comes out.

Mel continues to work in Hollywood despite all of his troubles ’cause that’s what the man does. He makes movies for a living.

Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. I think it’s time to forgive and forget. Mel deserves it. He may seem like an asshole but in reality, I think he might be a great guy. He’s human just like the rest of us.

I think he deserves to be a big part of Hollywood again. Give him a break and let him live his life. He seems like a changed man and he’s getting better.


Cool Photo: Look like Mel Gibson is getting all muscled up for “Expendables 3″…

Aussie actor Mel Gibson shows off his buff arms while in Los Angeles


This photo was shot by TMZ, I believe. Mel Gibson spotted in public in the streets of Los Angeles. Here he is on his way to a gym. Look like Mel took advice from Sly that he should get buffed up for EXP3. Look like Mel has been working out for a long while now. It also looks he is committed to this role and he is taking it pretty seriously.

Looking good, Mr. Mel Gibson! Pretty impressive for a middle aged guy! Look like Mel wants to get into the action and have major fight scenes. Can’t wait to see Sly vs. Mel now!


Report: Mel Gibson is official for “Expendables 3” and his character revealed!!!

The official “Expendables” site announced the official casting for the next installment to the Expendables franchise.

Apparently, Mel Gibson is definitely on board. Look like Mel is gonna be the main villain for EXP3. The name of his character is Conrad Stonebanks, and he was one of the Expendables founding members who turned into a ruthless arms dealer.

The original cast: Dolph, Randy, Terry, Jason, and Jet will be coming back.

Additional cast will include Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and Antonio Banderas. Look like Sly will be re-teaming with two of the cast members. Sly played in, “Demolition Man” with Wesley and Sly played in “Assassins” with Antonio Banderas.

As you can see, Sly always had Mel’s support. The photo above looks like an older pic of Mel and Sly together at some event. Even though Mel may seem like a weird and crazy guy, Sly tells Access Hollywood last year in this video that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge him.

I think Sly just wants to help his friend, Mel Gibson. He wants to try to inspire people to be more forgiven of Mel. After all the Mel Gibson controversy in the news the last several years, I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. He deserves to be forgiven. Whether you like Mel Gibson or not, he’s still a very talented man. Great director, writer, and actor. Mel is still doing violent action films to this day so I think he would be a perfect choice for the Expendables.

I gotta wonder how difficult Mel was when Sly tried to ask him for this film? I bet Mel was a real hard ass but Sly never gave up to get him in this movie. Sly wanted Mel in this movie pretty badly and he got him. Congrats Sly! Looking forward to it!