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Keeping masks on Children is really evil…. really, wake up…

While it may be exciting news that Cuomo finally opened up NY but it’s not completely free… yet… we still have this dumb “vaccinated = no mask” and “unvaccinated = masked” policy. Also, the CDC and Cuomo are still forcing children to wear masks in schools which is disgusting.

Lefties claim to be disgusted at children being kept in cages but they don’t say a thing about children being forced to wear masks. Masking up children is probably the most evil thing the CDC and left-wing governors could do. Ya kow, little children aren’t human lab rats and they’re being treated exactly that. It’s unfair and wrong.

Masking children is not healthy for them. Plus they don’t understand any of this of why they have to do what they have to do. They need to breathe… lefties probably hate children being masked but they don’t do anything about it. Lefties are just doing everything the CDC, the news media and their left-wing governors say.

Masks on children is very dangerous especially for children with that age, ya know?

As long as unvaccinated people are still masked up and children are still masked, we are not really a free state yet. Sorry, we’re really not. They say we’re getting back to normal but this isn’t back to normal. Getting back to normal is getting our freedom back 100%.

The CDC and governors don’t want to lift all restrictions and protocols ’cause they don’t want to lose their power. They’re obsessed and addicted to power. The more you comply, the worse they get.

Our country has gone completely batshit crazy and insane. What’s going on?

With that being said, I’m not getting vaccinated. It’s funny as hell ya know. People rushing to get fully vaccinated just so they can remove the mask, well I’m reading a lot of posts on FB of people experiencing some dangerous side effects after their 1st and 2nd shots. Their 2nd shots get much worse. They wonder why some of us are “anti-vaxxers”?

Scary stuff we’re seeing, I tell ya and it’s gonna get a lot worse.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be arrested for voter fraud…

During last year’s President 2016 election, Hillary couldn’t have won NY State. No doubt at all Trump really won that state ’cause the NY map showed mostly “red”. When it was announced that Hillary won that state, I was pretty shocked. The news tried to spin it that it was NYC that helped Hillary win but I don’t believe it at all.


With that being said, I think Cuomo got elected Gov. of New York due to voter fraud and he’ll probably do it again in 2018.

Hey NY State, it’s finally time to vote this corrupted asshole out. I know I will.


Thought: Gay marriage is violating the FMA

So yesterday the big news was announced that “Gay Marriage” has been officially legalized in the New York State. So NY has became the sixth state to legalize same sex marriage. So the question you’re all wondering is, do I agree with it? For you long time readers of my blog site, I’ve been strongly against “same sex marriage” for years. I still stand by it too. So no, I do not agree with same sex marriage being legalized here in NY. It shouldn’t be legalized anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate gay people. I respect them, but in my opinion, a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Gay marriage is not really “marriage” if you think about it. Seriously, think about it.

The second you disagree with “same sex marriage”, everyone will call you the bad guy for it. People will accuse you of hating and disrespecting gay people, when that is not the intention. Why do some people disagree with same sex marriage? For a lot of reasons.

1. It violates the FMA, which stands for “Federal Marriage Amendment“.

2.  I don’t think Thomas Jefferson would have approved of it if he was still here today, he would have banned it all across the country.

3. Not good for politics.

4. Imagine what kind of family gay people would have, when they get children. Most children would want a mother and father. I don’t think children would enjoy having parents as a “Dad & Dad” and “Mom & Mom” type of thing. Watch the movie, “The Kids Are Alright” as an example of this. That movie is about two lesbian women with children living with them and the kids in that film don’t enjoy having lesbians raising them.

5. It gives Adam & Eve a bad name.

I can think of plenty of more reasons why it’s bad. People call it “equality” and “civil rights” or whatever, but this isn’t a “civil right” if you think about it.

I don’t understand why people get all pissed off when someone disagrees with “same sex marriage”. It’s pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. We all have a right to an opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with “same sex marriage”, and I’m positive I’m not alone on this either.

I’m sick of people who support “same sex marriage” trying to get us to change our minds and get us to respect the gay people. We don’t have to “respect” gay marriage. Our opinions won’t change and mine won’t either.