Report: Mel Gibson to star the lead in Jodie Foster’s, “The Beaver”…

Mel Gibson must miss being in front of the camera in films, not behind it. After returning to the leading roles in, “Edge of Darkness”, here is Mel Gibson’s next movie he will star the leading role in. Mel Gibson will star in, “The Beaver” which the movie will be directed by Jodie Foster, she will also star in the film as well. Mel will play a depressed man who uses a puppet of a Beaver. Jodie will play Mel’s wife in the film.

Gibson and Foster first worked together in the 1994 action/comedy/western, “Maverick”.

Variety Reports:


2 thoughts on “Report: Mel Gibson to star the lead in Jodie Foster’s, “The Beaver”…”

  1. NO ONE is going to buy that bean flicker Jodie Fosters is Mel Gibsons wife. That’s like casting Bobby Trendy as an alpha male womanizing action star. Nobody will buy into that. I do think it’s more than coincidence that the movie is named “Beaver”. Jodie Foster likes beaver.

    I am Randy Poffo and I have spoken!

  2. Really, Randy? That’s your comment? Because Jodie is a lesbian she won’t be persuasive as a straight woman? Come on!!! She is an actress and a pretty good one at that.

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