Just got Ac/Dc “Power Up” album yesterday and a few other albums from Itunes…

So yesterday, I finally bought the new Ac/Dc album, “Power Up” from Itunes for my Ipod Touch. It’s a great album and definitely their best new record in a long time so glad I got it now. I also purchased 3 other albums…

The Smashing Pumpkins: “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” (double album)…. I used to have this on CD but lost it so I got it again. I used to listen to this album a lot when I was young and yes I’ve been a huge Pumpkins fan since high school and I still love the band today.

The Smashing Pumpkins “Shiny and Oh So Bright”… one of their newer albums that they released two years ago in 2018, the 8 track comeback album. I got it pretty late but that’s because it grew on me. It’s a great album surprisingly. I haven’t gotten their newest one they just put out, “Cyr” but I’ll get it real soon.

Van Halen “1984”: The hit Van Halen album with songs like “Jump”, “Panama” and “Hot For Teacher”. Some of you may say you’re a Van Halen fan now ’cause Eddie just died. No, not really. I’ve always been a big Van Halen fan since high school, just didn’t buy their records much over the years and now I’m starting to get into them more. I did hear most everything the band has done, though.

Didn’t get much albums this time ’cause it’s the Holiday season, ya know?


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