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Video: Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown for advertisement promoting new BTTF set…

Christopher Lloyd maybe 76 years old now but he still kills it as Doc Brown. Ya know, like most people I wish there could be a Back to The Future – Part 4 ’cause I agree there should be one more. I can understand why it won’t happen ’cause of the story and all that but hey. It’s called “creative writing” for a reason, ya know? BTTF series is science fiction and with sci-fi you can come up with anything. I think a BTTF 4 could work ’cause you can always come up with a story for it.

Anyway, I know a BTTF 4 will never happen now ’cause obviously, Michael J. Fox still has Parkinson’s Disease. Even though Michael still acts in films and TV shows here and there, I think he’s done with leading roles in big Hollywood films ’cause his body can’t take that kiind of work. That’s why he’s been working smaller roles a lot.

Ya know, an interesting idea for BTTF 4 is that Doc Brown could be the lead and Marty McFly could have a smaller role. I doubt they’ll go for that idea but it’s a start.

I’m a huge fan of the BTTF trilogy myself but the first one will always be a classic. I love the first film so much.