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Happy birthday to Michael J. Fox, yes, he is a die-hard leftist but still one of my favorite actors…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Michael J. Fox is a die-hard leftist just like the rest of liberal Hollywood but he’s still freakin’ awesome and I can still be a fan of his movies and not like his politics.

I grew up watching M.J. Fox films especially films like the “Back to the Future” trilogy and “Teen Wolf” which are the two films that made him a star. He made plenty of other great films in the 80’s and 90’s like “The Secret of My Success”, “Poison Ivy”, “The Frighteners”, “Doc Hollywood”, “Casualties of War”, “Bright Lights, Big City”, “Mars Attacks” and of course his sitcom series, “Family Ties”. I grew up watching all of that. So M.J. Fox’s career was definitely special in my life and I am a fan.

Of course, Michael’s film career took a major setback when it was discovered he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991. I read that Fox started getting Parkinson’s while filming the movie, “Doc Hollywood”.

For this reason, he was forced to retire from acting but not completely, he still works occasionally. He just doesn’t do leading roles in blockbuster films anymore like he used to. From what I’m seeing, he does voice over stuff for animated films, documentaries and makes lots of cameos of different TV shows.

Another thing I admire the hell out of M.J. Fox is that he is a real life guitar player and he still plays. There are plenty of videos of him playing with bands mostly jamming on Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”. Fox can really play that song.

I don’t agree with his politics and don’t have to but he’s still a great man. He maybe still suffering Parkinson’s Disease but the man is still alive and well. It hasn’t killed him yet. Happy birthday, Mike!!!


Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox reunites but it’s for a poker game, they decide to post an instagram selfie just for old times sake…

Michael J. Fox is hosting a poker game event to help benefit his Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research. He invites his longtime friend and actor, Christopher Lloyd to the poker game. So while these two guys were at the poker game, they decided to take a selfie together just for old time’s sake for both of their instagram accounts. There has been Back to the Future reunions in the past so these two guys have been together in the past before.

Even if there hasn’t been anymore “Back to the Future” sequels, fans still love the movies after all these years and these two guys know there are still fans out there so they took this photo for us fans. I know I’m a huge fan of the BTTF trilogy. Love all three of them; although, the first two will always be the best. The third one, the Western one was pretty good but not the best.

Will there ever be a “Back to the Future 4” for the big screen? In interviews, Christopher said he’s always game for playing Doc Brown again, he said he’s always ready for it but as far as Michael goes, I don’t think he’ll be able to play Marty again due to Parkinson’s. On top of that, Rob Zemeckis the director of the trilogy doesn’t want anymore “BTTF” films with no reason given. I guess Zemeckis just had enough of them and just wants to move on.

Anyhow, Christopher and Michael still do look great together after all these years, though and they are still brothers after all these years too. I wish they could do one more BTTF film ’cause I believe they can pull it off easily, it’s just that Zemeckis wants nothing to do with them anymore. Such a shame.

These two guys are very liberal politically yes but I don’t care, the BTTF movies are still freakin’ awesome.


Christopher Lloyd says he would do “Back to the Future 4” if the original team came back…

Even more “Back to the Future” news, Christopher Lloyd says he’s completely game for returning as Doc Brown in BTTF 4 if the original team would come back. That means Rob Zemeckis, Bob Gale, MJ Fox, Lea Thompson, Thomas Wilson will have to come back in order to get Chris to sign on.

Despite Michael’s parkinsons, I too believe he can still play Marty McFly pretty well; however, if Michael reprised his role as Marty in BTTF 4… Marty won’t be able to do a lot of action sequences.

I think it’ll be great if the whole gang came back, though.


It be kind of sweet to see Biff back ’cause he is one of my favorite movie villains of all time. Biff is still not done with Marty and still after him, HA!

“Hello, Hello, anyone home. Think McFly think.”

It’ll be awesome if BTTF 4 happened and I think it can work with the right story and script.

Sure, Chris Lloyd and MJ Fox are aging. Michael is in 50’s now and Chris is almost 80 but I’m sure they can figure out a storyline where they can explain the characters aging, ya know what I mean? Remember, it’s a time travel movie so anything can work.


