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Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox reunites but it’s for a poker game, they decide to post an instagram selfie just for old times sake…

Michael J. Fox is hosting a poker game event to help benefit his Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research. He invites his longtime friend and actor, Christopher Lloyd to the poker game. So while these two guys were at the poker game, they decided to take a selfie together just for old time’s sake for both of their instagram accounts. There has been Back to the Future reunions in the past so these two guys have been together in the past before.

Even if there hasn’t been anymore “Back to the Future” sequels, fans still love the movies after all these years and these two guys know there are still fans out there so they took this photo for us fans. I know I’m a huge fan of the BTTF trilogy. Love all three of them; although, the first two will always be the best. The third one, the Western one was pretty good but not the best.

Will there ever be a “Back to the Future 4” for the big screen? In interviews, Christopher said he’s always game for playing Doc Brown again, he said he’s always ready for it but as far as Michael goes, I don’t think he’ll be able to play Marty again due to Parkinson’s. On top of that, Rob Zemeckis the director of the trilogy doesn’t want anymore “BTTF” films with no reason given. I guess Zemeckis just had enough of them and just wants to move on.

Anyhow, Christopher and Michael still do look great together after all these years, though and they are still brothers after all these years too. I wish they could do one more BTTF film ’cause I believe they can pull it off easily, it’s just that Zemeckis wants nothing to do with them anymore. Such a shame.

These two guys are very liberal politically yes but I don’t care, the BTTF movies are still freakin’ awesome.


Christopher Lloyd says he would do “Back to the Future 4” if the original team came back…

Even more “Back to the Future” news, Christopher Lloyd says he’s completely game for returning as Doc Brown in BTTF 4 if the original team would come back. That means Rob Zemeckis, Bob Gale, MJ Fox, Lea Thompson, Thomas Wilson will have to come back in order to get Chris to sign on.

Despite Michael’s parkinsons, I too believe he can still play Marty McFly pretty well; however, if Michael reprised his role as Marty in BTTF 4… Marty won’t be able to do a lot of action sequences.

I think it’ll be great if the whole gang came back, though.


It be kind of sweet to see Biff back ’cause he is one of my favorite movie villains of all time. Biff is still not done with Marty and still after him, HA!

“Hello, Hello, anyone home. Think McFly think.”

It’ll be awesome if BTTF 4 happened and I think it can work with the right story and script.

Sure, Chris Lloyd and MJ Fox are aging. Michael is in 50’s now and Chris is almost 80 but I’m sure they can figure out a storyline where they can explain the characters aging, ya know what I mean? Remember, it’s a time travel movie so anything can work.


Video: Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown for advertisement promoting new BTTF set…

Christopher Lloyd maybe 76 years old now but he still kills it as Doc Brown. Ya know, like most people I wish there could be a Back to The Future – Part 4 ’cause I agree there should be one more. I can understand why it won’t happen ’cause of the story and all that but hey. It’s called “creative writing” for a reason, ya know? BTTF series is science fiction and with sci-fi you can come up with anything. I think a BTTF 4 could work ’cause you can always come up with a story for it.

Anyway, I know a BTTF 4 will never happen now ’cause obviously, Michael J. Fox still has Parkinson’s Disease. Even though Michael still acts in films and TV shows here and there, I think he’s done with leading roles in big Hollywood films ’cause his body can’t take that kiind of work. That’s why he’s been working smaller roles a lot.

Ya know, an interesting idea for BTTF 4 is that Doc Brown could be the lead and Marty McFly could have a smaller role. I doubt they’ll go for that idea but it’s a start.

I’m a huge fan of the BTTF trilogy myself but the first one will always be a classic. I love the first film so much.


30 years ago today the first “Back To the Future” film was released…

This is one of my favorite films of all time. While I do love the BTTF trilogy, the first will always be the best. It’s a classic indeed and I love it so much. I may as well re-watch it again later tonight.

Like most, I’ve seen it over a hundred times and it’s one of those films I’ll never get tired of.


Netflix Pick (DVD): Piranha 3D

Last Sunday night, I finally got around to watching the new “Piranha” remake. A Netflix DVD rental.

The film stars Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O’ Connell and Christopher Lloyd. All 3 actors who starred in a bunch of iconic movies from the ’80’s.

The story is taken place at Lake Victoria where young college kids have their Spring break and have their parties. It isn’t just a regular party, it’s a wild one. There are bikini babes everywhere, and there’s a DJ spinning techno music where all college students would dance. The thing is, all the college students are partying above the lake where they would have the dance floor on a floating stage and kids would party on jet skis and other boats. The leading character, Jake has a crush on this girl named, Kelly, and they ended up meeting another guy named, Derrick (Jerry O’ Connell) who is an online video pornographer. Derrick hires Jake for a job so he can help Derrick find good filming spots on his boat to film porn movies with lesbian women. Of course, things go wrong when the piranha’s underwater are swimming around looking for human flesh to feed on.

Enough with the plot. Now on with a brief review. Movie fans and critics are calling this movie, the worst movie of 2010, but really? Did I watch the same movie they watched? I didn’t find anything wrong with it really. It was a very enjoyable flick. I actually liked it and didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s just a good popcorn horror film. It’s like a B-movie for sure. I enjoy movies like that. It’s one of those movies where you can watch in the summer for sure. I thought the movie was gory, sexy, and it was even scary in some parts. Yes, the movie was whacky, silly and humorous but that’s what I liked about it.

I loved the opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss, plus Christopher Lloyd was just great in the film even though he wasn’t in it much. I also loved Jerry O’ Connell’s performance, plus Elizabeth Shue is looking much older. Best of all, there’s a lot of topless women and naked tits throughout the film as well. When people slammed this movie when it first came out, I wanted to see it myself in theater but missed it. Never got around to seeing it until now. It wasn’t a bad film and I so am looking forward to the sequel now.


Cool Photo: Marty McFly and Doc Brown reunion at the Scream Awards!

This pic is so badass, I just had to post it! Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunion at the 2010 Scream Awards. Here they are posing for photogs. Ever since these two haven’t been doing the Back to the Future series, their looks haven’t changed one bit. Very weird! I love the Back to the Future trilogy, all three films are great!


Report: “Back to the Future” trilogy on it’s way to Blu Ray Oct. 26!!! This is a must buy for me!!

I’m definitely getting this. I’m a huge “Back to the Future” fan. Even though I already have the trilogy on DVD, I’m still getting the Blu Ray versions. I’m getting it for the 2 hours of never before seen footage.


I don’t get Blu Ray too much. Only Blu Ray I have in my collection is “WW II in HD”. I stick with collecting DVD ’cause I’m waiting for prices on Blu Ray to go down. Prices on Blu Ray is slowly going down, but the new releases on Blu Ray is very pricey. Blu Ray movies is way cool though and definitely different than DVD. Picture and sound is better especially when you have an HD TV like I have.


Report: “Back to the Future” soundtrack now available…

This is super cool, a limited edition only of the “Back to the Future” movie soundtrack is now available to order online. This is for the instrumental score only. It won’t have the songs by Huey Lewis and Chuck Berry.

Check it out here:


“Back to the Future” the first one anyways, is one of my favorite films ever. It’s such a classic and a great family film with perfection. Especially the film’s beautiful music score. It has the best scoring of film history.


Report: Robert Zemeckis hints at being interested in bringing Roger Rabbit back to the big screen!!! P-p-plllleeeasssee???

MTV News caught up with legendary film director, Robert Zemeckis, a man who did such movies like, the three “Back to the Future” films, “Cast Away”, “What Lies Beneath”, and of course, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” his most popular film.

There has been talks of a Roger Rabbit sequel ever since the first one came out but it never happened. Robert gives us a hint that he’s interested in working with Roger Rabbit again with all this new CGI technology, and imagine what you could do with all that while mixing animation with live action?

I really hope a sequel is being made ’cause I loved the first movie, I own it on DVD in my movie collection. I remember seeing, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” first came out at the drive-in theater when I was a young kid. Christopher Lloyd was fuckin’ awesome as Judge Doom! One of the coolest movie villains ever!

I don’t want Bob Hoskins back as Eddie since Bob is almost 70 years old now and he was pretty old himself when he played in the first movie. I would love it if Zemeckis wrote Judge Doom to come back from the dead and have Christopher Lloyd back, most definitely! I would prefer a younger star to lead in the sequel as long as they don’t get Shia Labeouf.

A Bob Hoskins cameo in the sequel would be alright for me though. The storyline for the second one could be that Judge Doom comes back to revenge Roger and Jessica. This time, Judge Doom is more evil and dangerous than ever. It’s just a plot idea that’s all.

I think Zemeckis will do the sequel, he wouldn’t give more details ’cause he didn’t want to break out the big news, he’s just giving out small hints. It’s great to finally hear news about a sequel though!

See it here at MTV News: