Cool Video: Michael J. Fox shows he really does know how to play “Johnny B. Goode”…

Michael J. Fox is not letting his Parkinson’s disease getting in the way of something that he loves doing, and that is playing the guitar! Michael does his yearly Cure for Parkinsons benefit concerts in NYC, and here he is, the man himself, playing the guitar to the song, “Johnny B. Goode”. He may have played this song for the film, “Back to the Future”, but that was obviously acting. In this video, this is for real. He really does know how to play, “Johnny B. Goode”, and he even plays the guitar solo.

Whether you think this is a good performance or not, you still got to give Michael the kudos for the effort. You can see that he’s standing while playing guitar and that’s pretty ballsy when you got Parkinson’s. Even though it looks like he’s having a hard time standing, he played right through the whole song and he does look like he’s having a blast. It’s great to see Michael that he still plays guitar even though he is sick. Rock on, man!


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