30 years ago today the first “Back To the Future” film was released…

This is one of my favorite films of all time. While I do love the BTTF trilogy, the first will always be the best. It’s a classic indeed and I love it so much. I may as well re-watch it again later tonight.

Like most, I’ve seen it over a hundred times and it’s one of those films I’ll never get tired of.


Robin Williams was in early stages of Parkinson’s Disease before suicide, wife reveals…

Wow. This is even more shocking.

The wife of Robin Williams, reveals that the actor and comedian was in the beginning stage of Parkinson’s Disease. The same disease that Michael J. Fox currently has.



Maybe this is why he killed himself ’cause he didn’t want everybody finding out he was getting Parkinson’s. Now that I learned that he was at the early stages of Parkinson’s, I wish Michael J. Fox contacted him before Robin took his life. I’m pretty sure Michael would have taught Robin how to be strong and live with it.

I remember when Michael was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991, it took him a little while for him to go public with it. He went public with it in ’98. During that time, he got depressed for a while and started drinking heavily again. Then he got professional help. Michael is still alive and he’s trying his best to live his life to the fullest.

I understand that getting a disease sucks but people have to learn to live with it like Michael did. Too bad Robin couldn’t get the help that he needed. I’m pretty sure Michael would have been willing to help Robin and give him some advice.


Happy 51st Birthday!!! Michael J. Fox…

As of today, Michael J. Fox turns 51. Michael J. Fox is an actor I’ve always respected and admired. He was an actor who I’ve grew up watching. I’m sure each and everyone of you out there may have seen a movie of his or two and may have seen his sitcoms on TV over the years. Even though M.J.F., is mostly known for the “Back To The Future” movies which made him famous; he was great in other roles too. He was really good in “Teen Wolf”, “Secret of My Success”, “Bright Lights, Big City”, “Casualties of War”, “Doc Hollywood”, “The American President”, “The Frighteners”, and “Mars Attacks”. Of course, I’ve watched his sitcoms “Family Ties” and “Spin City”. He was always a good actor, talented man, and he still is. He’s got a new sitcom coming out soon for NBC and I’ll probably watch that too. Happy Birthday, Mike, and hope he’s having a good one!


Report: Michael J. Fox, finally returning to acting again but for TV…

Michael J. Fox, most famous for the “Back to the Future” movies is making a full time comeback to acting for a new TV sitcom show in 2013. Michael left Spin City in 2001 to fight, Parkinson’s Disease. After he left “Spin City”, he would occasionally return to acting by making guest appearances in shows like “Rescue Me”, “Boston Legal”, and, “The Good Wife”.

More on the story, here.

Michael J. Fox is an actor, I’ve always respected. He’s been in so many good movie roles, not just the BTF trilogy. Some of my other favorite movies he was in: “Teen Wolf”, “The Secret of My Success”, “Bright Lights, Big City”, “Doc Hollywood”, “The Frighteners”, “Casualties of War”, and “Mars Attacks”.

I give even more respect to Michael ’cause he continued acting even if he’s sick. Just shows that he loves acting and wouldn’t want to give it up, no matter what.


Cool Video: Michael J. Fox shows he really does know how to play “Johnny B. Goode”…

Michael J. Fox is not letting his Parkinson’s disease getting in the way of something that he loves doing, and that is playing the guitar! Michael does his yearly Cure for Parkinsons benefit concerts in NYC, and here he is, the man himself, playing the guitar to the song, “Johnny B. Goode”. He may have played this song for the film, “Back to the Future”, but that was obviously acting. In this video, this is for real. He really does know how to play, “Johnny B. Goode”, and he even plays the guitar solo.

Whether you think this is a good performance or not, you still got to give Michael the kudos for the effort. You can see that he’s standing while playing guitar and that’s pretty ballsy when you got Parkinson’s. Even though it looks like he’s having a hard time standing, he played right through the whole song and he does look like he’s having a blast. It’s great to see Michael that he still plays guitar even though he is sick. Rock on, man!