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Can we finally please stop talking about Russia? Trump finally vindicated! He never colluded with Russia…

Yes, the Russians were meddling in the 2016 elections but it’s not what you think. Liberals had this crazy conspiracy theory that Trump was colluding with Russia so he can win the election and make Hillary lose.

Then here comes Robert Mueller investigating this so-called Trump/Russian collusion. He has been investigation this Russian collusion thing for a long while. For a while, it may have looked like he has been trying to take down Trump. It really has been looking like that but turns out, instead Mueller was actually after the Russians and not Trump. Mueller who is the US Special Counsel started the Russian investigation.

As of today, Rod Rosenstein announced that 13 Russians have been indicted and a few other Russian companies as well for interfering in the 2016 elections. They were interfering long before then. Rosenstein made it clear in the indictment that there were no allegations that Americans participated in the meddling with Russia which means Trump and his 2016 campaign didn’t do anything. He also said that the Russians meddling in the elections did not impact the outcome of the elections.

While Trump wasn’t colluding with Russians trying to get him to win, it turns out that the Russians were actually helping him during the elections. Russians were actually helping Trump during the 2016 elections, but once Trump won… they quickly switched to anti-Trump… hope I’m getting this right. They were also anti-Hillary and pro-Bernie. Well to me, it’s no surprise since commie Russia are big Bernie fans since Bernie is a die-hard commie himself.

So there you have it, anti-Trumpers. GAME OVER! YOU LOST! No collusion like we’ve all been saying for a long time!


Can we finally shut up about Russia for once and move on? This Trump Russia thing was getting tiresome. Trump is finally vindicated. This was pretty awesome what Robert Mueller did. It’s like playing 4D chess. Hopefully he’ll be after Hillary next and I think that’s his next target. Looks like he is after Hillary and not Trump. My bets are on it.

This is what draining the Swamp looks like.


What will it take to get Bernie to realize that Hillary doesn’t care about him?

I’ve just read this piece by Donna Brazile who is the former chairperson for the DNC. This was an excerpt from her new book that is about to get released pretty soon. As you probably have seen in the news by now, Donna had just exposed the truth that Hillary had complete control over the DNC before she even became the nominee. She found that out through Hillary’s Joint Fundraising committee. This is no surprise really ’cause we all knew that Hillary was in control of the DNC.

Donna tried to tell Bernie Sanders about this since she found proof that Hillary was controlling the DNC to rob him of the nomination, but he showed no emotion. That’s what the word, “stoically” means.

I’ve read this piece from start to finish, it’s pretty interesting:


Bernie knows he got screwed by the DNC and Hillary, he just won’t admit it for whatever reason. What will it take to get Bernie to feel that he regretted teaming up with Hillary after losing the nomination? Looks like Donna tried to get him to regret it as you read toward the end of the article, but it seems like Bernie doesn’t give a shit.

Bernie is under the delusion of trying to bring down Trump (I think he’s being paid by Hillary to do that, btw).

No doubt, if the DNC wasn’t rigged then Bernie would have won the Democratic nomination easily. Hillary knew that… it’s why she paid the DNC to rig the election. She knew she wanted to stop Bernie from winning.

I must say though that even though it’s pretty nice to see Donna admitted the corruption of the DNC, she was part of the corruption by sending debate questions for Hillary. She was a big part of trying to help Hillary win.

I’m no Bernie fan, but I do feel sorry for him that he got screwed. Seriously, I really feel that way. Wish the old fool would wake up ’cause Hillary never cared about him. The Clintons are controlling Bernie 100%. Money and power will do that. I wish Bernie would be a man and fight back at the Clintons but when he’s 76 years old, it’s understandable that he’s too weak to fight back. I remember he tried to fight back at the Clintons for a little bit in the past which is why many Bernie supporters hate Hillary, but then he sold out his fan base by teaming up with her. I’ll never forget that.

This is an explosive story, though. Something you won’t see much in Fake News.


Hillary reignites feud with Bernie in her new book… oh wow… here we go…

So Bernie Sanders got robbed by the DNC of the Democratic nomination, and then he was forced to team up with Hillary to try and take down Donald Trump. No doubt, Bernie was forced to join the Hillary campaign so he can help her win the 2016 elections; however, Bernie failed miserably at that. In Hillary’s new upcoming book, she ripped him for it so I take it that this Bernie vs. Hillary is back on? Apparently so!


Truthfully, Hillary never liked Bernie at all. She just used him to help her win the election. She’s now blaming him for her losing and accusing him of inspiring the “Crooked Hillary” nickname. LMAO! Hillary blames everything; she comes up with one excuse after another. This woman needs a lot of psychological help for sure. She’s all about herself, and it’s incredible how conceited she can be.

