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30 years ago today the first “Back To the Future” film was released…

This is one of my favorite films of all time. While I do love the BTTF trilogy, the first will always be the best. It’s a classic indeed and I love it so much. I may as well re-watch it again later tonight.

Like most, I’ve seen it over a hundred times and it’s one of those films I’ll never get tired of.


“Flight” starring Denzel Washington… brief review…

This week, I rented the Robert Zemeckis directed live-action movie, “Flight”, also starring Denzel Washington. It was a Netflix DVD rental and I had to watch it twice before mailing it back to them.

It tells the story about a pilot named, Whip Whitaker, who is about ready to take a flight from Orlando to Atlanta. The only problem is Whip is an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. Before the flight, he got himself high on cocaine and got himself drunk as well. He thought he was good enough to be able to fly the plane. After the take-off as they were flying, the plane starts to malfunction and the plane starts to fly in a strange and unusual way. Whip had no choice but to do an emergency crashing on the plane saving the lives of most passengers on board including himself and the co-pilot. Only a few people were killed and some were injured. When he wakes up in the hospital, Whip was told by a friend from his airline union that a lawyer was going to come in to tell him that he is about to face a bunch of criminal charges ’cause of the plane crash that could land him for life in prison;  they found he was on high on cocaine and intoxicated. After Whip was discharged from the hospital and was able to leave, he becomes a hero after saving the lives of all the passengers on the plane while at the same time he continues to get accused of being high on cocaine and being extremely intoxicated. While out of the hospital and living his life, he falls for a woman who is a heroin addict/alcoholic and together they try to get themselves clean & sober. While Whip tries to get his life back together after the plane incident, he continues to struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Enough of the synopsis. This movie got mixed reviews by people. Some loved it and some hated it. Some just loved the whole movie overall and some just loved it for the Denzel Washington performance alone. I would have to agree that Denzel’s performance in this movie was phenomenal and I think it was his best role since, “Training Day”, but I think the entire movie is great overall. I mean, this is Robert Zemeckis’s first live-action movie since 2000’s “Cast Away”. Zemeckis has been directing animated films for the past several years now. So I’m just so happy that he finally directed a new live-action film for once. Robert Zemeckis still has it too!

Zemeckis has been one of my favorite directors for years, and I’ve been following all of his live-action movies. He really is a unique director and when you watch a movie of his, you immediately know it’s his. He’s a special effects and camera wizard for sure. The man can come up with interesting camera angles and unique shots that no other director could do. He still shows that in, “Flight”. I think the plane scene was pretty thrilling and well done. As I was watching the plane scene, I felt like I was watching the “Back To The Future” movies, a little bit. It may seem pretty silly and weird, but it’s realistic at the same time.

I think the story over all is the most interesting part. A story about life and struggling with addiction; trying to become a better person. That’s what the film is about. The best part of the film is as soon as the movie opens, you’ll see a naked black woman, so that’s a big plus right there! I also loved John Goodman’s performance who played Whip’s friend and drug-dealer in the movie. The whole cast was well-acted by everybody.

I definitely did think this was one of the best films of 2012. I’m gonna want my own copy of this movie on BluRay soon. It is recommended to see. Zemeckis still has it with the live-action movies, and I hope he won’t make us wait so long for his next live-action flick. Definitely check this one out.


Report: *sigh* Robert Zemeckis eyes “Wizard of Oz” remake!

Oh man! Not the original “Wizard of Oz”! It doesn’t need a remake! Warner Bros. is in talks with Robert Zemeckis to direct a live action remake, of the “Wizard of Oz”. They plan to use the original 1939 script that Warner Bros. owns. They own the script because it came with the MGM library that WB’s bought off of Ted Turner. The script was written by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, and Edgar Allan Woolf.

Disney is developing a prequel titled, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” to be directed by Sam Raimi.

See the article at Deadline, here.

Who would want to see a “Wizard of Oz”, remake? They’re probably gonna get Amy Adams as Dorothy since Amy can sing. Will Tom Hanks be the Scarecrow, Tin Man or the Cowardly Lioin?


Cool Video: See footage of actor Eric Stoltz play Marty McFly here, thanks to CNN…

CNN exclusively released rare never before seen footage of Eric Stoltz, the first actor that was originally signed to play Marty McFly in, “Back to the Future”. Rob Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg shot 5 weeks of filming with Eric, but they ended up firing the guy from the role because they felt he didn’t fit. The job obviously went to Michael J. Fox instead, of course! The film makers of “Back to The Future” never shown this footage publicly. You can see the rest of the Eric Stoltz footage on the upcoming “Back to the Future” Blu Ray set, which I will definitely buy! This video is very cool and it’s worth seeing!


Report: Robert Zemeckis to return to directing live action movies, also rumoured to be on the list of “Superman” directors…

Robert Zemeckis, will finally direct a live action movie after all these years. The last movie Zemeckis did that was live action was obviously, “Cast Away” back in the year 2000. After that, all he’s been doing lately are animated films. His next live action film will be a film titled, “Timeless”, yes, another movie based on time travel. It is not Back to the Future part IV of course, but, “Timeless” is original and something different. The plot has not been revealed for “Timeless” yet, but we will hear something soon. The question you have to ask, is this another role for Tom Hanks in the lead? Don’t be surprised. It could be another role for Tom.

