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Nicolas Cage finally explains why he went from being a blockbuster big screen star to an indie straight to video actor, simply because Hollywood wasn’t interested in him anymore???

Nicolas Cage did an interview with GQ magazine and in it has a very interesting piece on why Nic Cage went from being a blockbuster megastar to an indie straight to video actor very quickly. Cage says in the interview that the calls stopped coming in all of a sudden. It’s just that big time Hollywood stopped sending him scripts and calls for whatever reason.

When Nic Cage was a big screen actor he did so many hit movies that made big bucks… movies like “The Rock”, “Face/Off”, “8mm”, “Snake Eyes”, “Con Air”, “Moonstruck”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “National Treasure”, etc. were some of the biggest movies he done.

Now he’s done lots of indie VOD movies… well, Nic Cage had to keep working somehow right? Acting is what he does ’cause he loves it so much. It’s a passion of his so he kept doing all these VOD movies not caring whether they were good or not. He did them ’cause he had to keep working and to get himself out of debt ’cause even a guy like Nic was in financial trouble. It was the movie he did, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” that helped him get out of debt.

What got him in debt? Was the dinosaur skull? No… it’s because he bought real estate, trying to help his elderly mother and things like that.


I hate most celebrities and Hollywood people like most but there’s a few good ones left and Nic Cage is one of them. Nic is an interesting guy and after reading his GQ interview which you can find online, makes me respect him even more.

I’m a Nic Cage fan and I try to watch a lot of his movies as much as possible. I’ve seen a lot of his blockbuster films and a lot of his VOD stuff. Not all of his movies are good, though and even Nic admits that too.

He does say however, that he’s going to be more selective and picky and make every movie like if it’s his last. Meaning he wants all of his upcoming movies to be really good, he’s no longer going to be random when it comes to picking scripts. He’s going to be more picky and choosy from now on.

Now I really want to see that movie, “Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” which I plan on buying the BluRay to that movie sometime in the future.


Nicolas Cage explains why he doesn’t make big Budget movies anymore and why he’s doing Indie Films from now on…

Pretty interesting article. Ever wonder why Nicolas Cage, the actor from the 90’s who made all these big budget movies that were big hits… like all the Bruckheimer films he made and the National Treasure films. All that stuff… well Nic here finally explains why he left that lifestyle.

Doing big budget movies must be overwhelming for him, I guess… plus he doesn’t get much freedom for his acting. You must play the “yes man” and do what the director says. Nic just didn’t enjoy that lifestyle, making the big budget blockbusters, ya know what I mean?

Well in indie movies, Nic gets a lot more freedom and he gets to say his lines however he wants to and now you know why Nic is a way better actor in the indie films.

Nic is clearly not into this for the fame at all ’cause he’s not too worried about being a big name. He doesn’t care about fame and money. He makes movies ’cause it’s his passion obviously.

Nic did the movie “Pig” ’cause the story reminded him about himself. I’m a huge Nic Cage fan and I can’t wait to see “Pig” myself and I’ll check it out. The last Nic Cage indie film I saw was “Willie’s Wonderland” on Hulu and it was freakin’ great, loved it. You should check it out too.

Nic quitting Hollywood to make indie films just makes me respect this dude even more.



Actor Nicolas Cage has interesting insight on today’s movie DistribUtion, watch what he says…

I was just watching some Nicolas Cage interviews through youtube out of pure boredom and this one kind of caught my attention. I love Nic Cage’s insight on today’s movie distribution.

In the old days, the only way you could watch the new movies is in a movie theater but now there’s all kinds of options like streaming services and VOD things like that. Cage here explains that he was once against the VOD format but it grew on him over the years. Why did Cage have a change of heart over VOD format of movie watching? Well, Cage here says that the format does have an audience and he’s right. VOD is very popular right now… people’s been renting and buying movies via VOD which is why so many movies being made straight-to-VOD lately… and also Nic Cage here says that VOD gives screenwriters a chance for their films to get made into films since the major movie studios won’t buy ’em, ya know?

