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Now that Johnny Depp is victorious in trial, he’ll probably eye a comeback to Hollywood… whenever he’s ready that is…

Now that Johnny is all finished with the trial, he’s probably gonna go back to making movies again. Once again, will Johnny return to “Pirates 6”? It’s pretty unlikely but ya never know ’cause Jerry Bruckheimer just said not too long that’s Depp’s future with the franchise is undecided as of this point. They could bring him back or not but I think Johnny himself wants to move on from that franchise… ya never know though, he could change his mind and do Pirates for one last time. We’ll have to wait on that too.

I think Johnny will continue to work on movies with other major studios, probably and maybe do some independent films. I’m sure scripts will be coming at him like crazy now. The last movie Johnny did was “Minamata” back in 2020? He hasn’t done a new movie in a long while.

I’m sure he’ll find a new movie to do, though. Whatever movie he decides to do, though I predict will be a box office smash simply ’cause Johnny’s fan base is so huge. Johnny’s fan base was always pretty huge over the years due to getting all that popularity with “21 Jump Street” show, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and all those movies he did with Tim Burton. It’s just that his fan base gotten even bigger during the trial.

Speaking of Tim Burton, though, it be cool if Johnny re-teams with him for another movie. That can happen too maybe, we’ll see about that one.


The future of Hollywood, will they ever go back to work? They are still shutdown…

Yeah, Hollywood is a mess right now… no doubt but many conservatives in America won’t publicly admit that they all watch movies and TV shows. Even through this pandemic while we are all on lockdown, that means Hollywood is on lockdown too. Many major movies and TV shows that were currently being made had to stop production. Movies that were already made before pandemic are being sent to streaming services and “on demand” releases ’cause many states in America don’t have movie theaters open. With no movie theaters open, that means there’s no where for Hollywood to release their films whether national or indie films. Future film releases go on streaming services or “On Demand” through TV like I said.

It’s harder to find new movies to watch ’cause with Hollywood out of work, that means directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, actresses are all stuck at home and they can’t give us any new entertainment as of this moment. Most of the movies getting released were made before the pandemic. Hollywood out of work, that means no film.

Believe it or not, Hollywood film people are all stuck at home like the rest of us. That’s why you’re seeing more movie stars online more often trying to entertain their fans in different ways: online q&a’s, live twitter chats, live stream, etc. Whatever.

Admittedly I do miss going to the movie theaters as I haven’t been in a movie theater in a couple of months. I still do try to catch new 2020 movie releases the best I can, though. I’m hoping movie theaters get back open this year and I’m sure they will come back. What will happen when movie theaters stay shut down through the Fall and Hollywood stays shut down? That means all the movies in the Fall will be pushed back even later and the new James Bond movie which is supposed to be the biggest movie of the year may not get released in theaters at all and might get an “on Demand” release. Same might happen with Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story” and the Dune remake. We’ll have to see wait and see what happens.

You may think it or may not care but Hollywood is suffering through this pandemic. Yeah, Hollywood is in a lot of trouble right now with all this “pedo” stuff and the “Me too” movement but it’ll all calm down soon, I’m sure.

I still like to watch movies and you do too, admit it.


Yeah, Hollywood is a very liberal industry but I don’t care, I still love watching movies either way… will always be a movie buff!!!

Yeah, I know Hollywood is in a major backlash and they are in hot water right now over their liberal politics. That’s okay ’cause I don’t care about that. Conservatives on social media continue to threaten boycott on the Hollywood industry by no longer watching their movies and their TV shows but ya know what? I’d say screw ’em. Yeah, I really hate the politics of movie stars, film directors and film studios but that’s okay with me. It is possible to keep entertainment and politics separate and that’s what I’m gonna do.

I continue to watch movies ’cause that’s what I do, ya know? I’m a movie buff. Have been a movie buff ever since I was a child and still am to this day. I’ll NEVER stop watching movies, EVER. I don’t care about their politics. I care about their art. As long as they’re still telling good stories and making good films, I’ll continue to support Hollywood despite their bad politics.

Yeah, Robert Deniro, Ben Affleck and George Clooney are very liberal men but they are still talented people. They still made a lot of great movies and they are great actors too, admit it. Yeah, directors like Steven Spielberg and all the iconic directors out there are probably liberal but again, they all still make amazing films.

I’ll never drop Hollywood out of my life just because they hate Trump and have whacky liberal ideas. Who cares.

I’ll always go to the movie theaters, buy or rent movies ’cause I love movies and always will. It is possible to ignore their bullshit and continue to support their work. Try it, sometime.

Admittedly, I almost boycotted Netflix ’cause of their liberal politics but I’m back on Netflix now. Yeah, I know they’re very liberal but I went back on there to watch some TV shows that I wanted to watch like “Black Mirror”, “Stranger Things” (which I’m watching currently), “The Dark Crystal”, “Gotham” and some others.

It is possible to support people’s entertainment and not agree with their politics. You should try it, sometime. The same goes for music too.


Corey Feldman about to finally expose pedophile Hollywood, revealing names and all???

Corey Feldman who is mostly famous for roles such as Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, The Burbs, etc. is planning to finally expose pedophile Hollywood. Yeah, Corey has been talking about all this in the media for years, but he kept refusing to reveal names. Now it looks like he’s finally about to.

Here is Corey himself speaking on a vlog he did, promoting his indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make a documentary about this.

Corey says he can name six names right off the bat, and he hints that one of them is still very powerful today. Who abused Corey as a child? We’re about to find out soon. If you want some clues on who, well look at some of the films Corey did when he was a little kid like Gremlins, The Goonies and Stand By Me. It could be any of those directors or producers that did this to him. Hopefully Richard Donner or Rob Reiner won’t be one of those names ’cause that would be sad.

What Corey is about to do is VERY risky. Hollywood is probably gonna try to shut this project down, and there’s probably gonna be lawsuits too. He’s even risking his life too and he knows it.

I wish Corey good luck on this. He never wanted to reveal names, but he’s getting too much pressure ever since this Weinstein thing started. It’s finally time to take down Hollywood and hold them accountable.



Many celebs are not condemning Harvey Weinstein, they’re condemning the news reports that got out, be careful here…

It’s interesting watching all of these celebrities coming forward… looking like as if they were “condemning” the wrongful actions of Harvey Weinstein, but they aren’t condemning him. They are only condemning the allegations that got out in the news… be careful here, y’all.

Quoted from this article as an example: “Jennifer Lawrence says she was “deeply disturbed” to learn about the allegations of sexual misconduct that surround Harvey Weinstein, and described the producer’s behavior as “inexcusable and absolutely upsetting.” 


“Deeply disturbed to learn about the allegations”… hmmm. Does it look like Jennifer is siding with Harvey Weinstein? Yes, the way I look at it… she is definitely. Her response to Harvey was weak at best… all she said was “inexcusable and absolutely upsetting”. Not harsh enough. In other words, I think Jennifer’s response was a bit too nice, ya know?

What gives her the right to speak out about women being victims of sexual predators when she was seen photographed with Harvey Weinstein many times? This is coming from a woman who complains about her privacy being invaded when her nude pics got leaked.

To me Jennifer sounds like she’s feeling sorry for Harvey, she doesn’t care about these women at all. Has Jennifer been a victim of Harvey? She claims she wasn’t, but I’m willing to bet she was. She’s keeping quiet about it ’cause Harvey is her friend and she doesn’t want to make him look bad. Maybe she doesn’t want to get sued by him as well.

Barack Obama and Hillary did the same thing pretty much when they responded… they condemned “the allegations”, not Harvey’s actions.

It’s real sad, ya know? When a right-wing person is accused of being a sexual predator, his career and life would be over fast, but as long as you’re a left-winger — sexual harassment/abuse is okay. The double standard in this is pretty disgusting, though. The left exposed as hypocrites once again. They go after right-wingers for sexual harassment/abuse, but they’ve just been exposed for trying to normalize this stuff.

Sad what Hollywood has become. I’m a movie buff too, and we’re paying these people to see their films. I’m losing interest in Hollywood more and more. I’ve also have been going to the movies less and less. Hollywood sucks nowadays anyways. They can’t make good movies anymore like they used to so fuck it. They can’t think of any original ideas… mostly remakes/reboots, too many superhero films, actions films, etc. I think I pretty much had it with Hollywood too. I’m not interesting in new movies much. It’s why I’ve been watching a lot of older movies lately. Classic cinemas is true cinema.

It’s entertaining as hell to see the NFL and Hollywood commit suicide. We’re watching both crumble before our very own eyes. We tried to warn them to stay out of politics, now look what’s happening to them?


Hollywood box office numbers really plummeting like crazy… lets figure out why, shall we???

I know I’m a pretty big movie buff. I’ve watched movies for most of my entire life. I’ve watched movies in the theaters over the years, rented movies from local videos stores in the past, watched movies on TV and now that streaming is a big thing, I watch movies on Netflix as well.

For the past couple of years now, the movie industry have been plummeting in box office numbers like crazy. People are losing more and more interest in Hollywood lately…


Lets figure out why no one cares about the movies much anymore… could it be those SJW celebrities who likes to speak out on left-wing politics all the time? That could be a big factor.

