Bernie didn’t win the debate last night, Hillary is gonna be the winner… of course… who else would be the winner?

The libtard community are already making predictions that Bernie Sanders won the debate but before the Democrat debate even went on, I made the prediction that Hillary is gonna win no matter what happens. All those standing ovations Hillary got last night, were they staged? I’m willing to bet they were! I’m sure CNN had an applause light box and it would only come on after Hillary got done talking.

It may have seemed that Bernie was pretty strong last night to liberals but Hillary won the debate last night just like she’s gonna win all of them.

I have noticed that Hillary’s server wasn’t brought up at all last night ’cause I’m sure that was a part of Hillary’s guidelines, if CNN brought up the server they would get some kind of legal action like a lawsuit or something.

Listen to the Doctor of Common Sense below.


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