In defense of Los Angeles…

Over the years, there have been a lot of people that talk negative shit about Los Angeles. A lot of people accuse the city of being nothing but business & fame. Part of that maybe true, but there is more to L.A., then just business & fame. There’s so much history in Los Angeles that a lot of people don’t realize. All the tourist attractions and landmarks in LA., were something and special, in my opinion. L.A. is not just all about money, you can do things for free.

A few things I can think of that you can do for free in L.A. is to go to the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, you can go to the beaches or you can take a walk through the Hollywood Blvd.

People complain about the traffic and the overcrowding, but yeah, that’s what you’re going to get when you go to a major city like that. People that live in L.A. are used to everything.

I actually enjoyed the Los Angeles visit. If I can ever afford it, I would even move there myself if I wanted to. I could, but the thing is, I don’t plan to move out of state. I’ll always be a NY’er. I’ll never leave my hometown behind. Other people would like to see me move out of the area and move on to bigger things but Greenwich is my home and always will be. I like L.A. and Hollywood, I would certainly go there again sometime in the future. Maybe next Fall in 2012?

I’ll have the L.A./Hollywood footage up this weekend. I didn’t feel like messing with that editing video stuff and wanted to do other things. Been trying to finish the “Dead Island” video game and catching up with some reading. I’ve been reading the “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.


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