Today Dec. 8th, is a day to remember 4 important musicians… John Lennon, Dimebag, Jim Morrison and Gregg Allman…

John Lennon who died 40 years ago today.
Dimebag Darrell who died 16 years ago today.

Jim Morrison, known as the lead singer of the Doors was born on Dec. 8th, 1943 but died on July 3rd, 1971.

Gregg Allman, known as the singer, guitarist and organist of the Allman Brothers band was born on Dec. 8th, 1947 but died on May 27th, 2017.

Truthfully the music died when these 4 musicians died. All 4 were important to all of us. I’m a big fan of the Beatles and a big fan of John’s solo stuff too. I’ve also always been a Pantera fan before Dimebag was killed and was a long time Doors and Allman Bros. fan. Love all 4 of them.

These guys changed music and their music will always live on. Every year, I’ll always pay tribute to these guys on Dec. 8th and I always make sure I remember them. They should never be forgotten ever.

RIP to all 4 and thanks for all the great music they gave us.


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