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Does Mel Gibson deserve a second chance in Hollywood? I’d say yes, absolutely!!!

Deadline is begging Hollywood and movie fans to give actor/director, Mel Gibson, a second chance in the mainstream due to the 10th Anniversary of “The Passion”. Everybody knows that Mel got into a lot of trouble for his anti-semitic rant in 2006.

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After 2006, Mel took a couple of years off of making movies but he returned in 2010 with the action/thriller, “Edge of Darkness”, in which he played the leading role. Then he starred in Jodie Foster’s, “The Beaver”, and released the straight-to-DVD film, “Get The Gringo”, he also played a role in “Machete Kills”.

Mel Gibson will next star in “Expendables 3” as the main villain.

Do I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood? Yes, absolutely! In the past, I used to be upset with Mel’s anti-semitic rant myself but I got over it. You should do the same. People make mistakes. We all make ’em. It’s about learning from your mistakes and moving on. That’s what Mel did. He learned from his mistakes and moved on. He was really drunk and wasted around the time he said those things so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it ’cause drunk people can say stupid shit, believe me.

Love him or hate him… Mel is a talented man. He’s a good actor, writer, and film director. Like most people, “Braveheart” is one of my favorite films and I think “Apocalypto” is an amazing film as well. Of course, “The Passion” was great also. He made too many great films. I love all the Mad Max movies and of course, the Lethal Weapon series.

Of course, there will be tons of ignorant people who WILL NEVER move on from the anti-semitic stuff. There will always be people who will try to bring Mel down no matter what he does. I’m sure there will be campaign groups trying to get “The Expendables 3” banned in the USA ’cause of Mel Gibson. Wait ’til that film comes out.

Mel continues to work in Hollywood despite all of his troubles ’cause that’s what the man does. He makes movies for a living.

Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. I think it’s time to forgive and forget. Mel deserves it. He may seem like an asshole but in reality, I think he might be a great guy. He’s human just like the rest of us.

I think he deserves to be a big part of Hollywood again. Give him a break and let him live his life. He seems like a changed man and he’s getting better.


Cool Photo: Look like Mel Gibson is getting all muscled up for “Expendables 3″…

Aussie actor Mel Gibson shows off his buff arms while in Los Angeles


This photo was shot by TMZ, I believe. Mel Gibson spotted in public in the streets of Los Angeles. Here he is on his way to a gym. Look like Mel took advice from Sly that he should get buffed up for EXP3. Look like Mel has been working out for a long while now. It also looks he is committed to this role and he is taking it pretty seriously.

Looking good, Mr. Mel Gibson! Pretty impressive for a middle aged guy! Look like Mel wants to get into the action and have major fight scenes. Can’t wait to see Sly vs. Mel now!


Report: Mel Gibson is official for “Expendables 3” and his character revealed!!!

The official “Expendables” site announced the official casting for the next installment to the Expendables franchise.

Apparently, Mel Gibson is definitely on board. Look like Mel is gonna be the main villain for EXP3. The name of his character is Conrad Stonebanks, and he was one of the Expendables founding members who turned into a ruthless arms dealer.

The original cast: Dolph, Randy, Terry, Jason, and Jet will be coming back.

Additional cast will include Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and Antonio Banderas. Look like Sly will be re-teaming with two of the cast members. Sly played in, “Demolition Man” with Wesley and Sly played in “Assassins” with Antonio Banderas.

As you can see, Sly always had Mel’s support. The photo above looks like an older pic of Mel and Sly together at some event. Even though Mel may seem like a weird and crazy guy, Sly tells Access Hollywood last year in this video that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge him.

I think Sly just wants to help his friend, Mel Gibson. He wants to try to inspire people to be more forgiven of Mel. After all the Mel Gibson controversy in the news the last several years, I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. He deserves to be forgiven. Whether you like Mel Gibson or not, he’s still a very talented man. Great director, writer, and actor. Mel is still doing violent action films to this day so I think he would be a perfect choice for the Expendables.

I gotta wonder how difficult Mel was when Sly tried to ask him for this film? I bet Mel was a real hard ass but Sly never gave up to get him in this movie. Sly wanted Mel in this movie pretty badly and he got him. Congrats Sly! Looking forward to it!


Report: Sly confirms Wesley Snipes is on board for Expendables 3??? Mel Gibson to direct and star???

Sly tweeted that Wesley Snipes is officially on board to join the cast for, “The Expendables 3”. I went to Sly’s twitter page, but it looks like he removed it, for whatever reason. Sly then teased, that he plans on asking Mel Gibson to direct and have a starring role in the film too.

