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President Trump reveals the “Space Force” logo today and honestly, it does look like Star Trek a little bit…

Trump revealed the US Space Force logo today and I’ll admit that it does look like Star Trek a little bit. Not exactly the same as the Star Trek insignia but pretty close.

I think the goal with Trump’s SpaceForce is that to have the military protect the United States by doing operations and things like that in outer space. Ya know, to keep an eye out for the United States by space.

So pretty soon they’ll be building their own spacecrafts, rockets and things like that to blast into space. I also would think they would be wearing astronaut suits just like NASA.

A lot of people would like think of the Space Force as Star Trek or Star Wars which is funny but it won’t even be close to those. It’ll be similar to NASA but different. Will the Space Force have their own space station in space? Yes, I’m sure they’re planning on that but that would take years to build probably. It won’t be anything like the Starship Enterprise and I’m sure you’ll still be floating around in the space station.

When Trump first announced that he’s going to start a SPACE FORCE, everybody laughed at him (including Trump supporters) and thought he was just kidding but turns out he’s not. This Space Force thing is 100% real and he isn’t kidding around obviously.

Would this space force thing work in order to protect the USA? Yeah, I think it totally would. A lot of people like to make fun of this but it’s the real deal and I think it would work. It is interesting where this is going. No there won’t be light sabers, no laser guns and there won’t be a death star and there won’t be Klingon ships, lmao.

It’s interesting how this is getting people talking.


Kris Paronto gives Hollywood celebs the ultimate smackdown… GO KRIS!!!! \m/

Kris Paronto is the freakin’ man! He is so right that in the last 8 years in the age of Obama, the Obama presidency was nothing but celebrity. I’ve actually been trying to say that for a long time now. There’s no doubt that Obama is a huge narcissist and ego-maniac. He thought being a president was all about being “famous” and being a “celebrity” when being a president isn’t about that at all. Being president is about leading the country which Obama never did. Obama wanted to be famous himself and that’s probably the only reason he became president, I think. Obama wanted Hollywood to accept him which he did a good job at that because most movie stars and most music stars love him. That’s probably because Obama thought he was them. It’s why Obama didn’t do much to lead the country. He wanted to do whatever it took to become accepted. He definitely thought he was a “celebrity” which is why he did all of these talk show appearances, it’s why he did all of this golfing and going on vacations. He did all that because he thought he was a “celebrity” or something. Those are the kind of things what celebrities do, ya know?

I find it ridiculous that celebrities get defended when they get into politics. They get called “courageous” for speaking their minds. Liberals also defend celebs speaking politics because they feel that celebs has every right to an opinion. *ahem* No… celebs don’t talk opinions at all. They paint their “opinions” as if they are talking the “truth”. Ya know, treat their opinions as if they are “factual” which is rude and it’s why we’re fed up with them pretty much. They think they’re better than us ’cause they’re rich and more famous than us so they believe we see the world the same way they do when we don’t. Celebs are people who are probably brainwashed by their Obama and the mainstream media.

Kris Paronto is right… they need to shut up about politics and entertain us like they were set out to do. Ya know, when celebs whether movie stars or music stars ram their liberal politics down our throats, they don’t realize they are alienating their own fanbase. People get turned off and they’ll stop supporting their work when they do that stuff. I can’t tell you how many movie stars or music stars I put on the boycott list ’cause they won’t cut the shit: Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Madonna, Stephen King, Robert Deniro, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s real sad… all these people I used to like and admire.


When Trump gets in office, he won’t waste his time with fame. I don’t think you’ll see President Trump on Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon or Ellen or any of that junk. Trump is already a famous celebrity so he doesn’t need to care about fame unlike Barack Obama. This is why celebs hate Trump ’cause he’s not like them.


4 more days and we can finally say good riddance to Obama!!!


So Obama has finally been defeated which was a pretty long battle against Obozo but we finally took him down. He should have been taking down even sooner, though. Liberals and some independent voters keep hailing Obama as a hero president but really? What has Obama accomplished over the last 8 years of his presidency? Has anything positive came out about Obama’s presidency? I would say no to both of those questions. Obama hasn’t accomplished anything over the last 8 years and nothing positive came out about his presidency. If you think Obama’s presidency was positive and successful, I want to know what drugs you’re using. If you think Obama’s presidency was positive & successful then you’re probably brainwashed by CNN, NBC or the Washington Post. Maybe you follow garbage FB groups like Being Liberal or read liberal blogs like Media Matters.