Zemeckis is also rumoured to be on the list of directors for Christopher Nolan’s, “Superman”. Zemeckis won’t be a bad choice for “Superman”. Look at what Zemeckis did to “Back to the Future” and “Roger Rabbit”. I think Zemeckis would make a good Superman movie.

See the article here at, Deadline.

Nice to finally see Zemeckis back at directing live action. I’m a big fan of Zemeckis’s work, he’s made many great flicks.


“Back to the Future” cast…where are they now???

Since the movie industry is celebrating, the great “Back to the Future” trilogy by releasing the series to Blu Ray and doing a re-release in the UK, I thought it would be fun to show you what the cast of “Back to the Future” is up to now. Since they are doing no more BTTF films, you wonder if the cast is still acting or if any of them retired and moved on.

Here we go:

  • Michael J. Fox – I’m sure everybody knows what he is up to these days. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease which forced him to retire from acting, but not for good. He is still acting occasionally. He appeared in the sitcom “Scrubs” for a few episodes and he appears on TV often. Ever since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, he started the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Michael will make a full time TV return to star in the TV series, “The Good Wife”. Michael J. Fox also enjoys playing professional golf when he is not acting.
  • Christopher Lloyd – He is still acting for TV spots, appearing in films and doing voice overs for animated films. You can see him in the new “Piranha 3D” movie which he plays the role of, Mr. Goodman.
  • Crispin Glover – He was the role of George McFly in BTTF. Crispin is still acting in film to this day. His most recent roles were Stayne in “Alice in Wonderland” and he also stars in the comedy, “Hot Tub Time Machine”.
  • Lea Thompson – She is Marty’s mother in the BTTF series. I believe she still acting in film as well. Her latest work, she starred in the UK straight to DVD release family film, “Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer”.
  • Thomas Wilson – Tom is Biff, the villain/bully of the BTTF franchise. I believe he retired from acting. He became a standup comedian and musician. Visit his official youtube channel.
  • Claudia Wells – She plays Marty’s girlfriend in the first one. She is no longer acting as she has retired. She now owns a men’s fashion business, here she is here.
  • Marc McClure – He played Marty’s brother, Dave, in the series. He was also Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies. Marc I believed, retired from acting. His last movie role was “Frost/Nixon” in 2008.
  • Wendi Jo Sperber – Wendi was Marty’s sister, Linda, in the series. Sorry to say, but Wendi Jo Sperber passed away on Nov. 29th, 2005.
  • James Tolkan – He is that bald headed principal who was always mean. Looking up his filmography, I believe he is retired. I’m sure you remember this guy from his other well known roles such as “Masters of the Universe” and “Top Gun”.
  • Elisabeth Shue – She played Jennifer Parker in “Back to the Future II”. She is still acting as you can also see her in “Piranha 3D” starring with Jerry O’ Connell.

That’s the best I can find, doing careful research. Enjoy.


Report: “Back to the Future” trilogy on it’s way to Blu Ray Oct. 26!!! This is a must buy for me!!

I’m definitely getting this. I’m a huge “Back to the Future” fan. Even though I already have the trilogy on DVD, I’m still getting the Blu Ray versions. I’m getting it for the 2 hours of never before seen footage.


I don’t get Blu Ray too much. Only Blu Ray I have in my collection is “WW II in HD”. I stick with collecting DVD ’cause I’m waiting for prices on Blu Ray to go down. Prices on Blu Ray is slowly going down, but the new releases on Blu Ray is very pricey. Blu Ray movies is way cool though and definitely different than DVD. Picture and sound is better especially when you have an HD TV like I have.


Report: “Back to the Future” soundtrack now available…

This is super cool, a limited edition only of the “Back to the Future” movie soundtrack is now available to order online. This is for the instrumental score only. It won’t have the songs by Huey Lewis and Chuck Berry.

Check it out here:


“Back to the Future” the first one anyways, is one of my favorite films ever. It’s such a classic and a great family film with perfection. Especially the film’s beautiful music score. It has the best scoring of film history.


Report: Robert Zemeckis finally confirms sequel to “Roger Rabbit” is in the works…

Robert Zemeckis, speaks with MTV News and finally confirms a sequel to, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is in the works. Robert says he’s got the original guys who wrote the script of the first one to write the sequel. A script to the sequel is currently in development.

Hear the news from the mouth of Robert Zemeckis the man himself in this video:


“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is one of my all time favorite films. Always loved it! Hopefully Charles Fleischer will agree to reprise the voice overs of Roger Rabbit. I’m sure they’ll definitely bring back Jessica Rabbit, of course.

Not sure if Bob Hoskins will come back as Eddie Valiant though. I hope they bring back Christopher Lloyd voicing Judge Doom if they bring Judge Doom back. Judge Doom back for revenge, that will be cool!

I’m all for another Roger Rabbit movie! Bring it on!


Report: Robert Zemeckis to remake the Beatles animated movie, “Yellow Submarine” with Disney…

Disney and Robert Zemeckis are in negotiations to remake the famous Beatles movie, “Yellow Submarine”. Disney has bene quietly trying to get the rights to Zemeckis so he can have the full 16 original Beatles songs that were in the original film. The plan with the remake is that they want to make it 3D (plus I’m sure it will be CGI animated too). Disney hopes to release this around the time the Summer Olympics happen in 2012 which is on July 27th in London.

Variety Reports: