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“Expendables 3” flops in the box office… why???

I remember in the past, Sylvester’s movie career was in a slump. He kept making films that flopped in the box office and he made a few straight to video movies. Then he came back with Rocky, Rambo and now the Expendables… Sly is now a star again. Is Sly’s career about to go downhill again? “Expendables 3” just flopped in the box office this weekend. Not doing well at all.

I wonder why? These are just my observations… PG13 rating? That could be it. The first two “Expendables” movies were very successful ’cause of the R rating. There were lots of violence, blood, and swearing. Not sure how much we’ll see of that in “Expendables 3”, though. Maybe another reason is ’cause of Mel Gibson. Maybe a lot of people still haven’t forgiven him yet and people refuse to support him after his anti-Semitic scandals. No Bruce Willis maybe another reason. Remember, Bruce bailed out of this one.

Honestly, I think the new Expendables group is way too crowded. Maybe that’s another reason. Too many actors in one movie.

If they got stars like Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan and maybe The Rock… then I’m sure it would have been a box office smash.


Anyhow, despite the box office failure of “Expendables 3”, I’m still gonna see it.


Full “Expendables 3” trailer finally drops today!!!

Earlier today, the full trailer for “Expendables 3” is finally out! It looks like a badass flick and looks better than the first two. Sly and Wesley Snipes finally back together. Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson in the same movie together? You see former Cheers/Frasier star Kelsey Grammer and Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a return.

Just the other day, I just had the official “Expendables 3” twitter account follow me which was awesome. They probably did it just to help market the movie but I’ll take it. I’m a huge fan of Sly and the Expendables franchise. This is one film that I look forward to all year long. Why do we have to wait until August to see it? I wanna see it now dammit!


“Expendables 3” trailer with footage from film is finally here…is this really the last film???

The trailer for “EX3” with Stallone, Statham, Schwarzenegger and a bunch of other iconic action stars is finally here. This film adds a mix of a new team with older stars and younger stars. Older stars such as Snipes, Ford, Gibson, and Grammer. The younger stars are Rhonda Rousey and others. Even though they are promoting this as the final Expendables movie… I don’t think this is the last one for good. It definitely looks like it’s setting up for a re-boot of some sort. I’m sure Hollywood will continue these movies even though Sly wants to move on. Look like Sly only wanted this franchise to be a trilogy and not a long-series of sequels.

Sly can’t star in every Expendables sequel, ya know? The man is getting old.

I remember Sly said in the past that he is on the verge of retirement from acting and he says he still has some acting left in him before he hangs it up. That’s why he’s been coming out with movies like crazy. When he retires from acting, he said he won’t be done with Hollywood for good. He said he wants to focus on screenwriting for other movies (he wrote the “Homefront” movie that stars Jason Statham but Sly didn’t star in) and he said he wants to do more directing. He also said he wants to get one more Rambo film off the ground too so hopefully that happens.

Enjoy the trailer. I’m looking forward to this one.


Why Dolph Lundgren haven’t directed an Expendables movie yet but will he ever in the future? Dolph himself explains…

Two “Expendables” movies have already past and a third one is currently filming. Dolph Lundgren has had a long career of directing films himself but he has mostly directed low budget B-movies. So far, Dolph hasn’t directed an Expendables movie. So many fans have been wondering why Dolph haven’t directed an Expendables movie yet since Dolph has directed violent action movies himself and Dolph, the man himself, finally explains why in this Q&A video directly to a fan. Why Dolph haven’t directed an Expendables movie himself yet? I’m sure Sly and the film crew would welcome him to direct an EXP movie but Dolph says he isn’t ready yet. That’s the reason. He has directed low budget and high budget films before — he’s just not ready to direct a big blockbuster like “The Expendables”. Still though, he says, “we’ll see”, so that’s a definite maybe. So keep our fingers crossed for now on whether or not Dolph will be ready to direct EXP 4 or 5.

I totally agree that Dolph should direct an “Expendables” movie. I have seen some of Dolph’s directed action movies like “Command Performance”. He’s very good with violent action scenes… that’s why he would be good to direct an Expendables movie. Maybe not now but Dolph said maybe sometime in the future.

Dolph seems like a real nice man in real life.

Watch the video, here.

I love how he explains the difference between directing a low budget film and a high budget film. Dolph is the freakin’ man! Always admired the guy!


Cool Photo: Look like Mel Gibson is getting all muscled up for “Expendables 3″…

Aussie actor Mel Gibson shows off his buff arms while in Los Angeles


This photo was shot by TMZ, I believe. Mel Gibson spotted in public in the streets of Los Angeles. Here he is on his way to a gym. Look like Mel took advice from Sly that he should get buffed up for EXP3. Look like Mel has been working out for a long while now. It also looks he is committed to this role and he is taking it pretty seriously.

Looking good, Mr. Mel Gibson! Pretty impressive for a middle aged guy! Look like Mel wants to get into the action and have major fight scenes. Can’t wait to see Sly vs. Mel now!


Report: Mel Gibson is official for “Expendables 3” and his character revealed!!!

The official “Expendables” site announced the official casting for the next installment to the Expendables franchise.

Apparently, Mel Gibson is definitely on board. Look like Mel is gonna be the main villain for EXP3. The name of his character is Conrad Stonebanks, and he was one of the Expendables founding members who turned into a ruthless arms dealer.

The original cast: Dolph, Randy, Terry, Jason, and Jet will be coming back.