Nic also explains that the reason he’s been doing a lot of straight-to-VOD independent low budget movies lately well, he’s just going back to his roots where he just started. Remember, Nic started out doing low budget indie films before moving on to becoming a blockbuster star… Nic later moved on to starring in some pretty huge movies over the years: “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Con Air”, “The Rock”, “Face/Off”, “National Treasure”, “8MM”, “Snake Eyes”, “City of Angels”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Lord of War”, “Matchstick Men”, etc. The list goes on…

Later in the years, though, Nic went back down to doing low budget movies again.

I don’t know why people make fun of this guy. He’s one of my favorite actors really… the guy can act and love him or hate him, he’s one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood than anybody really. He’s always working and this man never stops. He’s very talented, in my opinion.

Honestly, though, I think some of his best work are the VOD low budget films he’s been doing lately like “Mandy”, “Color out of Space”, “Joe” and “Mom and Dad” were some of his best indie films. You should check ’em out.

When will Nic Cage start doing big screen blockbusters again? Not for a long while but never say never, I hear Disney is still working on “National Treasure 3” and Nic is committed to playing Ben Gates again so ya never know.

I’ve been watching a lot of Nic Cage movies lately and not sure why. I guess I respect him a whole lot. He’s a talented guy… can play anything that throws at him.


My thoughts on the Nicolas Cage vs. Vince Neil fight in Las Vegas…

A lot of people want to hate on Nicolas Cage but I think Nic Cage did a good thing here. Nic was being the peacemaker it looks like to me. Looks like Nic was trying to save a female fan of his from domestic violence and was trying to get Vince to get calm down. It seems to me that Vince got all jealous ’cause the woman went to Nic for an autograph instead of him. It’s obvious that Vince is drunk or on drugs or something.

Nic was trying to save a woman from getting beat up by Vince, that’s all he was doing.


Anyway, we don’t know the full story. Of course, Nic Cage might be drunk off of his ass also ’cause he too always had a drinking problem. Nic has always been short tempered. To me, Nic was just trying to save a woman from getting hurt, it looks like.

Either that or maybe Vince was trying to calm Nic down, I don’t know. We don’t know the full story. Just what TMZ posted ’cause I hate that website to be honest with ya. We should know the full story soon but I’m sure Vince and Nic will their own side.

Nic Cage is a very talented actor and all but in real life, that guy has a lot of problems, no doubt.


In response to Nicolas Cage’s spending habits…

There’s no doubt that Nic Cage is a huge spender. He always has been for years but can you blame him?



There’s also no doubt that Nic Cage is one of the richest actors on the planet. That’s probably because he has made too many blockbuster movies over the years.

Look at all the hit movies he has made over the years:


The biggest movies he has ever made in his career were: National Treasure franchise, The Rock, ConAir, The Croods, Gone In 60 Seconds, City of Angels and Face/Off were some of his biggest films. I’m sure he continues to make millions of dollars every minute. What is he going to do with all that money when he keeps having money coming in all the time, ya know? Let him have his fun.

Nic Cage is a great actor and talented. He’s also one of the most hardest working actors I’ve ever seen too ’cause the man is always working. I’ve always respected this guy and he’s a classy guy for returning that stolen dinosaur head too.


Report: Nicolas Cage confirmed for “Expendables 3”, they finally got him!!!

Sly has been trying to get actor Nicolas Cage, for the first two “Expendables” movies, but Nic Cage kept turning them down. Well, Nic is finally available, and is a go for “Expendables 3”. They don’t say what character Cage will be playing, whether a hero or a villain, but in my opinion, Cage should play the villain. He would make a great badguy for these movies.

Sly says, he wants Mickey Rourke back for the third one. They are also interested in Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes.

Deadline, reports.

Hopefully, they’ll get Kurt Russell soon.


Report: Nicolas Cage confirmed for “Expendables 3”??? Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood in negotiations???

Sly Stallone and the crew for “The Expendables” team have been trying to get Nicolas Cage to join the cast ever since the first movie but Cage declined every time. Look like Lionsgate finally got him! Avi Lerner said that Cage is set to star, not saying what role he will be playing yet. Don’t know whether he’s playing the good guy or the villain, for “Expendables 3”.

No matter what you think of Nicolas Cage, the guy is an action star. So he fits in “The Expendables” perfectly. I think Cage would make a pretty good villain for the third one. Cage has been in more than 20 action films over the years and pretty big hits too. Movies like, “The Rock”, “Con/Air”, “Face/Off”, “Gone In 60 Seconds”, “Snake Eyes”, “8mm”, etc. The list goes on.

