Thought: I think Brad Pitt is crazy to retire at the young age of 50…

Brad Pitt is too young to retire from acting. Yes, 50 is young. In my opinion, he should keep going. Maybe not in leading roles, but he could just do supporting roles or cameos. He shouldn’t give up acting completely. He’s not one of my favorite actors but he is a good one who has made plenty of fantastic films. What are some my favorite Brad Pitt films?

Well here are ten of my favorites, in no particular order: Fight Club, Seven, Moneyball, Sleepers, Meet Joe Black, Inglorious Basterds, 12 Monkeys, The Devil’s Own, and the Oceans trilogy.

Hopefully Angie doesn’t retire along with him as well. It does seem like she’s going to retire soon. If you’ve noticed, Angie’s been staying away from leading roles in films more often and concentrating on directing more. I’m a fan of both of their films.


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