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Interesting how I’ve went from having no problem with celebrities to really despising the hell out of them…

I know I am a huge movie and music buff. Love both movies and music; however, I used to have no problem with famous people who give us all of this entertainment they do. I used to try to be supportive of all them ’cause I liked their art whether in movies or music. As a matter of fact, my blogs used to be blogging about movies, music and celebrities but I happen to give that up — quickly changing my blogging direction to mostly political discussion. I’m glad I did that too.

Celebrities used to be likeable people in the past but now no one cares for them anymore. Basically because of their die-hard liberal politics and them being Obama supporters. I totally blame this on Obama all the way ’cause the way he ran his presidency was all about Hollywood and celebrity. Obama thought he was a celebrity, that’s why he did what he did. Like I said in a blog post before, Obama used the power of celebrity to get political messages through people. That’s why Obama mostly awarded “celebrities” with the Presidential Freedom Awards and that’s why Obama mostly awards celebrities through the Kennedy Center Honors. That’s why Obama appeared on a lot of late night talk shows and things like that. It’s why Michelle appeared on Ellen a lot.

This is why most of Hollywood and the music industry are very liberal with their politics ’cause Obama made it like that. That was probably a huge part of how Obama got elected twice ’cause celebrities helped him.

Celebrities used to be cool in the old days but now I despise all of them except for a few. There’s a few good celebrities left that are actually cool. I still think Sly Stallone is awesome. Sly’s politics is mixed but at least he’s smart enough to keep politics out of his career. There’s a few other celebs who I have no problem with either. Other than that, I don’t really care about famous people anymore like I used to.

It’s really sad to see all these talented people that I used to like and admire but they’ve turned into nothing but liberal hacks: Stephen King, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, George Clooney (yeah, I used to watch a lot of Clooney’s movies but I’m done with him now) and so much more to list.

Thank god for Trump. Finally we have a president who doesn’t give a shit about celebrities.

You sure you want to watch the Oscars tomorrow night? It’s gonna be full of Trump bashing and liberal politics throughout the show. Even though there will be mostly Trump bashing tomorrow there will also be celebrities begging for rights for women, transgenders, Muslims, refugees, illegal immigrants, etc. blah blah blah blah… you get the deal. Sad ’cause I’ve been watching the Oscars every year for a pretty long time. I’m gonna try to watch it tomorrow night but if the politics get out of hand then it’s time to watch something else.


Denzel Washington, “Celebrity is really overrated”… I agree…

Denzel’s the freakin’ man! I loved it when he said this, “My father worked 50 years for the water department, he was also a minister and he worked three jobs all the time,” Washington told the New York Post’s Page Six during the New York premiere of his new drama, Fences. “He made it, he was successful. Celebrity is really overrated — we don’t want anything to do with celebrity. I am an actor.”


I totally agree that term “celebrity” is overrated. How about calling these people “actors” instead of “celebrities”? In my opinion, that term celebrity was made up by the entertainment media and gossip sites like TMZ. What a lot of you don’t realize is that a lot of actors who act in big screen movies, hate fame. They really do. Like Denzel said a lot of “actors” don’t want anything to do with “celebrity”. Why do you think actors hate the paparazzi?

A lot of actors don’t see themselves as famous people. They’re just regular people like all of us. You want proof of that? Go to facebook or twitter and they would show you how normal they really are. They eat, sleep, talk, piss and get sick like all of us. They’re no different than us, ya know? You know how real people like us work regular day jobs like at an office job, construction or whatever your field of work is? Well these “actors” see acting in movies as their regular day job. That’s what they do for a living. They act in movies ’cause they enjoy it. That’s what they’re passionate about. Everybody has their own way of doing work. Well that’s what these actors do for work.

Do these actors deserve to get paid millions for what they do? Oh yeah, absolutely! These actors in Hollywood always get criticized by movie fans for getting rich off of making movies. They deserve to get paid a lot ’cause acting is a hard job. Really try it yourself. It’s not easy. Making a movie is a tough and overwhelming job. These actors work on films all day long and all night. They spent most of their lives training to become an actor ’cause acting isn’t easy as it looks. While most people bash actors, most of them don’t want to admit they watch most of their work and enjoy ’em. They give their blood, sweat and tears to make all this entertainment for us so fuck yeah, they deserve to get paid millions for sure. I’m sticking with my opinion.

