Hollywood box office numbers really plummeting like crazy… lets figure out why, shall we???

I know I’m a pretty big movie buff. I’ve watched movies for most of my entire life. I’ve watched movies in the theaters over the years, rented movies from local videos stores in the past, watched movies on TV and now that streaming is a big thing, I watch movies on Netflix as well.

For the past couple of years now, the movie industry have been plummeting in box office numbers like crazy. People are losing more and more interest in Hollywood lately…


Lets figure out why no one cares about the movies much anymore… could it be those SJW celebrities who likes to speak out on left-wing politics all the time? That could be a big factor.

Another factor could be is just that Hollywood no longer makes good films. Ya know, people are getting fed up with all these remakes/reboots and sequels. We’re also getting tired of all these action films loaded with CGI and shit. Maybe this will help give Hollywood the hint that we’re tired of it all. No doubt that popcorn films have dominated the film industry. The writing of films have been shit nowadays and the acting in films hasn’t been good either. Superhero films have also dominated the industry and maybe we’re getting tired of that too?

I love movies and still do but even I’m losing interest in Hollywood. I’ve been going to the movies less and less myself. It’s not because of celebs left-wing politics, it’s just that there isn’t anything good out anymore. I still go to the movies but only if there’s a movie I want to see. I saw “The Dark Tower” which was good. Next, I’m looking forward to “Stephen King’s IT”, “Star Wars 8”, “Justice League” and “SAW 8”.

Pretty much the main reason why I’ve been going to the movie theaters less and less is ’cause I’m no longer interested in newer films. I’m an old-school kind of guy so I prefer classic films more. I guess it’s one of those “it’s all about getting older” things. I’ve been watching a lot of old movies which is what I like.

It’s sad what Hollywood has come to be. I used to love going to the movies a lot but now I no longer care. I enjoy watching movies at home more lately.


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