Hey Hillary, Bernie did not inspire the “Crooked Hillary” nickname. The American people called you that ’cause that’s exactly what you are, you stupid bitch. Everyone hates you Hillary and we all want you to go away forever. You get called “Crooked Hillary” ’cause you are nothing but a fuckin’ crook. You belong in prison. We’re all fed up with you… even many on the left hates you.

I’m no Bernie fan, but no doubt that he is being controlled by the Clintons and possibly by Obama too.




Incredible how much hatred the left have toward Republicans/Conservatives in America… the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia is proof of that…

Like everyone else, I’m also saddened and heartbroken by the news of the latest shooting in Alexandria, Virginia earlier this morning. God Bless to Rep. Steve Scalise and other members of the GOP who were hurt in this tragedy. Thoughts and prayers goes out to them and their families.

Anyway, this should be good enough to prove that the left have so much hatred toward Republicans and Conservative people in America. It was no surprise to me that the shooter turned out to be a liberal and he was also a Bernie supporter.

I gotta say that the left’s hatred toward the right is getting way out of hand. We always knew that the left always had strong hatred for the right but their hatred for us “conservatives” has gotten stronger. It’s gotta stop. Really, liberals, us “conservatives” aren’t that bad at all. We’re humans just like you.

Staying on one side of the spectrum is very dangerous and now look what happened. The left is trying to normalize violence toward the right and Trump supporters and they’re doing a very good job of that. The left has all kinds of problems. Having so much hatred toward the “right-wing” community and Trump supporters. Grow the fuck up, y’all. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Not everyone is going to have the same opinions and views as you so get the fuck over yourselves.

Politics isn’t all that black and white, you idiots. A lot of people accused us of being “too far on the right” but we’re not at all. Stop living in this delusional fantasy world that liberals are the good guys and conservatives are bad.

When are we ever going to unite and get along? Of course, I totally blame the left’s hatred on the right on the MSM for sure. They’re mostly responsible and blood is on the MSM’s hands. We really gotta end this “left vs. right” bullshit ’cause it’s getting out of hand. It’s gotta stop.

There’s no doubt that the left despises the “right” ’cause I’ve gotten slammed and attacked by many of them. Many on the left refuses to support my music simply because I have “conservative” beliefs, it’s ridiculous. Look, I use to have no problem with liberals. I can get along with them fine as long as they get along with me. After the Alexandria shooting, this makes me want to despise liberals even more.

I’m beginning to be scared of liberals now, seriously. When I go out in public like go out to the mall or go to the gym, sometimes I worry if I’m going to get confronted by a liberal ’cause I’m a Trump supporter. It’s a huge part of why I’ve gotten into boxing and now I’m thinking about maybe getting a legal gun permit for protection.

Of course, the left predictably blames guns like always. You know the old saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people?”. It’s true. The trigger doesn’t get pulled by itself, you idiots. It gets pulled ’cause you made that decision. Taking away our guns is not gonna stop gun violence ’cause people don’t follow laws and no matter how much guns get taken away, they’ll always find ways smuggle some in the country.

Get out of your delusional left-wing fantasy world. The Alexandria shooting is also proof that the mainstream media is the enemy of America. Stuff like this is why Trump won the election.

Bernie Sanders is also hugely responsible ’cause he’s driving his supporters to have deep hatred toward Trump. Blood is on his hands too. I never liked Bernie at all so glad I never supported that clown.

Yeah, it’s understandable that you have a right to dislike a president. You do have that right but what we’re getting annoyed about is the left not accepting that Trump is our president. We had to get forced to accept Obama as our president even if we don’t like him — well, you should have the same feelings for Trump.

The left has no doubt became more hateful, aggressive and evil than ever before.


It’s turning out that Bernie Sanders is on the side of Muslims and not Christianity… Bernie the anti-Christ????

Bernie Sanders is getting scarier and scarier. Liberals and some independent voters really support this clown? Really?

First, Bernie attacked Russell Vought who is President’s Trump’s nominee to be the deputy director of the Whitehouse Management and Budget. Bernie viciously attacked Vought over his belief in Christianity. So Bernie is simply saying that Christians shouldn’t be in a president’s administration?


Then we have Crazy Bernie attacking Vought some more during a confirmation hearing. Bernie seems to be on the side of Muslims and not Christians at all:


Interesting. So Bernie is going around talking about how Trump is creating hate by saying things about Mexicans, Women and Muslims but then Bernie here goes around hating on Christian people. Calls Trump a bigot and all sorts of names. Well, bigotry goes both ways, Bern. Hating on Christian people is bigotry too.