If you check out these actors official FB pages, Sylvester Stallone and Vin Diesel, those guys post videos talking on video to you all the time. They make their own videoblogs for the internet and you watch videos by those guys, you would see they are just people like us. I follow Vin Diesel’s official FB page and he posts all these videos of himself all the time — I’m surprised of how down to earth and cool Vin Diesel seems. He’s just a normal guy. Sly Stallone is a normal guy.

I wish the media and gossip sites would stop calling them “celebrities”. How about calling them actors or even better, “people”? They call them celebrities ’cause how they get paid and make their money. That’s how gossip sites and gossip bloggers stay in business. Before the internet there was no such thing as gossip sites but we still had gossip TV shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and the E! channel. It’s real sad that the media and gossip sites obsesses over “celebrities”. It’s pathetic. Leave them the fuck alone is what I would say!


10 inevitable reboot movie series that could happen…

Last night on Netflix, I’ve decided to re-watch “Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2”. You know those comedy films about a crocodile hunter starring Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski? I’ve watched both movies back to back last night. Yes, both movies are still amazing. I’ve seen both of these movies over 100 times and these Crocodile Dundee movies never get old. After I finished watching the 2nd one, I immediately thought to myself… “I have a feeling a reboot is gonna happen to the Crocodile Dundee” series.

Now that Hollywood is all obsessed with reboots what other possible reboot series that could happen sometime in the future? Reboot series that hasn’t been greenlighted yet.

Here are 10 guesses of inevitable reboots that could happen in no particular order:

  • Crocodile Dundee: I think everybody knows that this could probably happen. I don’t mind a “Dundee” reboot series but as long as Paul Hogan is still involved in some way. Maybe he can still write the script and not star?
  • Rambo:  This could probably happen. Sly Stallone plans to do one more Rambo himself and then he’s done. After that, I think a Rambo reboot will get greenlighted.
  • Lethal Weapon: I can see this one happening for sure.
  • Back to the Future: Rumors are already swirling. Robert Zemeckis said he wouldn’t let it happen but ya never know.
  • Die Hard: This could happen once Bruce Willis decides to retire from them.
  • The Godfather: Oh man, imagine if they  re-started this series all over again. I wouldn’t be surprised if this reboot is coming. Not sure if Francis Ford Coppola would allow it, though.
  • The Hannibal Lecter film series: They could reboot this one anytime. Would be great for Halloween time.
  • Gremlins: I think there’s already one being planned. Not sure.
  • Star Trek: Whenever Paramount/Bad Robot gets done with those lame Star Trek movies with the young cast, they will probably do a whole new Star Trek reboot but when they do, please make something original and new.
  • Harry Potter: Rumors are already swirling on this one too. Since Daniel Radcliffe no longer wants to do Harry Potter and he wants to move on, I’m feeling Warner Bros. is gonna go ahead without him soon. J.K. Rowling will probably write new Harry Potter books for them to make more movies on.

There’s the list. Enjoy!


More on when celebs get their nude photos leaked…

It happens all the time in the land of Hollywood. Their nude photos getting leaked to the internets for the whole world to see. The bigger the internet becomes and the bigger technology gets, the more this will become a huge problem. When celebrities get their nude photos leaked, they get all upset. They usually threaten legal action to those responsible who have stolen the photos and they’ll go to law enforcement for an investigation. 

If this happened to any of us when nude photos get leaked to the internet, law enforcement won’t be able to do anything about it. Probably because we’re not famous and rich enough. Celebs are able to fight back at leaked nude photos successfully ’cause of their fame and fortune. With them having lots of money, they get anything they want. 

When celebs become a victim of leaked nude photos, they usually blame the hacker rather than blaming themselves. The celeb will never admit that it was his/her own fault. They usually play the innocent victim and make claims that they have every right to their privacy. Yes, celebs have every right to privacy just as much as us but…

… when you take nude photos of yourself… you just invaded your own privacy. As soon as you take that first photo of your private parts, your privacy is gone. 

Like I said in a post before, taking nude photos of yourself may sound a lot of fun but at the same time it’s a very risky thing to do. You must do these things carefully and responsibly. Yeah, people take nude photos of themselves all the time. It happens. They just do it to show off to their friends or significant others mostly… it’s mostly done privately. My question is why would people want to do it on an Iphone when those things can get hacked easily. 

Leaked nude photos is happening more with female celebrities though. It happened with stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, etc. That’s the thing… the bigger these female stars get, the more guys will be looking for their nude photos. Guys are always searching google for nude photos of celebs ’cause who doesn’t want to see a female celeb nude? All guys do. When guys can’t find nude pics of their favorite female celebrity they’ll start trying to find ways to hack into their phones or laptop computers. Guys are obsessed with female celebrities. They will do anything to see their naked bodies even if it means hacking.

