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Those left-leaning “independents”, just as bad as die-hard liberals? Yes, absolutely!

This continues to be a problem. People claiming to be “independent” voters. Meaning they are both against Democrat and Republican politics; however, the only problem with that is many of these so-called “independents” still talk like liberals. They mostly still have views that are pretty “liberal”. These are people who still get their sources from the liberal MSM. They still get their info from liberal political figures like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others. They still believe there is nothing wrong with Barack Obama even though most of them hates Hillary.

Yeah, those die-hard liberals are pretty bad with their politics but those so-called “independents” (or what I call them “closeted” liberals) are a lot worse, in my opinion. I think these people who call themselves “independents” are confused on what “independents” actually means. An independent is someone who doesn’t “align” themselves with either parties, meaning they are against both sides of the spectrum. Even though these people call themselves “independents”, they still seem to align themselves with the left, really. They proclaim themselves as “independents” but they’ll never admit they’re closeted liberals and that’s just my opinion.

When they don’t want to be called “liberals”, then they’ll try to call themselves “libertarians” even they don’t know what “libertarianism” is either.

Debating politics against those so-called “independents” can be really frustrating, though. Many of them love Bernie, so go figure. Once again, I think they’re just closeted liberals.

Many so-called “independents” hate Trump when they shouldn’t have to. What they can’t seem to understand is that the true “independent” voters support Trump and voted for him. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Many independent voters the true ones stopped supporting Bernie and switched their support for Trump. Many so-called “independents” are misinformed and out of touch with reality, though. It’s crazy.

I just find it silly that people call themselves “independents” but they still think and talk like a liberal. Really weird to me. I’m sure you’ve seen this problem yourself.


President Trump is doing all the things Bernie Sanders wants but Bernie and his supporters still hating on Trump… WTF???

I’ve always known that Trump and Bernie Sanders had similar political views. Bernie wanted to get rid of TPP. Trump did that. Bernie wanted to lower drug prices in the pharma industry. Trump did that. Bernie wanted protections for the LGBTQ community in the workforce. Well, Trump did that too! While Trump and Bernie Sanders mostly got similar views the only things they disagree with each other on is Climate Change and environmentalist stuff.

It’s really weird to me how Trump is doing all these things for Bernie and his supporters but they’re still hating on Trump. I think I would blame the media and social networking groups for that ’cause they are good at manipulating people. The media and social networking groups like “Being Liberal”, “Occupy Democrats”, “The Other 98%” will do anything to make Trump look bad even if he does good things for them.

The media, liberals and Trump haters tried to paint Trump as a homophobe and I’m sure their heads were spinning when the news got out today that Trump vows to continue protecting the LGBTQ community in the workforce. I’ve always known that Trump is a friend to the gay community, he always has been. Yet everyone still sees him as a homophobe. That’s why there are plenty of gay people who love Trump. Many in the gay community voted for him… there is a “Gays For Trump” movement, look it up if you don’t believe me.

I love how Trump is doing all the things Bernie wants and Bernie’s supporters can’t stand it that it’s all hilarious to see.

When will the left and some independent voters realize that Trump is for them too? Hopefully they’ll see it soon. Trump is for everyone, not just for conservatives!



Bernie Sanders accuses Trump of teaming up with rich establishment people at inauguration… here’s my response to that idiot…

Um, wow. I don’t know what to call him: Crazy Bernie or Hypocrite Bernie? I think both would fit him nicely. Bernie accuses Trump of teaming with establishment people and billionaires at inauguration.

Hey Bernie, you old fool. You dumb lunatic.

Aren’t you the one who has repeatedly stated at the beginning of your campaign that you were anti-establishment? Now you team up with the Clinton’s and George Soros to take down Trump who are all billionaires and they are also the “establishment”. Before Bernie teamed up with the Clinton’s and Soros, he originally wanted to fight Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. What happened to that, Bernie, you crazy loon? What ever happened to you fighting to get rid of the TPP which Trump just killed today? What ever happened to the Revolution? You teamed up with the establishment of billionaires to take down Trump, you fucking hypocrite.

