Actor Nicolas Cage has interesting insight on today’s movie DistribUtion, watch what he says…

I was just watching some Nicolas Cage interviews through youtube out of pure boredom and this one kind of caught my attention. I love Nic Cage’s insight on today’s movie distribution.

In the old days, the only way you could watch the new movies is in a movie theater but now there’s all kinds of options like streaming services and VOD things like that. Cage here explains that he was once against the VOD format but it grew on him over the years. Why did Cage have a change of heart over VOD format of movie watching? Well, Cage here says that the format does have an audience and he’s right. VOD is very popular right now… people’s been renting and buying movies via VOD which is why so many movies being made straight-to-VOD lately… and also Nic Cage here says that VOD gives screenwriters a chance for their films to get made into films since the major movie studios won’t buy ’em, ya know?

Nic also explains that the reason he’s been doing a lot of straight-to-VOD independent low budget movies lately well, he’s just going back to his roots where he just started. Remember, Nic started out doing low budget indie films before moving on to becoming a blockbuster star… Nic later moved on to starring in some pretty huge movies over the years: “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Con Air”, “The Rock”, “Face/Off”, “National Treasure”, “8MM”, “Snake Eyes”, “City of Angels”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Lord of War”, “Matchstick Men”, etc. The list goes on…

Later in the years, though, Nic went back down to doing low budget movies again.

I don’t know why people make fun of this guy. He’s one of my favorite actors really… the guy can act and love him or hate him, he’s one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood than anybody really. He’s always working and this man never stops. He’s very talented, in my opinion.

Honestly, though, I think some of his best work are the VOD low budget films he’s been doing lately like “Mandy”, “Color out of Space”, “Joe” and “Mom and Dad” were some of his best indie films. You should check ’em out.

When will Nic Cage start doing big screen blockbusters again? Not for a long while but never say never, I hear Disney is still working on “National Treasure 3” and Nic is committed to playing Ben Gates again so ya never know.

I’ve been watching a lot of Nic Cage movies lately and not sure why. I guess I respect him a whole lot. He’s a talented guy… can play anything that throws at him.


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