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Netflix Pick (DVD): Piranha 3D

Last Sunday night, I finally got around to watching the new “Piranha” remake. A Netflix DVD rental.

The film stars Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O’ Connell and Christopher Lloyd. All 3 actors who starred in a bunch of iconic movies from the ’80’s.

The story is taken place at Lake Victoria where young college kids have their Spring break and have their parties. It isn’t just a regular party, it’s a wild one. There are bikini babes everywhere, and there’s a DJ spinning techno music where all college students would dance. The thing is, all the college students are partying above the lake where they would have the dance floor on a floating stage and kids would party on jet skis and other boats. The leading character, Jake has a crush on this girl named, Kelly, and they ended up meeting another guy named, Derrick (Jerry O’ Connell) who is an online video pornographer. Derrick hires Jake for a job so he can help Derrick find good filming spots on his boat to film porn movies with lesbian women. Of course, things go wrong when the piranha’s underwater are swimming around looking for human flesh to feed on.

Enough with the plot. Now on with a brief review. Movie fans and critics are calling this movie, the worst movie of 2010, but really? Did I watch the same movie they watched? I didn’t find anything wrong with it really. It was a very enjoyable flick. I actually liked it and didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s just a good popcorn horror film. It’s like a B-movie for sure. I enjoy movies like that. It’s one of those movies where you can watch in the summer for sure. I thought the movie was gory, sexy, and it was even scary in some parts. Yes, the movie was whacky, silly and humorous but that’s what I liked about it.

I loved the opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss, plus Christopher Lloyd was just great in the film even though he wasn’t in it much. I also loved Jerry O’ Connell’s performance, plus Elizabeth Shue is looking much older. Best of all, there’s a lot of topless women and naked tits throughout the film as well. When people slammed this movie when it first came out, I wanted to see it myself in theater but missed it. Never got around to seeing it until now. It wasn’t a bad film and I so am looking forward to the sequel now.