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Sean Penn files $10 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels, claiming he never hit a woman in his life…

Lee Daniels did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter to promote the show, “Empire” and in the interview… he compared Marlon Brando and Sean Penn to Terrence Howard when discussing domestic violence toward women. Penn was quick to respond but it wasn’t a kind response. Penn slapped Daniels a $10 million dollar lawsuit for defamation. Penn claims he never hit a woman in his life before.


I know a lot of people are applauding Sean and many would think Lee Daniels is a prick for accusing Sean of that but here’s a little flashback, y’all…

Check it out:


Sean was violent and abusive to Madonna. Hopefully, Madonna will speak up about this and prove Lee’s innocence. She needs to speak up and confess that Sean did beat her up. It’s not defamation anymore if it turns out to be true, ya know? Now that Sean threw the lawsuit out there and claims he never hit a woman, he’s gonna have to prove it now which is gonna be tough. How is Sean gonna prove that he never hit a woman? That’s what he’s gonna have to show the judge. If he can’t prove it, the lawsuit is gonna get thrown out.

There’s no doubt that Sean is a violent tempered man with mood swings. He has anger issues for sure. I wouldn’t want to meet him in person at all.


Report: Is Matthew Fox a woman beater???

Is the former, “Lost” star, Matthew Fox showing his true colors? He’s not the nice guy we all thought he was? Matthew was detained by police after being accused of getting into a fight with a female bus driver.

More on the story, here.

I’m not sure who’s side am I on for this one. I’m going to be keeping an eye on this news ’cause I am a huge fan of “Lost”. However, I’m not a big fan of his acting though. I was more into the other characters of “Lost”. I didn’t like Dr. Jack Shephard too much. My favorite characters of “Lost” were John Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, the character Michelle Rodriguez played and Danielle “The French Woman” but I never liked Jack.

I finished watching all six seasons of “Lost” a few months back.


BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Cage busted in New Orleans for domestic violence…

Actor Nicolas Cage has been arrested in New Orleans today, due to domestic violence against his wife, Alice Kim. The actor was outside in front of his rental home, having a heated argument with his wife. When the police came to stop the argument, Nic Cage’s temper tantrum wouldn’t stop there. He challenged the officers to arrest him so they did. Cage was released on $11,000 bail, several hours later.

Read more on the story, here.

I like Nicolas Cage. He’s a great actor who’s been in many great movies that I liked. I think Nic losing his temper a lot these days is that work in Hollywood is finally stressing him out. The Hollywood lifestyle is getting into him, if you know what I mean. Plus, he’s having financial problems with taxes and bankruptcy and all that stuff.

I wish the man would settle down. Take a break from Hollywood, a long hiatus. Nic has been working on film since 1980 and he’s never taken a break. He’s been releasing a new film, year after year, non stop. He’s still going in film year after year too. He’s definitely a workaholic.

I wish him well and hope he gets the professional help he needs. He should do what Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean William Scott did. They turned themselves in for mental health issues, Nic should think about doing the same thing. If Nic doesn’t get help soon, he could end up beating up his wife, Alice Kim. What we’ve seen here is a warning sign that could happen to Alice.


BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Jenkins found dead in alleged suicide…

What a shocking and sad story. I’ve been paying attention to and following it, I didn’t blog about this story yet ’cause I didn’t know how it was going to end.

The story of super model Jasmine Fiore getting brutally murdered by her husband, Ryan Jenkins, the former star of reality show, “Megan Wants to Be a Millionaire”. He fled to Canada and today he was found dead, hanged in a motel room.

More on the story here:


And it’s all over TMZ as well.

Murder suicides has risen, big time.

I think this is the most brutal and disturbing celebrity murder since the Chris Benoit case. Now that Ryan is dead, expect THIS TO BE all over TV the rest of the week.


Report: Chris Brown is a delusional idiot, this clown still has a career?

I tried to find the youtube video to this but look like the coward took it down. Him blaming the haters for beating up Rihanna.

The Associated Press reports:


Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. It doesn’t matter how much of an annoying bitch a woman is, you never hit her, not even a punch in the shoulder either. If she punches you first, you don’t hit back.

If she is about to kill you with a knife or a gun, it’s okay to attack her back for self defense, only if it’s something life theatening… that’s it…but reacting with violence now matter how angry she makes you is wrong.

Chris is just doing whatever it takes to save his so called music career.


Confirmed: Rihanna and Chris Brown already did duet together…

Turns out that the rumours are true that Rihanna and Chris Brown both collaborated on a song together. They went into the studio to record a song just weeks after Chris has been arrested for allegedly beating the pop star.

No further details of the song has been given. No plans on whether or not to release the song on either of their upcoming albums.

NME.com reports:


Here’s an idea for men wanting to collaborate on a song with a woman, beat her up, and it’s gaurunteed to be a huge hit! I know, bad joke. If you think about it, if they do release the song, it probably would become the most overplayed mainstream hit. Controversy creates popularity.


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown charged with 2 felonies!!!

While Rihanna is refusing to press charges on her woman beating boyfriend, Chris Brown, this is still not stopping the D.A. to press charges on him. He has been charged with 2 felonies, if found guilty, the rapper could face four years and 8 months in prison.

TMZ reports:


While this is good news, I don’t see Chris Brown being put away. Riri and her father would probably defend the guy when they testify, so he can walk with no problem.



My thoughts on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together…

I do know that the entire world of the internet is angry at this. On how Rihanna won’t press charges on Chris, then she gets back together with him instead. Then you read the news that Rihanna’s father is all up for them getting back together.

But you know what? I agree with Rihanna’s father. They’re a couple with an on and off relationship. There’s plenty of couples that have an on and off relationship, they break up and get back together, break up and get back to gether, happens all the time.

It could be about the money and fame that they’re addicted to each other with, sure, but what they do is their business not ours.

The question is, why would a couple get back together after the guy has beaten her so badily? The simple answer is, that things change. You can put things behind you very quickly and move forward. Chris is taking anger management class, I read about, and that’s probably what made Rihanna get back to him because he agreed to make his life better.

Whatever these celebrity couples do is their business, and you have no right to get into it. Stop obsessing with celebrities lives, when you should be the one concentrating on your own life and your own family.


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown speaks for the first time on Rihanna without mentioning her name…

Chris Brown sent out a statement to TmZ, admitting he beat up pop star Rihanna, without mentioning her name. Why didn’t he mention her name? Probably because he knows she has attorneys, if he talks about her, using her name, she’ll probably sue him. He didn’t bring her name up to avoid a lawsuit.

While he denies writing anything on Facebook, he is still admitting to hurting Rihanna. Chris Brown doesn’t need profesional help and counseling. What he needs is to spend half of his life in prison. That’s definitely not a heartfelt apology, he’s still sounding like an asshole.

It’s wrong to hit a woman no matter how much of a bitch you think Rihanna is. It’s okay to yell and scream at her in return, but violence isn’t the way to go. You’ll be the one showing your true colors, not her.