Another factor could be is just that Hollywood no longer makes good films. Ya know, people are getting fed up with all these remakes/reboots and sequels. We’re also getting tired of all these action films loaded with CGI and shit. Maybe this will help give Hollywood the hint that we’re tired of it all. No doubt that popcorn films have dominated the film industry. The writing of films have been shit nowadays and the acting in films hasn’t been good either. Superhero films have also dominated the industry and maybe we’re getting tired of that too?

I love movies and still do but even I’m losing interest in Hollywood. I’ve been going to the movies less and less myself. It’s not because of celebs left-wing politics, it’s just that there isn’t anything good out anymore. I still go to the movies but only if there’s a movie I want to see. I saw “The Dark Tower” which was good. Next, I’m looking forward to “Stephen King’s IT”, “Star Wars 8”, “Justice League” and “SAW 8”.

Pretty much the main reason why I’ve been going to the movie theaters less and less is ’cause I’m no longer interested in newer films. I’m an old-school kind of guy so I prefer classic films more. I guess it’s one of those “it’s all about getting older” things. I’ve been watching a lot of old movies which is what I like.

It’s sad what Hollywood has come to be. I used to love going to the movies a lot but now I no longer care. I enjoy watching movies at home more lately.


Why we have every right to boycott celebs for talking trash about Trump and his voters…


Whenever Trump supporters like myself publicly announce that we’re boycotting certain celebrities for talking trash about Trump and his voters, NeverTrump people think we’re crazy for doing that. They’re like, whatever happened to enjoying the entertainment and keeping politics separate? Well geez, that’s kind of funny for them to say since many of them NeverTrump people boycott celebrities for coming out as ProTrump. When we Trump supporters boycott celebs for talking trash about Trump and his voters, the haters will start complaining and rail against us. Funny how that works, right?

Well, we have every right to boycott celebs ’cause we the American people are the ones helping celebs make a living out of what they do. We help pay them money to stay in the entertainment business. For movie stars, we’re the ones buying tickets to see their movies and no doubt most of our money goes to the actors for sure. How do you think they are able to afford these fucking $5 million mansions? They get that money from us. We pay them to see their entertainment. Same thing with music stars… we’re the ones buying their records and going to their concerts. Most Americans pay their hard earned-money for their entertainment. So we have every right to boycott  when celebs misbehave and acts like an idiot. Why pay money for celebs who are so anti-American and looks down upon us all the time? They don’t realize we’re their audience.

The same goes for TV talk show hosts: a lot of them write their own books, come out with their own products, they’re also entrepreneurs, they also have sponsors for their talk shows and we have the right to not support any of that stuff if we don’t want to.

When all they want to do is talk trash about Trump and Americans who voted him, it’s a turn off. Why would I want to spend my money toward people like that? I have boycotted too many celebs like Bruce Springsteen, Stephen King,  Johnny Depp, Madonna and others who are so anti-Trump and anti-American. I’m planning to get rid of CD’s and thinking about selling my entire Stephen King book collection. I could use the extra money and might have a yard sale this summer. A good idea!

It’s funny how NeverTrump people make fun of us for boycotting celebrities & companies that says bad things about Trump. It’s really simple, y’all. If they don’t want to support us, then we won’t support them in return. Fair is fair, right?

As far as celebs go, they really need to take Gene Simmons advice and “shut their pie holes” or else they won’t have a career at all. They don’t realize politics is damaging their careers.


Why you shouldn’t listen to celebrities when it comes to politics…


There are liberals and independent voters in America who actually listens to these celebrities when it comes to politics and they actually take them seriously! You see these celebrities are nothing but a bunch of “know it alls”. Acting like they are political experts just because they’re rich and have a lot of fame. They ram their political opinions down our throats, treating them like they are facts. The sad thing is liberals worship these people as courageous heroes when they speak their minds. Um, no, they are not courageous heroes. Each time they open their mouths, they get into a lot of trouble. They don’t only get a lot of backlash by conservative people, they get a lot of flak by people of all types.

These celebrities are just brainwashed by the MSM. It seems like they have all the same opinions and viewpoint as the MSM does so they obviously watch the mainstream news a lot. They predicted that Donald Trump was gonna lose the election. They were wrong. They predicted that Karen Handle was going to lose the Georgia special election. They were wrong again.

On top of that, their political views are so wacky as fuck and it’s sad to see liberals agreeing with them and kissing their asses only because they talk trash about Trump. All these people pictured are a bunch of NeverTrump idiots. That’s why liberals love ’em ’cause they love it when celebrities get all over Trump. Liberals get entertained by celebs bashing Trump. That’s why they won’t stop what they do.

I don’t listen to celebrities when it comes to politics ’cause I’m not gonna let them control me of how I think and that’s what they do. I’m not gonna let them tell me how to live my life either and they think they can do that. They think they’re more superior than us ’cause of their fame & fortune.

Sure, Donald Trump is a celebrity. He’s rich and famous too but he’s different than Hollywood. He’s a businessman and CEO. He’s not a movie star or a TV talk show host. He too talks a lot of politics but at least he lets America have a voice and doesn’t control people unlike those celebs above.

I used to support Hollywood and celebrities a long while back but now I think I’m done. I haven’t been going to the movies that much this year for a reason and stopped watching cable TV.

The media won’t quit what they do ’cause they use celebrities to help spread the message. They think it’s working for them but it’s not. It’s only getting celebs in trouble and it’s entertaining as hell to see many of them get into career suicide especially Kathy Griffin.

Sad what celebs have come to ’cause many of them are pretty talented. I used to like George Clooney but he turned into a liberal nut job. Wish all the movie stars and music stars would just shut up and do their job. They should listen to Gene Simmons and “Shut their pie holes”.


People losing interest in Hollywood films? Box office numbers going down like crazy!!!

Well this is interesting. This article here talks about how Hollywood box office numbers going down. Memorial Day Box office weekend was at its worst. There’s a couple of table graphs that shows how Hollywood box office numbers has been going down over the last 20 years or so…


Why is it that people haven’t been going to the movies nowadays?

Is it because of movie stars ramming their liberal political opinions down our throats? That could be a big part of it! Another reason is that Hollywood just doesn’t make good movies anymore. Maybe it’s because we’re getting fed up with all of these remakes, reboots, sequels, action films, superhero films, etc. I can go on. Movies that are popcorn action flicks loaded with CGI is still dominating the movie industry and I think people are finally tired of that shit.

Hollywood really has gone downhill. I miss the days when Hollywood used to make good films. They used to concentrate on storytelling instead of trying to make big money. Hollywood quickly going down the shitter.

I still am a movie buff, though. It’s just that I prefer to watch older & classic films more. I like movies from the 30’s all the way up to the early 90’s. I love older action films. I love watching older black & white films too films like “Casablanca” is my favorite and I like to watch a lot of Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn films. I also love watching old Bruce Lee action films. Love old Clint Eastwood films and John Wayne movies. I’ve also been watching a lot of old Westerns and war films on Netflix too. If you’re fed up with Hollywood now, watch all the older stuff… that’s where all the real “Cinema” is at.


Interesting how I’ve went from having no problem with celebrities to really despising the hell out of them…

I know I am a huge movie and music buff. Love both movies and music; however, I used to have no problem with famous people who give us all of this entertainment they do. I used to try to be supportive of all them ’cause I liked their art whether in movies or music. As a matter of fact, my blogs used to be blogging about movies, music and celebrities but I happen to give that up — quickly changing my blogging direction to mostly political discussion. I’m glad I did that too.

Celebrities used to be likeable people in the past but now no one cares for them anymore. Basically because of their die-hard liberal politics and them being Obama supporters. I totally blame this on Obama all the way ’cause the way he ran his presidency was all about Hollywood and celebrity. Obama thought he was a celebrity, that’s why he did what he did. Like I said in a blog post before, Obama used the power of celebrity to get political messages through people. That’s why Obama mostly awarded “celebrities” with the Presidential Freedom Awards and that’s why Obama mostly awards celebrities through the Kennedy Center Honors. That’s why Obama appeared on a lot of late night talk shows and things like that. It’s why Michelle appeared on Ellen a lot.

This is why most of Hollywood and the music industry are very liberal with their politics ’cause Obama made it like that. That was probably a huge part of how Obama got elected twice ’cause celebrities helped him.

Celebrities used to be cool in the old days but now I despise all of them except for a few. There’s a few good celebrities left that are actually cool. I still think Sly Stallone is awesome. Sly’s politics is mixed but at least he’s smart enough to keep politics out of his career. There’s a few other celebs who I have no problem with either. Other than that, I don’t really care about famous people anymore like I used to.

It’s really sad to see all these talented people that I used to like and admire but they’ve turned into nothing but liberal hacks: Stephen King, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, George Clooney (yeah, I used to watch a lot of Clooney’s movies but I’m done with him now) and so much more to list.

Thank god for Trump. Finally we have a president who doesn’t give a shit about celebrities.

You sure you want to watch the Oscars tomorrow night? It’s gonna be full of Trump bashing and liberal politics throughout the show. Even though there will be mostly Trump bashing tomorrow there will also be celebrities begging for rights for women, transgenders, Muslims, refugees, illegal immigrants, etc. blah blah blah blah… you get the deal. Sad ’cause I’ve been watching the Oscars every year for a pretty long time. I’m gonna try to watch it tomorrow night but if the politics get out of hand then it’s time to watch something else.