Everything about Obama was so negative and evil… it’s crazy. If Hillary won the election instead, no doubt we would have to put up with Obama even longer. What if Obama was a part of Hillary’s administration or if he was appointed Supreme Court justice? Thank god none of that will be happening. Obama will be long gone. Oh yeah, btw y’all, so because Obama may be done with his presidency this week, that doesn’t mean we’ll forget what he did to the country. Once Obama leaves office, hopefully federal prison will be next for him ’cause he totally deserves that. Committing a lot of government crimes and thinking he can get away with it all. Hopefully once Trump gets in office, Trump will find enough evidence to prove Obama guilty especially for crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, the IRS targeting, etc. Hopefully that will happen soon. Hillary is not the only one that needs to be locked up. The entire Obama administration needs to be locked up too.

Anyway, Friday is a really exciting day and I can’t wait. Yes, I will be staying home on Friday so I can watch the Trump inauguration. The inauguration usually starts at 9 in the morning in D.C. and I’ll be up in the morning before then. Hopefully, Friday will be a peaceful day with no violence and no disruptions by those whiny crybabies.


3 Doors Down and Toby Keith has agreed to play Trump’s inauguration celebration next week… congrats!!!

Announced by 3 Doors Down today, the band has announced that they will perform live at Trump’s Inaugural Celebration next week on Jan. 19th. Toby Keith is also confirmed to perform. 3 Doors Down are well known for their hits “Kryptonite” and “Loser”. Toby Keith is well-known for his hits, “How Do You Like Me Now” and “Courtesy Of Red White and Blue”.

It should have been no surprise to see that Toby Keith maybe performing at Trump’s inaugural ’cause a lot of his songs are pretty patriotic. Plus, Toby is a big supporter of our troops and he does a lot for them so Toby must be a Trump supporter.

I used to listen to 3 Doors Down a lot when I was young. I think I still have their first album, “The Better Life” in my music collection.

I’m pretty sure a lot of liberal crybabies are already threatening to boycott their music.


Finally, a celeb with an actual brain… thank you Nicole Kidman!

Is Nicole Kidman talking to all the Trump haters out there? Seems like she is. She says it’s time for all Americans to accept Trump and support him as president… meaning that you should support him whether you like him or not which is so true.

Nicole Kidman Says It’s Time to Support Donald Trump

Anyway, she refuses to say whether she voted for him or not but that’s good. She’s trying to keep politics away from her film career which is smart of her to do unlike most celebs these days who constantly ram their liberal politics down our throats. Nicole is smart to leave politics out of things.

I love how Nicole’s comments are driving the liberal Trump haters insane, though. They’re bashing the hell out of her and saying things like “She’s Australian so why would she care?”. Yes, she’s from Australia but she’s also a “legal” American citizen. She has lived in America for most of her life. Legal immigrants has every right to speak their thoughts about their country like we all do. It’s funny, ya know… liberals think it’s wrong for conservatives to hate on “illegal” aliens and thinks it’s racist but liberals are hating on those immigrants who are here “legally”. Isn’t that kind of racist too?

Anyways, Nicole makes a lot of sense and I agree with her. She’s someone with an actual brain unlike that idiot Meryl Streep.

Trump won the election 4 times and the haters still can’t accept it. Those Trump haters are the most childish and uneducated people I’ve ever seen. Their opinions always so one-sided, brainwashed by the media.


Yes, CNN deserves to get called out by Trump like that just like Obama was allowed to call out FOX NEWS…

It’s pretty funny how all the NeverTrump idiots out there are like, “Oh no, Trump called out CNN during a press conference. That is so inappropriate and unprofessional!”. Well, CNN spent the whole year attacking Trump and slandering him throughout this election. How else do you want him to respond? Do you want him to smile about it and say “thank you”? You want Trump to give CNN a pat on the back for it? No way. I can’t blame Trump for calling out CNN. You want to waste all that time bashing him and making up false stories about him that is not true then of course he’s gonna be mean in return. Once again, I can’t blame him and I would do the same thing.

