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Mel Gibson needs to win Oscar for “The Beaver” in 2012…

Well, I finally got to see, Mel Gibson’s latest movie, “The Beaver”, from Netflix DVD rental last night. Well you know what? I fuckin’ LOVED the movie. It’s definitely one of the best films of 2011 and pretty high up on the list in the top 15. It was a perfect film all around, the writing was phenomenal, perfect script. The movie was entertaining.

Of course, I was blown away by Mel Gibson’s performance in this movie. His performance is what impressed me the most. Mel plays Walter Black, who is CEO of a company he works for called, Jerry Co. He is suffering depression and mental illness. He is kicked out of his family’s home and turns suicidal. He found a hand puppet of a Beaver which he uses to talk to, as a way to help get him out of his depression and make him become a better person.

Walter talks to this Beaver puppet everywhere he goes  ’cause it keeps him going in life and helps him become the man he was once was before his depression. If he doesn’t have the Beaver puppet, he’ll become a different man. While him having a Beaver puppet is weird and insane as it sounds, it helped get him his family back,and it helped made him fall back in love with his wife again. Walter’s son (Porter, played by Anton Yelchin) is suffering the same depression his father’s going through and they don’t get along as family.

Mel’s role in this movie can have different emotions. It can get pretty dark, but it can also be very enjoyable and comedic at times. I believe Mel signed on to this movie ’cause it reminded  him of how he is in real life. We all know that Mel has personal problems in real life, Mel maybe suffering depression for real and it’s possible he did this movie to help him become a better person himself. To help straighten himself out.

Do I forgive and forget Mel from all the trouble Mel’s been through? After seeing this movie, I think I will forgive Mel. We all make mistakes in life. It’s all about learning from them and moving forward. Despite his personal problems from the anti-semitic rants to his battles with his ex-wife Oksana, I really think he deserves an Oscar for this movie.

If the Academy gives him the snub from getting a nomination, I’ll be disappointed with them and will not bother watching the Oscars, if he’s not in. There’s a lot of speculation that the Academy wouldn’t allow him to get a nomination because of his troubled past. Think about it, Mel getting an Oscar would help make him a better person.

The Oscar nominations should be revealed very soon, and I think there’s a pretty good chance he’ll get a nomination for this movie. I would seriously suggest you all to check this film out.


Report: Mel Gibson to star the lead in Jodie Foster’s, “The Beaver”…

Mel Gibson must miss being in front of the camera in films, not behind it. After returning to the leading roles in, “Edge of Darkness”, here is Mel Gibson’s next movie he will star the leading role in. Mel Gibson will star in, “The Beaver” which the movie will be directed by Jodie Foster, she will also star in the film as well. Mel will play a depressed man who uses a puppet of a Beaver. Jodie will play Mel’s wife in the film.

Gibson and Foster first worked together in the 1994 action/comedy/western, “Maverick”.

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