These celebs can try to fight back at leaked photos all they want to, they will always be online no matter how many sites try to delete them. For example, today on twitter, I just saw Jennifer’s uncensored pics and sure enough, twitter were quick to remove them. I’m sure Jennifer’s nude pics are all over adult porn sites by now, ya think???

Like I said, they shouldn’t have taken the pics if they didn’t want this to happen so yeah, of course it’s their own damn fault. They will never admit that either. 

Now Apple is getting the blame for this. Nobody wants to blame the celeb. It’s always gotta be the hacker or the technology company. People will instead feel sorry for the celeb and they usually stand by them. 

If a woman is hot and beautiful… chances are she’s gonna have nude photos in her collection of photos and guys will be looking for them. That’s the way the internet works. It’s a crazy world out there. Don’t get me wrong, though. I know not all beautiful women take nude photos of themselves but a lot of them do, can’t deny that. 

Celebs fight back at this stuff ’cause of their huge ego and self-importance. They should have known better. They think we’re not worthy of seeing them nude.



I’m not surprised by the Suge Knight and Chris Brown shooting…

I don’t care how big, famous and legendary Suge Knight is. The guy is a criminal and a lowlife loser with so many problems. Even though that party was hosted by Chris Brown, I wouldn’t exactly blame the shooting on Chris Brown though. When you have a big party full of celebrities, rappers and music stars and Suge Knight is there… you should be prepared for a big shoot out. Everywhere Suge Knight goes there’s trouble. The guy has dealt with so much violence and crime over the years… which goes way back to the deaths of rappers 2PAC and Notorious B.I.G. I can’t understand why they would invite Suge Knight to that party to begin with. If he wasn’t there, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been any violence. Again, I’m not blaming Chris Brown… it’s all about Suge. I never liked the guy and you shouldn’t trust him.

I can’t understand why Suge gets so much support from fans and all that stuff when he has done so many bad things over the years. The guy’s a drug addict, a woman beater and all kinds of problems.

More on the story:



Robin Wright says the Obama administration is more corrupt than Hollywood, is she right????

Robin Wright, the star of “House of Cards”… says that the U.S. Government is more corrupt in Hollywood. She also revealed some pretty juicy info that government officials really do sleep with reporters just like what goes on in the show.

More on the story, here.

I really believe that “House of Cards” is an attack on the Obama administration. You would know when you watch. Everything in the show is pretty similar to what they do. I don’t wanna spoil “House of Cards” for ya, you’ll have to start watching the show yourself to see.

Do I agree with her, though?

Yes, both Hollywood and the US Government is corrupt but I’d say the US Government is more corrupt absolutely. Hollywood is just dumb. Some of you may ask, how is Hollywood corrupt? Well for a lot of reasons: ego, greed, over paid actors/directors, Hollywood is a billion dollar industry, etc. I also hate the direction Hollywood is going in with all of these popcorn action movies and the obsession w/3D. Tired of all the remakes and reboots as well.

I’ve been to Hollywood in California once. I visited the Blvd once and it was interesting to say the least but I don’t think I’d go again. Hollywood is too gimmicky and too expensive. I would say that my favorite part of Hollywood was seeing Griffith Park and the Planetarium. Seeing the Hollywood sign pretty close was amazing as well. I didn’t run into any celebrities, though. While Los Angeles is crazy and a big circus there — it was interesting to see all that cinema history, though. I liked the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you don’t believe me that I went to Hollywood, I got videos in youtube to prove it.


“The Expendables 2” premiere in Hollywood made me wish I was there…

I remember last year, when I visted Hollywood on vacation, I got to witness the “J. Edgar” Clint Eastwood movie premiere at the Chinese Grauman theater. Now with the “Expendables 2” premiere happened there not too long ago, makes me wish I was at Hollywood this year. Why? Because Sly was there. He took his whole family there, in fact, see photo, here. Sly even took some time to sign autographs for fans, see photo, here.

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I’m just slamming my head against the computer desk, making me wish I was at Hollywood to witness the EXP2 premiere. That would have been my chance to meet Sly and get his autograph! GRRrrrrrrrr….

Oh well, hopefully, I’ll get my chance to meet Sly sometime down the road. You can see, that he loves his fans though. He’s very good with them.

I’m going to see, “EXP2”, later today. Gonna head to the mall in a little bit. I’ll be doing a little shopping today to pick up a few things as well.