Bernie says that this country is having a problem with inequality and intolerance well he should look in the fuckin mirror.

I’m not a very religious person at all but I do believe in people’s rights to be in certain religions and they do have a right to believe in Christ if they please.

I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. I never supported this clown at all. Never liked him ever since the 2016 election started so for those who abandoned Bernie to support Trump instead, did a really smart thing; however, there are still a lot of dumb people who still support Bernie. Those die-hard Bernie fans would agree with everything Bernie says even if it’s wrong and even if what he said was full of shit.

Bernie scares me. I’m glad he isn’t our president. He probably would have welcomed Sharia law and the USA turning into a Muslim state. That’s what Bernie’s America would have looked like. Bernie is dangerous and evil. Would say anything for a vote.




Bernie hates rich people but he’s rich himself, how nice…

With Bernie Sanders owning 3 homes in the United States and having a really hot sports car, this article doesn’t come to a surprise at all. Bernie spent a lot of time throughout the campaign trail, going on TV interviews and going on twitter bashing rich people. It’s quite obvious that Bernie has a lot of hatred for rich people but Bernie is rich himself.

Check this article out:


Ya know, if poverty is such a problem then why don’t Bernie give up some of his money for the poor? You never see Bernie donating money to the homeless and there are also all kinds of charities out there where you can donate money to the poor  but you never see Bernie and his die-hard fan base doing any of that. Instead they’re hating on rich people.

Bernie Sanders, another liberal hypocrite politician. Nothing to see here. A hypocrite like the rest of ’em in Congress. I don’t know why those libtards love Bernie Sanders so much when he hasn’t accomplished anything. He’s also another “All Talk and no action” loser. Just talks a bunch of good stuff and gets nothing done but libtards still love him.

I never liked Bernie from the very beginning and still don’t. Glad I never supported this crazy old loon.


Why Bernie Sanders does nothing but bash Trump after losing election miserably… my take on it…

How can people still support Bernie Sanders when he has sold out his own fanbase during the primary election? Before Bernie sold out and teamed up with Hillary all of a sudden, I’ll admit that Bernie had a pretty good movement going but he blew it by teaming up with Hillary in order to take down Trump which they both failed miserably on. Now that the election is over, Bernie continues to attack Trump obsessively. Bernie continues to attack Trump obsessively on twitter, on TV, during speeches, etc. It’s really pathetic.

I can see why Bernie continues to do what he does. Bashing Trump obsessively. Since losing the election, Bernie almost had a career suicide. Came pretty close to it. His fanbase was going to stop supporting him since he teamed up with Hillary but since he won’t stop bashing Trump, that’s just his way to keep his fanbase and to stay relevant with them. Is it so Bernie can keep his voters for a possible 2020 run? Maybe get even more voters by bashing Trump all the time?

I don’t see how people can support the guy. Don’t see why he is still loved this much. He’s just another all-talk no action loser. That’s all Bernie does, talk all kinds of politics and does nothing to make ’em happen. Bernie talks all kinds of crap about fighting Wall Street corruption and all that stuff but none of it happened. He didn’t do anything to fight that. The same thing with his Climate Change. All talk no-action. Bernie talks so many things but does nothing. He has been in politics for over 30 years and hasn’t done anything but talk. His fans knows this, they are just too stubborn to admit it.

Bernie gives all of his whacky opinions in politics and it’s just insane that his fanbase believes everything he says. Anyway, it is obvious that Bernie is being paid by someone to bash Trump. He took upon that opportunity to help save his career from a political suicide.

It is real sad though that Bernie is so obsessed with Trump. His twitter and FB page are both pathetic. If you want an earful of Trump bashing, go to Bernie’s twitter and FB… you’ll see full of it.

Over the past year or so, Trump himself has had nothing but positive things to say about Bernie and Trump even said himself that he actually likes Bernie. Still Bernie won’t stop bashing him. Bernie is trying every desperate attempt to destroy Trump. Bernie tried to make Trump look bad over Mexicans, Women and Muslims but since that didn’t work out… Bernie is trying other attacks like with Healthcare, taxes, accuses Trump lying about medicaid, etc. I can go on and on. Crazy. Bern just won’t stop. He’s obviously obsessed with Trump.

It’s obvious that Bernie is trying all he can to keep his fanbase, that’s why they still love him. Bern is just a desperate lunatic. I don’t care what anyone says… I don’t like Bernie Sanders. Never did. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this guy is a complete loon. If you support him, then that’s all the proof there is to show that you’re gullible and naive. You shouldn’t trust politicians. Bernie is one of the worst politicians I’ve ever seen.

It’s no surprise to find people who like somebody like Bernie ’cause independent voters and liberals are always believing in the wrong politicians and presidential candidates. They are the same people who gave us Barack Obama. Remember that.



Those left-leaning “independents”, just as bad as die-hard liberals? Yes, absolutely!

This continues to be a problem. People claiming to be “independent” voters. Meaning they are both against Democrat and Republican politics; however, the only problem with that is many of these so-called “independents” still talk like liberals. They mostly still have views that are pretty “liberal”. These are people who still get their sources from the liberal MSM. They still get their info from liberal political figures like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others. They still believe there is nothing wrong with Barack Obama even though most of them hates Hillary.

Yeah, those die-hard liberals are pretty bad with their politics but those so-called “independents” (or what I call them “closeted” liberals) are a lot worse, in my opinion. I think these people who call themselves “independents” are confused on what “independents” actually means. An independent is someone who doesn’t “align” themselves with either parties, meaning they are against both sides of the spectrum. Even though these people call themselves “independents”, they still seem to align themselves with the left, really. They proclaim themselves as “independents” but they’ll never admit they’re closeted liberals and that’s just my opinion.

When they don’t want to be called “liberals”, then they’ll try to call themselves “libertarians” even they don’t know what “libertarianism” is either.

Debating politics against those so-called “independents” can be really frustrating, though. Many of them love Bernie, so go figure. Once again, I think they’re just closeted liberals.

Many so-called “independents” hate Trump when they shouldn’t have to. What they can’t seem to understand is that the true “independent” voters support Trump and voted for him. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Many independent voters the true ones stopped supporting Bernie and switched their support for Trump. Many so-called “independents” are misinformed and out of touch with reality, though. It’s crazy.

I just find it silly that people call themselves “independents” but they still think and talk like a liberal. Really weird to me. I’m sure you’ve seen this problem yourself.


President Trump is doing all the things Bernie Sanders wants but Bernie and his supporters still hating on Trump… WTF???

I’ve always known that Trump and Bernie Sanders had similar political views. Bernie wanted to get rid of TPP. Trump did that. Bernie wanted to lower drug prices in the pharma industry. Trump did that. Bernie wanted protections for the LGBTQ community in the workforce. Well, Trump did that too! While Trump and Bernie Sanders mostly got similar views the only things they disagree with each other on is Climate Change and environmentalist stuff.

It’s really weird to me how Trump is doing all these things for Bernie and his supporters but they’re still hating on Trump. I think I would blame the media and social networking groups for that ’cause they are good at manipulating people. The media and social networking groups like “Being Liberal”, “Occupy Democrats”, “The Other 98%” will do anything to make Trump look bad even if he does good things for them.

The media, liberals and Trump haters tried to paint Trump as a homophobe and I’m sure their heads were spinning when the news got out today that Trump vows to continue protecting the LGBTQ community in the workforce. I’ve always known that Trump is a friend to the gay community, he always has been. Yet everyone still sees him as a homophobe. That’s why there are plenty of gay people who love Trump. Many in the gay community voted for him… there is a “Gays For Trump” movement, look it up if you don’t believe me.

I love how Trump is doing all the things Bernie wants and Bernie’s supporters can’t stand it that it’s all hilarious to see.

When will the left and some independent voters realize that Trump is for them too? Hopefully they’ll see it soon. Trump is for everyone, not just for conservatives!



Bernie Sanders accuses Trump of teaming up with rich establishment people at inauguration… here’s my response to that idiot…

Um, wow. I don’t know what to call him: Crazy Bernie or Hypocrite Bernie? I think both would fit him nicely. Bernie accuses Trump of teaming with establishment people and billionaires at inauguration.

Hey Bernie, you old fool. You dumb lunatic.

Aren’t you the one who has repeatedly stated at the beginning of your campaign that you were anti-establishment? Now you team up with the Clinton’s and George Soros to take down Trump who are all billionaires and they are also the “establishment”. Before Bernie teamed up with the Clinton’s and Soros, he originally wanted to fight Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. What happened to that, Bernie, you crazy loon? What ever happened to you fighting to get rid of the TPP which Trump just killed today? What ever happened to the Revolution? You teamed up with the establishment of billionaires to take down Trump, you fucking hypocrite.

You could have had a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination but you fucking blew it by teaming up with Clinton and Soros to take down Trump. You won’t give up on your obsession with Trump ’cause someone is obviously paying you to attack Trump. Is that how you got the money for your $600,000 beach home? YOU WORK FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP WHICH YOU CONTINUE TO FAIL AT!

I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. He’s such a sellout and it’s so sad to see that people still love the guy which is no surprise though ’cause the left and the independent voters that support him are just as crazy & loony as he is. They should be mad at Bernie for selling out. Just proves how delusional and messed up Bernie fanatics really are.