More on the story, here.

Well, it’s no surprise that Wesley Snipes would be returning to acting right away, after getting released from prison. He needs to get his financial income back in order somehow, since he refused to pay his taxes right? He’s probably broke, by now. Other than that, it’s great to see Sly and Wes team together again since 1993’s, “Demolition Man”.

As for Sly trying to ask Mel Gibson to direct and star? Heh, good luck on that one, Sly. I don’t think Mel would jump on board unless he gets a hand on writing duties. I can understand why Sly would want Mel since Mel is great at action films. Mel is a very talented director and screenwriter, but it seems that Mel does his own thing with directing. Mel is good at making violent and gritty scenes, and the Expendables could use something like this. Mel is still starring in violent action movies to this day, but I’m sure Mel is a difficult guy to deal with. If Sly can actually get Mel on board, that would be surprising, but I don’t see it happening. Mel would probably turn it down.


Film Of The Day: Mad Max (original, 1979)

Everyone loves a good revenge movie, but this is the best one. I love the original, “Mad Max”. It is also the best one of the trilogy. This is an apocalyptic and futuristic movie both at the same time. It tells the story about a cop who vows revenge on the biker gang who murdered his wife and son. Before the death of his wife and son, he was living a happy life, and when that was taken away from him, they gave him the name, Mad Max for a reason.

They don’t make action movies like this anymore. I love the young Mel Gibson too. He was really great back in those days! It really is a shame that Mel wants nothing to do with the Mad Max movies anymore, when Mel is still doing action movies to this day. I really think he has what it takes to play that character for one last time. I wish he would give it another shot. One of the coolest characters in action film. I love those old school action movies.


Netflix Pick (streaming): “Get the Gringo”

I haven’t posted a Netflix review in a long while, but since I watched a movie on Netflix last night, I thought I would review this one. Last night, I watched this film called, “Get the Gringo”, starring Mel Gibson. It’s a low budget B-Movie type, so it wasn’t shown in that many theaters, wasn’t a very big movie at all. The movie first premiered in Israel and it was shown in 22 other places in other countries. This movie was not shown in the US at all, I don’t think it was. The film was also written by and produced by, Mel Gibson himself, he didn’t direct it though.

The film is about this guy who is a career criminal. He gets arrested for stealing money from a crime boss, and breaking across the Mexican border. Mel Gibson’s character, who is unnamed as “Driver”, is sent to this Mexican prison, but, this is no ordinary prison. It’s a prison that is designed like an actual town. Mel’s character, Driver, tries to survive the prison with the help a young Mexican boy.

I was surprised on how great this movie was. It was surprisingly fun, and enjoyable. It’s a shame that this film wasn’t a worldwide hit. If Mel Gibson directed this film himself, I’m sure it could have been a hit then. I would have to say though, that Mel was a real bad ass in this role. It was a violent and graphic movie, just like most of Mel’s films are. His role in this film is kind of like a crossover of Mad Max and his Lethal Weapon character, mixed into one. I can’t believe that Mel is still doing violent action movies and yet, he wants nothing to do with, “Mad Max: Fury Road”?

If this movie got a US release, it had potential to be a blockbuster. Oh well. Maybe Mel felt like this movie wasn’t made for Americans to see, it was made exclusively for other countries. Despite the problems in Mel Gibson’s personal life, his personal problems is not destroying the talent that he has in film. He continues to bring it in film, no matter the bad karma that gets in his life. He’s a talented actor, writer, and director. I’ve always admired Mel’s work in film. He continues to work in film ’cause that’s what he does. It’s his passion and he can’t get away from it.

Even though this film “Get the Gringo” wasn’t recognized in Hollywood that much, it’s still a really good movie. I would suggest you check it out yourself for you Netflix subscribers out there. Mel is still a great actor, love him or hate him.


Cool Photo: Charlize Theron shows off her buzz cut hairdo, or could that be Sinead O’ Connor???

Yep, that’s Charlize Theron, showing off her buzz cut hairdo for the first time out in public. She’s still pretty hot! Although, she won’t keep that look forever. She’ll get the blond hair back when she’s done filming, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, which is what that look is for. I’m looking forward to seeing what her Mad Max costume is going to look like. She will star alongside, Tom Hardy, and the film will be directed by, George Miller. The film has already started shooting in Namimbia, Africa. Hopefully it’ll be good. I’m a big fan of the Mad Max movies, hopefully they can pull it off without Mel Gibson being a part of it. Hopefully, they make it a great action movie.