Additional cast will include Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and Antonio Banderas. Look like Sly will be re-teaming with two of the cast members. Sly played in, “Demolition Man” with Wesley and Sly played in “Assassins” with Antonio Banderas.

As you can see, Sly always had Mel’s support. The photo above looks like an older pic of Mel and Sly together at some event. Even though Mel may seem like a weird and crazy guy, Sly tells Access Hollywood last year in this video that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge him.

I think Sly just wants to help his friend, Mel Gibson. He wants to try to inspire people to be more forgiven of Mel. After all the Mel Gibson controversy in the news the last several years, I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. He deserves to be forgiven. Whether you like Mel Gibson or not, he’s still a very talented man. Great director, writer, and actor. Mel is still doing violent action films to this day so I think he would be a perfect choice for the Expendables.

I gotta wonder how difficult Mel was when Sly tried to ask him for this film? I bet Mel was a real hard ass but Sly never gave up to get him in this movie. Sly wanted Mel in this movie pretty badly and he got him. Congrats Sly! Looking forward to it!


Bruce Willis wanted a bigger payday for “EXP3” but I’m still siding with him…

The reason Harrison Ford replaced Bruce Willis is ’cause Bruce wanted a bigger payday. Sly and the film crew offered him $3 million for four days; however, Bruce ended up wanting $4 million so that’s $1 million a day. That’s a high payment that Sly and the film crew couldn’t afford.

More on the story, here.

To be honest, I can totally respect Bruce’s decision. I don’t see how he’s “greedy” and “lazy” for wanting to be paid more, ya know? Bruce is the world’s most famous actor. Well-known for the “Die Hard” movies which is what he is most famous for. He also had many other major roles such as “Pulp Fiction”, “12 Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Armageddon”, “Red”, etc. Bruce is more iconic and famous than Stallone/Arnold and all the other actors in the Expendables cast. So I think he deserves to get paid more ’cause of his legendary status. I think that’s a huge part of why he wants to get paid more. If other film makers can afford to get Bruce, then Sly and the crew could probably afford him. So I think Sly is the one being “greedy” and “lazy”. Sly’s a rich man. He can absolutely afford the $4 million payment Bruce asked for.

Don’t blame this all on Bruce. All actors have different views and feelings on how they want to get paid. Bruce is a big name so I can blame him.


Sly and Bruce Willis not getting along? That’s why Harrison Ford was brought in for “EXP3”???

Sylvester Stallone, revealed some shocking news that Bruce Willis is out of the Expendables 3 and Harrison Ford is taking his place. Then Sly publicly slammed Bruce on twitter by calling him, “Greedy” and “Lazy”. So something must be going on between the two.

Check out Sly’s twitter page, here.

Sly and Bruce have been friends for many years. They run Planet Hollywood chains together. It’s looking like they aren’t getting along anymore. Well, that’s what you get when you make movies that are full of iconic stars. Ego’s will get in the way and that’s what it’s all about, in my opinion. I do love Sly and all but sometimes I feel he can be a bit of a dick to his stars. I’ll never forget how he treated Van Damme before they reconciled. Sly has a bit of an ego problem himself sometimes.

It is good news that Harrison is on board for the next EXP’s film, though. I always wanted to see him and Sly star in a movie together.

I wonder what Bruce will have to say about this. I’m sure he’ll respond soon when the media bugs him about it.


Report: Sly confirms Wesley Snipes is on board for Expendables 3??? Mel Gibson to direct and star???

Sly tweeted that Wesley Snipes is officially on board to join the cast for, “The Expendables 3”. I went to Sly’s twitter page, but it looks like he removed it, for whatever reason. Sly then teased, that he plans on asking Mel Gibson to direct and have a starring role in the film too.

More on the story, here.

Well, it’s no surprise that Wesley Snipes would be returning to acting right away, after getting released from prison. He needs to get his financial income back in order somehow, since he refused to pay his taxes right? He’s probably broke, by now. Other than that, it’s great to see Sly and Wes team together again since 1993’s, “Demolition Man”.

As for Sly trying to ask Mel Gibson to direct and star? Heh, good luck on that one, Sly. I don’t think Mel would jump on board unless he gets a hand on writing duties. I can understand why Sly would want Mel since Mel is great at action films. Mel is a very talented director and screenwriter, but it seems that Mel does his own thing with directing. Mel is good at making violent and gritty scenes, and the Expendables could use something like this. Mel is still starring in violent action movies to this day, but I’m sure Mel is a difficult guy to deal with. If Sly can actually get Mel on board, that would be surprising, but I don’t see it happening. Mel would probably turn it down.


Report: Nicolas Cage confirmed for “Expendables 3”??? Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood in negotiations???

Sly Stallone and the crew for “The Expendables” team have been trying to get Nicolas Cage to join the cast ever since the first movie but Cage declined every time. Look like Lionsgate finally got him! Avi Lerner said that Cage is set to star, not saying what role he will be playing yet. Don’t know whether he’s playing the good guy or the villain, for “Expendables 3”.

No matter what you think of Nicolas Cage, the guy is an action star. So he fits in “The Expendables” perfectly. I think Cage would make a pretty good villain for the third one. Cage has been in more than 20 action films over the years and pretty big hits too. Movies like, “The Rock”, “Con/Air”, “Face/Off”, “Gone In 60 Seconds”, “Snake Eyes”, “8mm”, etc. The list goes on.

Lerner also says that Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford are also in talks.

More on the story, here.

I hope they’ll get Kurt Russell for the third one too. They’ve been trying to get Russell for the last two films, but he kept declining as well. It would be nice to see Tango and Cash re-team again.