I agree with Mr. Trump that Bernie should retract Hillary endorsement but he won’t…

So let me get this straight… Hillary stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders and then she stabs him in the back again by calling his supporters, “Basement Dwellers”. Bernie just responded to that just recently and he actually defended Hillary over that statement.

I agree that Bernie should retract and pull out of Hillary endorsement ’cause she doesn’t care about him at all. She just wants his voters.

Bernie is never gonna pull out of Hillary endorsement ’cause why? This is the fucking Clintons we’re talking here.  The Clintons has put peoples lives in danger if you double cross them or get in their way. Just ask Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Just ask the 4 men who were killed in Benghazi. What about the rest of the victims in Hillary’s body bag list?

Bernie have to stay on her side. He have to defend her every step of the way ’cause that’s what he was paid a lot of money to do. He’s probably getting paid a lot of money by the Clintons to stay on their side.

If Bernie said anything negative about the Clintons or disagreed with them in anyway possible then Bernie’s life could be put in danger too. He could end up in the news that Bernie committed suicide like what happened to a lot of Clinton’s campaign staff. Bernie probably wants to pull out of Hillary endorsement, I’m sure he wants to pretty badly but he can’t or he’ll get added to the Clinton’s kill list.

Even though Bernie Sanders hates Trump and doing all he can to take Trump down, it appears that Donald Trump himself doesn’t hate Bernie at all. If you noticed on Trump’s twitter, Mr. Trump is always defending Bernie and Trump has nothing but positive things to say about Bernie so it looks like Trump has no grudge against Bernie at all. Seems to me that Trump is looking out for Bernie.

Bernie is obsessed with taking down Trump ’cause that’s what he’s being paid to do by the Clintons. Bernie is being controlled by the Clintons.

I’m no Bernie fan but Bernie working with the Clintons is very fishy to me. Something is not right.


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