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Cool Video: Bill Murray accepts Scream Award in a Ghostbusters suit!!! HOLY CRAP!

Bill Murray attended the Scream awards to pick up his award for Best Horror Film for the film, “Zombieland”, which he had a cameo in. Guess what folks? Bill Murray showed up on stage wearing a Ghostbusters suit! For a long time now, Bill Murray denied returning for “Ghostbusters 3” because he felt too old to be wearing a Ghostbusters suit again. Well, here is proof that he’s not that old and he still looks GREAT in the suit. Bill got a huge crowd reaction too. Come on, Bill! Please return for “Ghostbusters 3”. I think he would want to now after this.


Cool Photo: Marty McFly and Doc Brown reunion at the Scream Awards!

This pic is so badass, I just had to post it! Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunion at the 2010 Scream Awards. Here they are posing for photogs. Ever since these two haven’t been doing the Back to the Future series, their looks haven’t changed one bit. Very weird! I love the Back to the Future trilogy, all three films are great!


Cool Video: Michael J. Fox reprises his role as Marty McFly for “Scream” awards teaser!!!!

It may not be “Back to the Future: Part IV” but this is better than nothing! Michael J. Fox, finally got his opportunity to reprise his role as Marty McFly, but in a commercial for the “Scream” awards teaser. This teaser is so badass! Michael still plays Marty McFly very well, even with Parkinson’s Disease!

I so wish there could be a “Back to the Future: part IV”. If Michael was never diagnosed with Parkinson’s, there probably would have been a part IV.

Check out this awesome video! I love the Back to the Future trilogy!