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Johnny Depp may not take Heard’s money which makes me respect Depp even more…

Depp’s lawyer, Ben Chew, had a TV interview and he said that Depp may not take Amber Heard’s money after all ’cause he says what Depp did wasn’t about the money. It was about clearing his name and his reputation. In other words, Johnny’s not worried about whether Amber pays him or not. He doesn’t care. He just wanted to get his life and career back and that was all.


There has been a big debate on whether or not Amber will pay him but in all honesty, I say who cares? Johnny did what he had to do and his job is done so he’s moving on totally.

Johnny doesn’t care to get even more richer ’cause he’s already a freakin’ rich man, ya know? The guy is loaded. I’m sure he still gets a lot of paychecks from his movies he made over the years especially the Pirates movies. He doesn’t need the money.

Depp said repeatedly during his testimony, “Whatever happens, I just wanted to get my truth out”.

Depp has moved on and he’s a happy guy again it looks like so I don’t think he’s gonna push the move to force Amber to pay him. He’s done with the drama and bullshit.

Amber should move on with her own life and be more worried about her daughter than her obsession of bringing down Depp.

On a side note, happy belated to Johnny Depp as yesterday was his birthday. He couldn’t celebrate his birthday at home in the US since he is still touring in the UK with Jeff Beck but I’m sure he celebrated his birthday yesterday with Beck and the bandmates. I’m sure he celebrated with his two kids somehow, though.


Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck releasing new song/video about actress, Hedy Lamarr? He’s teasing something…

So Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck recorded an album together so this is the album’s first single about to get released? When Depp played that gig with Beck in Sheffield, Depp played some covers with him and one original written by Depp himself. An original song about to get released soon. Depp already debuted the new song in the UK and we’re about to hear the official studio recording real soon.

I’m sure the song will be a hit and will go viral. It’ll quickly go over a million plays, predicting it now.

I’m looking forward to hearing the song myself ’cause it’s kind of hard to hear the live bootleg version.


Video: It’s amazing how much love Johnny Depp has for the fans… his bodyguards are kind of annoying though…

Check this video out… Johnny Depp signing autographs after a concert in Manchester, UK. He definitely loves the fans so much ’cause when Johnny’s signing autographs for fans, his two bodyguards felt he had enough that they start dragging Johnny away from them. If you watch, the cool part of that is that even if Johnny’s being forced away from his fans and dragged away, he’s still talking to them and still trying to get back to them but no… the guards continue to drag him away.

The guards are annoying, just let him hang with the fans if that’s what he wants. The guards don’t want him near the fans but he goes to them anyway.

Johnny’s the man!


Just bought the two Hollywood Vampires albums from Itunes today… haven’t listened to them yet, though…

Earlier today I just bought the two Hollywood Vampires albums from Itunes. Their 2015 self-titled debut and their second album, “Rise”. Haven’t listened to ’em yet but I will this weekend.

I really dig their cover of “Whole Lotta Love”, the Led Zeppelin song. Love it.

I’m sure Alice Cooper, Johnny and Joe Perry will get together to make Hollywood Vampires album no. 3 at some point. That band will get back together as well now that Johnny got his life and career back finally.

I’m a huge fan of Alice Cooper and Joe Perry anyway so I was meaning to get the Hollywood Vampires albums for a long ass time.

Want a perfect way to celebrate Johnny’s victory? Crank up some Hollywood Vampires, loud and proud!


Not only that Johnny Depp is on tour with Jeff Beck, those two made a studio album together and it will be out in July… no doubt, it’s gonna sell HUGE, hope they’re ready for that…

It’s looking like Johnny Depp’s movie career will be on hold for a while longer ’cause Johnny’s totally focused on music as of this point. Remember, during the trial, Johnny said he always preferred to be a musician more than an actor so I expect Johnny to work on movies less and less now.

It’s been announced by Jeff Beck that he and Depp recorded an album together and it will be out in July.


Seeing that Depp grew an even bigger fan base during the trial, you can expect that album to sell HUGE. It could be a number one album for them if they’re lucky enough so hope they’re ready for that. I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out.

I’m about to buy the Hollywood Vampire’s two albums they did from Itunes today. I’m sure the Hollywood Vampires album sales picked up right about now.


Yeah, I know another Johnny Depp post but this guy is respected by everyone in the music industry… the proof is right here:

Johnny w/ Kris Kristofferson
Johnny w/ Paul McCartney
Johnny w/ Marilyn Manson (Johnny is really close with Marilyn as learned during the trial)
The Hollywood Vampires band w/ Stone Temple Pilots
Johnny having a chat with Jimmy Page backstage at a Hollywood Vampires show
Johnny hanging out with Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Johnny w/ Ozzy Osbourne

It doesn’t make any sense to me when Amber says that Johnny is jealous of her career like seriously? Sounds to me Amber is more jealous of him.

I mean, Johnny’s met all the rock gods. They all respect him.

Why? It’s because Johnny’s a great musician himself that’s why. He’s actually a real guitar player. He plays both rhythm and lead, he plays slide guitar… he does it all. Johnny is also a big time guitar collector too. He’s a real musician. An actor/musician who really plays great.


One thing I’m very impressed with Johnny Depp is that he’s very responsive to his fans and very appreciative of them…

Johnny said repeatedly during his testimony during the trial that he’s no fan of Hollywood. He always hated the fame part of it. He sort of said that back when he was 24 years old in an old Entertainment Tonight video. Even though he doesn’t like the fame part of it, he still tries to meet everyone as much as possible and tries to meet as many fans as possible ’cause he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. Looks like he still thinks that way today.

A lot of celebrities and famous people are not very approachable. If you see someone famous like walking the street or at a store and then you try to approach him/her, they just ignore you and keep walking… Johnny never did that.

He’s willing to interact with fans even if his bodyguards doesn’t want him to.

Johnny makes himself approachable with everyone ’cause he’s a very nice and gentle man like many been saying about him. No way Johnny is a violent monster, I don’t see that at all.

I kind of would like to meet Johnny in person myself. If I did, I would try not to be all “star struck” and just treat him like a normal human. It be cool to get into a good conversation with him about guitars and music. I would rather talk to him about music more than movies, though.


Now that Johnny Depp is victorious in trial, he’ll probably eye a comeback to Hollywood… whenever he’s ready that is…

Now that Johnny is all finished with the trial, he’s probably gonna go back to making movies again. Once again, will Johnny return to “Pirates 6”? It’s pretty unlikely but ya never know ’cause Jerry Bruckheimer just said not too long that’s Depp’s future with the franchise is undecided as of this point. They could bring him back or not but I think Johnny himself wants to move on from that franchise… ya never know though, he could change his mind and do Pirates for one last time. We’ll have to wait on that too.

I think Johnny will continue to work on movies with other major studios, probably and maybe do some independent films. I’m sure scripts will be coming at him like crazy now. The last movie Johnny did was “Minamata” back in 2020? He hasn’t done a new movie in a long while.

I’m sure he’ll find a new movie to do, though. Whatever movie he decides to do, though I predict will be a box office smash simply ’cause Johnny’s fan base is so huge. Johnny’s fan base was always pretty huge over the years due to getting all that popularity with “21 Jump Street” show, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and all those movies he did with Tim Burton. It’s just that his fan base gotten even bigger during the trial.

Speaking of Tim Burton, though, it be cool if Johnny re-teams with him for another movie. That can happen too maybe, we’ll see about that one.


Johnny Depp wins big today like I thought he would… Amber Heard??? Not very much…

Well, I’m glad that the jury saw right through Amber’s lies. They aren’t stupid. They made the right decision on siding with Johnny. It wasn’t a surprise and I knew that Johnny would get it. Johnny only awarded $15 million but Johnny did what he had to do to prove that Amber defamed him in that op-ed article. Johnny’s job is done, he can now move on with his life.

As far as Amber goes, she was awarded a little something in her countersuit but she only won in a very small thing. It was over something like Depp lawyer accusing her of faking the apartment destruction to make it worse for police? Anyway, that wasn’t a big deal. At least the jury didn’t award her anything that he was the abuser, she could never prove that and the jury saw right through it.

Yeah, I did watch the verdict reading live on the internet and it was exciting stuff. When I saw Heard’s lawyers and Depp’s lawyers sitting there before the verdict reading the reaction between both of them were interesting. Depp’s lawyers were smiling and laughing so you can tell that they already know that Depp got it while Heard’s team didn’t look like they were in a good mood.

When the judge was getting ready to get the verdict read, the judge called for recess to calm everybody down ’cause she was nervous that things were about to get crazy? Another sign of Johnny winning.

When the verdict finally being read, that part was exciting.

No reaction from Amber though. She just stood there with her head down and eyes closed the whole time. No angry outbursts or crying of any kind.

Right after it’s all over, both Amber and Johnny sent statements on social media. Amber crying “Freedom of speech” like usual and Johnny saying he’s “happy” and how he gets to move on.

Some may ask why wasn’t Johnny there? Simply put, he didn’t need to be. He could have been in court during the verdict reading if he wanted but he didn’t care for the attention. On top of that, I think he knew he would win anyways so that’s another reason he wasn’t there. Think about it, right?

In the court room today, there were police officers standing everywhere in case things got crazy and out of hand but surprisingly everybody behaved and was pretty calm.

On the outside though, lots of Johnny fans were outside waiting for Johnny’s lawyers to come out so they can cheer them on. I’m sure the fans wanted to cheer for Johnny himself but he wasn’t there so they cheered on his lawyers instead. Of course, Camille and Ben Chew got the rock star treatment on their way out.

Glad it’s all over finally and Amber really needs to move on with her own life and leave the man alone. She thought she could bring him down and humiliate him but it all backfired on her. She won’t give up, though. She could try appealing and I can see her cashing in on all of this by writing a book… make a slew of talk show appearances. Amber should have no career anymore. She should be blacklisted but Hollywood won’t do anything to her.

It’s pretty likely that Depp will never work for Disney ever again, though… unless they give him an apology and re-instate his contract? They probably won’t, though. I know how “leftist” Hollywood is. They’re all about supporting “women”.

Now I want to watch a Johnny Depp movie this weekend. I think I have “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” on DVD somewhere, a Criterion collection DVD, I’ll have to find it. I’m also planning on buying the Hollywood Vampires albums.

Congrats Johnny. A big victory for the truth and a victory for men who are also victims of domestic violence by women.

A Mega Pint for Johnny!


Just read that Johnny and Amber will not be in court during verdict reading this week, which is smart really…

I keep mistakenly thinking that Johnny and Amber will be in court during the verdict reading this week but I just read that neither of them will be attending court anymore. Which is smart really. It’s best to keep them both out of the court room when the verdict is read in case things get kind of crazy ’cause what if Amber gets violent if she loses in court room? I’m sure the court room are a little worried that Johnny would react violently a little bit if he loses. It’s best to keep them far apart.

So since the trial part is all over with, the judge is letting them move on with their lives. Johnny is still in the UK as I type this. I guess he wants to get away from all this negativity and drama so to escape from it, he went to the UK for a little vacation after weeks of dealing with some bullshit and drama. I’m sure Amber has moved on with her life.

I’m still keeping an eye on the verdict myself.

I don’t think jury will reach verdict today but ya never know. They could reach verdict toward the end of the day. If not today then tomorrow or later this week. We’ll see.

If Amber loses, I can still see her getting pissed as hell as she would probably go on an angry rant on her social media.

We’ll see what happens. I’m thinking about Johnny today, though and praying for him. I think Johnny will win and will prevail. He’s so got this!