Lerner also says that Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford are also in talks.

More on the story, here.

I hope they’ll get Kurt Russell for the third one too. They’ve been trying to get Russell for the last two films, but he kept declining as well. It would be nice to see Tango and Cash re-team again.


Report: Nic Cage’s stolen “Superman – Action Comics No. 1” sold at auction for $2.1 million…

Actor Nicolas Cage, is a huge comic collector. That is his second passion outside of acting in film. He’s a big superhero fan like most of us. His Superman “Action Comics No. 1” was stolen from him way back in 2000, and it was later found in an abandoned storage locker. The comic from the locker has been recently sold for a whopping $2.1 million. Don’t believe that this could be Nic Cage’s comic yet, ’cause there is no confirmation or proof that it could be his.

When Nic finds out who the buyer is, I feel a big lawsuit coming and he could try to get it back. You may ask, “What’s so special about a comic? Why don’t he leave it alone and move on?” Well, comics can be extremely valuable. The older ones anyway. If taken care of. I’m sure the comic that Nic had is worth millions, way more than 2.1.

I’m not sure what Nic will do. He could forget it and move on, but I see him wanting it back. I just think he’ll fight for it.

Read more on the story, here.


BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Cage busted in New Orleans for domestic violence…

Actor Nicolas Cage has been arrested in New Orleans today, due to domestic violence against his wife, Alice Kim. The actor was outside in front of his rental home, having a heated argument with his wife. When the police came to stop the argument, Nic Cage’s temper tantrum wouldn’t stop there. He challenged the officers to arrest him so they did. Cage was released on $11,000 bail, several hours later.

Read more on the story, here.

I like Nicolas Cage. He’s a great actor who’s been in many great movies that I liked. I think Nic losing his temper a lot these days is that work in Hollywood is finally stressing him out. The Hollywood lifestyle is getting into him, if you know what I mean. Plus, he’s having financial problems with taxes and bankruptcy and all that stuff.

I wish the man would settle down. Take a break from Hollywood, a long hiatus. Nic has been working on film since 1980 and he’s never taken a break. He’s been releasing a new film, year after year, non stop. He’s still going in film year after year too. He’s definitely a workaholic.

I wish him well and hope he gets the professional help he needs. He should do what Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean William Scott did. They turned themselves in for mental health issues, Nic should think about doing the same thing. If Nic doesn’t get help soon, he could end up beating up his wife, Alice Kim. What we’ve seen here is a warning sign that could happen to Alice.


Netflix Pick: “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”

So last night, I finally saw the movie, “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”, a movie I’ve always wanted to see, so I watched it on Netflix. The movie stars Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes.

The film takes place after the events of Hurricane Katrina. It’s about a police Seargant named Terence McDonagh (Nic Cage), who was just promoted to Lieutenant for rescuing a drowning man in a prison cell (the prison was flooded due to the Hurricane). After the prisoner’s rescue, Terence suffered a serious back injury which would last for the rest of his life, so he was forced to get on medication, Vicodin, to help stop the pain. From there, he became addicted to painkillers, alcohol and drugs. Terence girlfriend Frankie (Eva Mendes) is also a prostitute and a drug addict.

They call Terence, “Bad Lieutenant” for a reason. Terence doesn’t follow the law when busting people, he treats other criminals however he wanted. Whenever Terence caught other people with drugs, instead of arresting them, he’ll do drugs with them and talk with them like a friend. There was this one scene in the film where he caught a guy making out with a prostitute in the alley ways. Instead of arresting them, Terence would make out with the prostitute in front of the guy. Later in the film, Terence ends up in a murder investigation.

I thought this was Nicolas Cage’s best role in a long time. He really showed his acting talent in this one too. Warning though: Nic Cage plays an asshole like character through most of the film, he has a temper tantrum. I thought Nic Cage played the best asshole, he was actually kind of scary and it made you think, “Damn, you wouldn’t want to mess with this guy”. Plus, I thought the story to this movie was interesting. The plot was good. The film was entertaining as the film did had some really crazy scenes.

This is a film worth checking out for you Netflix users. Many people don’t like Nic Cage too much but this is was his most realistic role, he was pretty serious in this  film. Check it out. I was pretty impressed with the film.