You could have had a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination but you fucking blew it by teaming up with Clinton and Soros to take down Trump. You won’t give up on your obsession with Trump ’cause someone is obviously paying you to attack Trump. Is that how you got the money for your $600,000 beach home? YOU WORK FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP WHICH YOU CONTINUE TO FAIL AT!

I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. He’s such a sellout and it’s so sad to see that people still love the guy which is no surprise though ’cause the left and the independent voters that support him are just as crazy & loony as he is. They should be mad at Bernie for selling out. Just proves how delusional and messed up Bernie fanatics really are.


Liberals should be helping us fight back at the media, Donald Trump is not the problem…


Liberals think it’s Trump’s fault that Hillary & Bernie lost the election. So they take their anger out at Trump and his supporters like me.

In the image above are the liberal news sources that I’ve been talking about on these blogs. Those liberal news sources above are the “fake news” like I’ve been trying to teach you guys about. Liberal media aka the new tabloids. They are in bed with Democratic politicians but they hate everything “right-wing”. That’s how black & white the media is. Somebody is definitely controlling the media. Absolutely. Somebody is definitely paying the media loads of money to ram “liberalism” down our throats and I have a pretty good idea of who has been doing it. Not only that Obama & Hillary has been controlling the media, they are definitely in on it too but lets just say that all the work is done by only one man, George Soros. I can’t stand that piece of garbage like most people. George Soros living in a delusional fantasy world, thinking that’s how we view the country but we don’t. Some rich old billionaire who is not even from this country. Soros is a Hungarian so why would he care about America?

People want to deny liberal bias in the news and they actually believe that’s how we see the world but we don’t at all. We want reality in this country. We don’t want to see these whacky views by the left… all this transgender bathroom garbage, thinking that abortion is good for women, thinking that Muslims and Illegal aliens are good people, etc. I can go on all day about this. This is not how we view the world or this country. Sad how those die-hard liberals fall for all this which is how they became die-hard liberals to begin with.

What we want for this country is reality. We want to be loved as a country again and to be strong again which is a part of why we want Donald Trump to be our next prez. We’re getting tired of this “left vs. right” thing that the media has started. That’s not how we want this country to go. We’re tired of the news ramming “liberalism” down our throats and getting people thinking that’s the reality we live in but it isn’t. We want this country back to where are founding fathers viewed this country as. You get what I’m saying?

Just kill your TV and stop reading the news on the internet ’cause it’s all garbage.  A lot of us support Donald Trump ’cause we all felt bad of how the media treated the man. The more they kept at it, the more support he got. We all knew how the media treated him was bullshit. We don’t buy what they say at all. They did all they could to make Hillary look good but they failed, big time. Hillary is not the queen of England or anything like that and it scares me that people treat her like that.

Sad that some of you guys including my readers, take everything the media says seriously. You would think that Bernie getting robbed of the nomination, they would be angry at the media right now? The media treated Bernie horribly too and it’s been proven by WIkileaks that the media had helped the DNC to steal the election from Bernie. Liberals did nothing. Instead they kept following the media’s advice to go after Trump supporters. Liberals will always follow what the media says which is sad in my opinion. If they really wanted Hillary to win, they would be protesting the media ’cause they were the ones who lied to you all along. The media lies to liberals too, not just to conservatives and liberals continue to blindly follow the media. That’s because the media knows how naive and gullible they are. Those are the kind of people they target in order to win elections. Media thinks we’re dumb but we’re not. Us Trump supporters are smart enough to know that the media is bullshit and they don’t like it. That’s why the media are attacking us 10x’s harder and censoring Trump supporters online.

Sad this is all going on. I agree with most Trump supporters that George Soros needs to be jailed. He’s the one in charge of all of these riots at the Trump rallies and riots after the election. He’s the one funding all those riots and hiring all those animals. Fuck that piece of shit. I could care less what happens to that evil man.


