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Report: Robert Zemeckis hints at being interested in bringing Roger Rabbit back to the big screen!!! P-p-plllleeeasssee???

MTV News caught up with legendary film director, Robert Zemeckis, a man who did such movies like, the three “Back to the Future” films, “Cast Away”, “What Lies Beneath”, and of course, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” his most popular film.

There has been talks of a Roger Rabbit sequel ever since the first one came out but it never happened. Robert gives us a hint that he’s interested in working with Roger Rabbit again with all this new CGI technology, and imagine what you could do with all that while mixing animation with live action?

I really hope a sequel is being made ’cause I loved the first movie, I own it on DVD in my movie collection. I remember seeing, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” first came out at the drive-in theater when I was a young kid. Christopher Lloyd was fuckin’ awesome as Judge Doom! One of the coolest movie villains ever!

I don’t want Bob Hoskins back as Eddie since Bob is almost 70 years old now and he was pretty old himself when he played in the first movie. I would love it if Zemeckis wrote Judge Doom to come back from the dead and have Christopher Lloyd back, most definitely! I would prefer a younger star to lead in the sequel as long as they don’t get Shia Labeouf.

A Bob Hoskins cameo in the sequel would be alright for me though. The storyline for the second one could be that Judge Doom comes back to revenge Roger and Jessica. This time, Judge Doom is more evil and dangerous than ever. It’s just a plot idea that’s all.

I think Zemeckis will do the sequel, he wouldn’t give more details ’cause he didn’t want to break out the big news, he’s just giving out small hints. It’s great to finally hear news about a sequel though!

See it here at MTV News: