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Denzel Washington, “Celebrity is really overrated”… I agree…

Denzel’s the freakin’ man! I loved it when he said this, “My father worked 50 years for the water department, he was also a minister and he worked three jobs all the time,” Washington told the New York Post’s Page Six during the New York premiere of his new drama, Fences. “He made it, he was successful. Celebrity is really overrated — we don’t want anything to do with celebrity. I am an actor.”


I totally agree that term “celebrity” is overrated. How about calling these people “actors” instead of “celebrities”? In my opinion, that term celebrity was made up by the entertainment media and gossip sites like TMZ. What a lot of you don’t realize is that a lot of actors who act in big screen movies, hate fame. They really do. Like Denzel said a lot of “actors” don’t want anything to do with “celebrity”. Why do you think actors hate the paparazzi?

A lot of actors don’t see themselves as famous people. They’re just regular people like all of us. You want proof of that? Go to facebook or twitter and they would show you how normal they really are. They eat, sleep, talk, piss and get sick like all of us. They’re no different than us, ya know? You know how real people like us work regular day jobs like at an office job, construction or whatever your field of work is? Well these “actors” see acting in movies as their regular day job. That’s what they do for a living. They act in movies ’cause they enjoy it. That’s what they’re passionate about. Everybody has their own way of doing work. Well that’s what these actors do for work.

Do these actors deserve to get paid millions for what they do? Oh yeah, absolutely! These actors in Hollywood always get criticized by movie fans for getting rich off of making movies. They deserve to get paid a lot ’cause acting is a hard job. Really try it yourself. It’s not easy. Making a movie is a tough and overwhelming job. These actors work on films all day long and all night. They spent most of their lives training to become an actor ’cause acting isn’t easy as it looks. While most people bash actors, most of them don’t want to admit they watch most of their work and enjoy ’em. They give their blood, sweat and tears to make all this entertainment for us so fuck yeah, they deserve to get paid millions for sure. I’m sticking with my opinion.

If you check out these actors official FB pages, Sylvester Stallone and Vin Diesel, those guys post videos talking on video to you all the time. They make their own videoblogs for the internet and you watch videos by those guys, you would see they are just people like us. I follow Vin Diesel’s official FB page and he posts all these videos of himself all the time — I’m surprised of how down to earth and cool Vin Diesel seems. He’s just a normal guy. Sly Stallone is a normal guy.

I wish the media and gossip sites would stop calling them “celebrities”. How about calling them actors or even better, “people”? They call them celebrities ’cause how they get paid and make their money. That’s how gossip sites and gossip bloggers stay in business. Before the internet there was no such thing as gossip sites but we still had gossip TV shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and the E! channel. It’s real sad that the media and gossip sites obsesses over “celebrities”. It’s pathetic. Leave them the fuck alone is what I would say!


“The Equalizer” sequel is confirmed by Sony pictures but will Denzel return???

Kind of funny ’cause I’ve just finally seen the movie, “The Equalizer” with Denzel Washington just last week. It is a great film and a great mobster story. You know, I love mobster stories. Sony Pictures just confirmed, “The Equalizer” is getting a sequel and Denzel is probably gonna return. Sony is planning this to be the next big franchise. Which is kind of weird ’cause Denzel has never done sequels or big franchises. So I guess you can say that this is gonna be his first major movie franchise. He’s never done sequels in his career, look at his filmography for proof on that.

Denzel is a phenomenal talent and he kills it in this movie like he does with every movie. When you watch a movie starring Denzel, you know it’s never gonna disappoint. “Training Day” will always be my favorite role of his, of course. I also loved his role in the movie “Flight” by Robert Zemeckis. I’ve been watching Denzel in movies for many years and I’m sure you’ve had too. He’s a great talent. One of the best actors in Hollywood, I would say.

If you haven’t seen “The Equalizer” yet… you should. He plays a badass tough guy in this movie but make no mistake about it, folks. This isn’t the first time he played a badass tough guy. He played a similar tough guy role in the film, “The Book of Eli” which is also a great movie. Denzel is the freakin’ man. He’s my favorite too.




“Flight” starring Denzel Washington… brief review…

This week, I rented the Robert Zemeckis directed live-action movie, “Flight”, also starring Denzel Washington. It was a Netflix DVD rental and I had to watch it twice before mailing it back to them.

It tells the story about a pilot named, Whip Whitaker, who is about ready to take a flight from Orlando to Atlanta. The only problem is Whip is an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. Before the flight, he got himself high on cocaine and got himself drunk as well. He thought he was good enough to be able to fly the plane. After the take-off as they were flying, the plane starts to malfunction and the plane starts to fly in a strange and unusual way. Whip had no choice but to do an emergency crashing on the plane saving the lives of most passengers on board including himself and the co-pilot. Only a few people were killed and some were injured. When he wakes up in the hospital, Whip was told by a friend from his airline union that a lawyer was going to come in to tell him that he is about to face a bunch of criminal charges ’cause of the plane crash that could land him for life in prison;  they found he was on high on cocaine and intoxicated. After Whip was discharged from the hospital and was able to leave, he becomes a hero after saving the lives of all the passengers on the plane while at the same time he continues to get accused of being high on cocaine and being extremely intoxicated. While out of the hospital and living his life, he falls for a woman who is a heroin addict/alcoholic and together they try to get themselves clean & sober. While Whip tries to get his life back together after the plane incident, he continues to struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Enough of the synopsis. This movie got mixed reviews by people. Some loved it and some hated it. Some just loved the whole movie overall and some just loved it for the Denzel Washington performance alone. I would have to agree that Denzel’s performance in this movie was phenomenal and I think it was his best role since, “Training Day”, but I think the entire movie is great overall. I mean, this is Robert Zemeckis’s first live-action movie since 2000’s “Cast Away”. Zemeckis has been directing animated films for the past several years now. So I’m just so happy that he finally directed a new live-action film for once. Robert Zemeckis still has it too!

Zemeckis has been one of my favorite directors for years, and I’ve been following all of his live-action movies. He really is a unique director and when you watch a movie of his, you immediately know it’s his. He’s a special effects and camera wizard for sure. The man can come up with interesting camera angles and unique shots that no other director could do. He still shows that in, “Flight”. I think the plane scene was pretty thrilling and well done. As I was watching the plane scene, I felt like I was watching the “Back To The Future” movies, a little bit. It may seem pretty silly and weird, but it’s realistic at the same time.

I think the story over all is the most interesting part. A story about life and struggling with addiction; trying to become a better person. That’s what the film is about. The best part of the film is as soon as the movie opens, you’ll see a naked black woman, so that’s a big plus right there! I also loved John Goodman’s performance who played Whip’s friend and drug-dealer in the movie. The whole cast was well-acted by everybody.

I definitely did think this was one of the best films of 2012. I’m gonna want my own copy of this movie on BluRay soon. It is recommended to see. Zemeckis still has it with the live-action movies, and I hope he won’t make us wait so long for his next live-action flick. Definitely check this one out.


Report: Robert Zemeckis to direct a live action movie that will star Denzel Washington…

Robert Zemeckis hasn’t done a live action flick in a long time, right? His last few movies have been nothing but animated films. Zemeckis has finally decided to make a movie titled, “Flight”, that will star Denzel Washington. Denzel will play a commercial airline pilot in which the plane malfunctions and saves the day with his heroic flying.

Deadline, reports.

This movie definitely sounds like it was inspired from the Captain Sully story. I’m glad Zemeckis is finally back to live action ’cause I love his live action flicks.


“The Book of Eli” movie got me thinking about something…

So I finally saw the movie, “The Book of Eli”, that was directed by the Hughes Brothers. It stars Denzel Washington as the leading hero and Gary Oldman as the film’s main villain. It tells a story of Eli, being the survivors of the Nuclear war that destroyed the United States. Survivors of the United States have nothing left on them. Eli’s only mission is to travel the West for whatever reason that was never revealed. Eli has weapons and fighting skill for survival, as to fight off enemies that gets in his way. Denzel plays a bit of a badass action hero dude but, his character Eli is on a serious note. Eli is a very religious man which keeps him going. Carnegie (Gary Oldman’s) character is obessed with a book that Eli has, so Carnegie and his gang goes after Eli for the book. The book is supposed to have some religious power that Carnegie wants, but that’s not what the book is used for. The book is really all about Eli.

While it was a very good movie, there is something about the film that is so haunting.

Since the United States in that film was destroyed by Nuclear war, think how something like that can happen in real life? What if some other country came over and decided to bomb us with nuclear weapons after all? I think other countries like Iran for starters did threaten us with Nuclear weapons many times. I know the “Book of Eli” is a fiction movie but if people don’t believe something like that can happen in real life, you need to look at how angry and pissed off other countries are at us. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda could do something like that to us, anytime. Bin Laden taken down the twin towers in NYC is evidence that they are about to take down the United States one day. A nuclear attack can happen. You just never know when.

That is one frightening thing about that movie, “The Book of Eli”, I watch the film and thinking to myself, “Oh man, that could be us someday”. Maybe that was the message that the Hughes Brothers were sending through the movie. It’s not just an action film. It’s obviously political too.

Do yourself a favor and check this movie out. I thought it was great. No complaints about it.


Report: Kathryn Bigelow’s next movie, “Triple Frontier” to shoot next year…

Kathryn Bigelow, the Oscar winning director has already announced her next project, which she will shoot next year. The film is titled, “Triple Frontier” attached to star the leading roles will be Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Denzel Washington. The film will not be about war, but will be about organized crime and terrorism which will be taken place in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

More on it here:


Sounds like it’s going to be another violent action movie similar to the “Hurt Locker”. Interesting.


Report: Tyson maybe ok with daughter’s death, but Travolta is still struggling with his son…

While Mike Tyson is feeling strong and feeling not much emotion about his daughter’s death, John Travolta still hasn’t pulled through his son’s death yet. Denzel Washington, Travolta’s cast mate for the action film, “The Taking of Pelham 123”, gave us the news on how Travolta is feeling these days. Denzel said, Travolta is still struggling with Jett Travolta’s death, so don’t be expecting John Travolta to start working on a new movie anytime soon.

Denzel and John, seems to be best friends as they like to talk on the phone for hours, just having conversations about anything.

More on it here:



Report: Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington to star in “The Matarese Circle”!!!

Tom Cruise has finally decided to stop messing around with the media by ending his Scientology promotion and no more couch jumping in talk shows, by doing something more important in his life…reviving his film career. Cruise was successful at, “Tropic Thunder” and “Valkyrie”…now he wants a shot at starring in a movie with Denzel Washington in the Robert Ludlum thriller, “The Matarese Circle” based on the book.

Cruise and Washington will play spies who at first, hate each other and try to kill each other. Later, they team up, to fight against the Matarese, a powerful group at the root of a conspiracy. The film is being developed by MGM studios.

Variety Reports:


It’s great to see Tom smarten up and getting back to movies, he came this close to killing his own movie career but he brought it all upon himself though. This movie sounds good, bring it on.


Report: Gary Oldman joins “Book Of Eli”…

Actor Gary Oldman has signed a deal to star alongside Denzel Washington in the Hughes Brothers new upcoming film “Book of Eli”. Gary Oldman’s latest role was in “The Dark Knight”, he played Commissioner Gordon.

Variety Reports:


This film sounds like a huge blockbuster to me. This is sweet, Gary and Denzel starring in a film together!