The reason I love Trump is because he’s not afraid to speak out about how he feels and he’s not afraid to say to someone’s face. If he doesn’t like someone or something, he’s not afraid to say it. Trump is just being himself and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a free country, right?

Why was Obama allowed to call out FOX NEWS and blame them for all the hate he got by the “right-wing” community? Obama never got any flak for calling out FOX NEWS but Trump gets flak for calling out a liberal network like CNN. Throughout the 8 years of Obama’s presidency, all he did was blame FOX News for a lot of stuff. Obama got a lot of bad publicity and negative criticism by the American people and he thinks it’s FOX News’s fault for that. It’s pretty insane that when Obama calls out FOX NEWS, people are like, “Yeah, Obama is so right. FOX NEWS is terrible” and when Trump calls out CNN, people are like, “Boo hoo, Trump is such a jerk”. More double standard? I believe so.

CNN should be sued to the ground and they should get sued hard. I think that network should be shutdown just like Hulk Hogan shutdown Gawker successfully. I wish Trump would sue CNN but he probably can’t since he’s about to become the next president.

Believe me, I know what it’s like getting bad publicity and bad press so I feel Trump. This world is messed up and crazy. Don’t let people bring you down and don’t let ’em win. That’s Trump’s attitude and always has been. He said several times throughout the election and through his books that if people give him a hard time, he’ll give you a hard time back. That’s how he works. I’m the same way. CNN deserved what they got and I hope Trump decides to sue them one day if he’s planning on it. CNN shouldn’t be allowed at press conferences at the White House when Trump is president. They should be banned from the White House completely.


Trump announces who’s gonna take over his empire during press conference today…

While Trump is about to take office next Friday on Jan 20th in 9 days, we wonder who’s gonna take over Trump’s business empire. Ya know… Trump’s hotels, golf resorts, etc. Trump announced during the Press Conference at Trump Tower today that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump will take over on running Trump’s business empire. Donald Sr. will still own the Trump empire, it’s just that Donald Jr. and Eric will take over to help keep the empire alive while Trump Sr. is in the White House.

So what is Ivanka gonna do while her father is in the White House? She’s gonna do nothing. She’s not gonna be a part of Trump’s administration and she’s not gonna help run Trump’s empire either. Why? Well somebody needs to look after her three kids while her husband Jared takes the big White House job as senior advisor. Jared is gonna be away from home a lot so Ivanka needs to stay home to take care of her kids which is actually a great thing to do of her. She’s probably one of those where she believes that children are always the first priority. She’s a Mom and she probably prefers to be that than anything else so more power to her.

It was a good press conference. I loved how Trump was picky and choosy to take questions by the press. When the press were raising their hands hoping to get picked by Trump, Donald was like, “Not you, you’re fake news.”. LOL, that was hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I can’t wait for Trump to get sworn in next Friday. Next Friday, America is about to witness history. I will watch the inauguration on TV next week for sure.


Will I boycott Hollywood? Probably not totally but I will boycott award shows and Meryl Streep films, though…

Through social networking, there has been a lot of calls for “boycotting” Hollywood by Trump supporters. Meaning stop going to the movie theaters completely and stop buying/renting movies too. Should I boycott Hollywood completely? No, I probably won’t but lets just say that I will boycott ALL award shows and I will boycott Meryl Streep movies, though. That’s good enough. I won’t boycott Hollywood ’cause I love the movies and I’m a movie buff, I can’t stop what I am. Yeah, I know most of Hollywood are a bunch of libtards but I don’t care about their politics. I just watch movies for the good stories and I need my entertainment.

I must say though that I find it really sad that most of Hollywood today won’t stop ramming their liberal politics down everyone’s throats. There are so many talented movie stars that I used to like and admire but they’re die hard liberals like Tom Hanks, Leo Dicaprio, Russell Crowe, Sam L. Jackson, Robert Deniro, etc. I can keep going with this list. When a celeb goes too far with their die-hard liberal politics, I’ll have no choice but to boycott their career like Meryl Streep for starters.

People are getting fed up with Hollywood at award shows ’cause instead of talking about their films and their career, they have to ram liberal politics down our throats like Meryl Streep just did. She made a bunch of absurd claims that Trump made fun of a disabled person which isn’t true, Trump wants to kick out all foreigners which is also bullshit and Meryl attacked fans who liked to watch football and MMA. No, Trump did not make fun of a disabled person, he made similar gestures like that when making fun of other people… that’s just a part of Trump’s sense of humor. Trump does not want to kick out foreigners, he only wants to kick out “illegal” foreigners. Not that hard to understand isn’t it? She also said something stupid like “Without Hollywood, we would only have football and MMA”. Hey Meryl, I’m not a fan of football but I am a fan of MMA, so shut up you old cunt.

Who cares about Meryl Streep anyways. I’ve only seen like three good films with her in it: “Ironweed”, “The River Wild” and “Kramer vs. Kramer” but I haven’t seen any other good films of hers. She mostly starred in mostly dumb chick flicks and snooze fest drama films over the years anyways.

It wouldn’t surprise me that liberals agree with everything Meryl said and hailing her as a hero like they’re typically doing now. If you believe her claim that Trump made fun of a disabled person then you probably watch CNN or read the Washington Post.

I won’t boycott Hollywood ’cause I like to watch movies, that’s who I am but I am done with award shows, though. I won’t even watch the Oscars this year.


Why Tomi Lahren is right on liberals losing the election… it’s because they’re the ones doing all the hating???

Love this tweet that was posted by Tomi Lahren (who is awesome, by the way). If you want to know why liberals lost the election this time is because of their behavior toward people. For the past 8 years under the Obama presidency, liberals really did treat people like shit. They mostly treated people with conservative views like a pile of garbage. I’ve gotten attacked by stupid liberals for the past 8 years. That is exactly why they lost the election this time is simply because the way they treat people. They want to accuse Trump and his supporters of “hate”? Well, they should look in the fucking mirror ’cause liberals are the ones doing the hating. Going around bashing conservatives & Republican voters because their views are different than theirs. That is called intolerance. Liberals lost the election ’cause we grew fed up with their hate, their negativity and their intolerance. Think about it right?

We would have had no problem with liberals if they were more tolerant toward others. Ya know, be more accepting of other peoples views and opinions but they never are. If your views and opinions are different than liberals, they’ll call you all kinds of names like racist, bigots or whatever else they can think of.

Why are the left so hateful toward conservatives in America? For starters you can blame the mainstream media for that. Also Barack Obama and Democrat politicians are to blame. They are the ones teaching them to be intolerant toward people who disagree with them. This is how Democrats stay in power and it’s how they think they can win elections by manipulating the American people. Well this isn’t the way Democrats stay in power and win elections ’cause they are losing power the more they treat people this way. Liberals will continue to lose elections for a pretty long time the more they keep it up. They will lose the 2020 election and they will lose 2024 too.

Liberals are a cancer to this country and we’re getting so fed up with them. It’s time to put an end to liberalism finally and unite this country. Liberals tried to take over the country and destroy it but it didn’t work out too well for them did it? I despise liberals and finally they are losing power which is long overdue. I don’t care what they have to say anymore and I just ignore them most of the time. When liberals attack me through facebook, twitter or this blog… I just delete their garbage and block/ignore them. They’re not worth debating against anymore ’cause talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall.

I don’t buy into liberals “human rights” and “equality” and all that garbage ’cause since they talk about “loving” people and being more acceptance of others — they’re not doing that by hating on people who disagree with them like conservatives. It makes them hypocrites when they accuse others of hating when they’re the ones doing all the hating. Their hatred against conservatives and Trump supporters has gotten much worse too. Conservatives getting beat up at Trump rallies and all that stuff. The latest news of 4 blacks torturing a Trump supporter is also another example. That’s pretty much what Tomi is saying when she calls liberals the “loving left”. She’s being sarcastic as you can see.

We need to get rid of this “right vs. left” garbage and unite the country so hopefully Trump is successful at that when he gets in office soon.