If you still believe Trump is a racist, misogynist and homophobic… you may want to check this out…

Ya know it’s really sad that all the Hillary supporters and Bernie lovers believe all those claims that they think Trump is a racist, misogynist and homophobic. Trump is none of those things and here is a video to prove it. Like I repeatedly said before Trump has won over the support of people of all types.

Why do the LGBT community support Trump now? Simply because Hillary is friendly with Muslims and Muslims kills gays by hanging them and throwing them off of buildings. That’s why the gay community switched their support to Trump and that happened right after the Florida shooting at Pulse gay club. You may not think it but Trump is a friend to the gay community.

If you still believe he’s a racist and misogynist then you’re a gullible person who believes everything the media tells you.

The reality is Trump is a great man and the media wants to ignore that. Just imagine if the media reported good stuff about Trump, think how many more votes Trump would get? Trump would have swept every state if media reported on him fairly!


Hillary bringing up “Climate Change” now… is she starting to sound like Bernie? I say yes!

I don’t think Hillary brought up Climate Change in the past before until now. Climate Change has always been a Bernie thing. Now she’s starting to ram Climate Change down our throats. Bernie campaigns for Hillary and Barack Obama campaigns for Hillary. Both Bernie and Obama are big on Climate Change obviously so it’s no surprise to me at all that Hillary is gonna start ramming “Climate Change” down our throats sooner or later. Now she’s got Al Gore on the campaign trail.

Is Hillary desperately trying to take Bernie’s voters? That’s what it’s looking like to me.

What I don’t get is that Bernie sold out by endorsing Hillary. Bernie fans were angry at him at first but it appears that many Bernie fans still want him as president despite his support for Hillary. Many Bernie fans hate Hillary just as much but I don’t understand why they continue to want Bernie to be president? What did Bernie say to his supporters that’ll make them want to support him still? I’ve also noticed that Bernie fans has gone soft on Hillary and they are not as hateful toward her as they were in the past. Some of them are starting to defend her now. They always listen to Bernie. They will always believe everything he says or does. It’s sickening. Sooner or later, Bernie fans will have their full support for Hillary. I’m predicting that’ll be coming soon before Nov. 8th.


I agree with Mr. Trump that Bernie should retract Hillary endorsement but he won’t…

So let me get this straight… Hillary stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders and then she stabs him in the back again by calling his supporters, “Basement Dwellers”. Bernie just responded to that just recently and he actually defended Hillary over that statement.

I agree that Bernie should retract and pull out of Hillary endorsement ’cause she doesn’t care about him at all. She just wants his voters.

Bernie is never gonna pull out of Hillary endorsement ’cause why? This is the fucking Clintons we’re talking here.  The Clintons has put peoples lives in danger if you double cross them or get in their way. Just ask Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Just ask the 4 men who were killed in Benghazi. What about the rest of the victims in Hillary’s body bag list?

Bernie have to stay on her side. He have to defend her every step of the way ’cause that’s what he was paid a lot of money to do. He’s probably getting paid a lot of money by the Clintons to stay on their side.

If Bernie said anything negative about the Clintons or disagreed with them in anyway possible then Bernie’s life could be put in danger too. He could end up in the news that Bernie committed suicide like what happened to a lot of Clinton’s campaign staff. Bernie probably wants to pull out of Hillary endorsement, I’m sure he wants to pretty badly but he can’t or he’ll get added to the Clinton’s kill list.

Even though Bernie Sanders hates Trump and doing all he can to take Trump down, it appears that Donald Trump himself doesn’t hate Bernie at all. If you noticed on Trump’s twitter, Mr. Trump is always defending Bernie and Trump has nothing but positive things to say about Bernie so it looks like Trump has no grudge against Bernie at all. Seems to me that Trump is looking out for Bernie.

Bernie is obsessed with taking down Trump ’cause that’s what he’s being paid to do by the Clintons. Bernie is being controlled by the Clintons.

I’m no Bernie fan but Bernie working with the Clintons is very fishy to me. Something is not right.