Christopher Lloyd says he would do “Back to the Future 4” if the original team came back…

Even more “Back to the Future” news, Christopher Lloyd says he’s completely game for returning as Doc Brown in BTTF 4 if the original team would come back. That means Rob Zemeckis, Bob Gale, MJ Fox, Lea Thompson, Thomas Wilson will have to come back in order to get Chris to sign on.

Despite Michael’s parkinsons, I too believe he can still play Marty McFly pretty well; however, if Michael reprised his role as Marty in BTTF 4… Marty won’t be able to do a lot of action sequences.

I think it’ll be great if the whole gang came back, though.

It be kind of sweet to see Biff back ’cause he is one of my favorite movie villains of all time. Biff is still not done with Marty and still after him, HA!

“Hello, Hello, anyone home. Think McFly think.”

It’ll be awesome if BTTF 4 happened and I think it can work with the right story and script.

Sure, Chris Lloyd and MJ Fox are aging. Michael is in 50’s now and Chris is almost 80 but I’m sure they can figure out a storyline where they can explain the characters aging, ya know what I mean? Remember, it’s a time travel movie so anything can work.


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