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Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be arrested for voter fraud…

During last year’s President 2016 election, Hillary couldn’t have won NY State. No doubt at all Trump really won that state ’cause the NY map showed mostly “red”. When it was announced that Hillary won that state, I was pretty shocked. The news tried to spin it that it was NYC that helped Hillary win but I don’t believe it at all.


With that being said, I think Cuomo got elected Gov. of New York due to voter fraud and he’ll probably do it again in 2018.

Hey NY State, it’s finally time to vote this corrupted asshole out. I know I will.


Thoughts on NY State soon raising the minimum wage for fast food workers…

Here it comes, y’all. Even more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder! NY State will soon be the first state in 6 years to raise the minimum wage of fast food workers… NYC will get it first, soon the rest of NY State. Then later on, I’m sure it’ll happen for the rest of the U.S.

For years fast food workers have protested this to happen and look like they got their wish.


Like everyone else, I disagree with it. Fast food jobs have low pay for a pretty good reason ’cause it’s a pretty easy job just to stand there and flip a burger or talk to customers in the drive-thru. They’ll be making a lot more money than people who work the harder jobs. They’ll be making more than factory workers, landscaping jobs, construction workers, office workers and they’ll be making more than people who work in a grocery store. These fast food workers will be making more than people who work as a waiter/waitress or as a cook at a real restaurant which is a much harder job. How is all this fair?

Fast food workers are not happy with their jobs ’cause they don’t get paid good? Well here is a bit of a reality check… why don’t they quit and find other jobs that pay well? I understand that some people have to get stuck working at fast food jobs ’cause they can’t get a job anywhere else. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have a good enough education which is why they get stuck working crap jobs. Well, if these fast food workers are getting stuck working crap jobs like McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell well they brought it upon themselves since they didn’t get their life in order. Don’t blame everyone else. Blame yourself.

Here’s an interesting write-up about it by local news anchor, John Gray.

Read this, it’s interesting…


This is bullshit and it’s gonna hurt the economy even more. This smells “communism” too. Barack Obama will love this idea though ’cause he was the one who came up with the idea of raising the minimum wage so he would praise NY State for this.

Hope we get Donald Trump in office so this don’t happen everywhere else.


More on Gov. Cuomo…


Ya know something? I may not like President Obama too much but at least he respects Conservative people/right-wingers. You never see Obama calling out conservatives and saying stuff like, “they deserve no place in my country”.

Even if you’re liberal, you’d have to admit that what Cuomo said was offensive; although, it wouldn’t surprise me that liberals worship him as some kind of hero now.

If people wanna be against abortion rights, support the 2nd Amendment and be against gay marriage then that’s our right. That’s one thing that pisses me off about this whole left/right thing, ya know? The other side don’t wanna respect our opinions and beliefs. When the right wants to express our opinions in politics, the left will get all mad and will get all over us. That is what’s going on here with Cuomo. His way of calling us homophobes and saying that we aren’t welcome here.

I’ve been protesting against Obama so much on this blog, look like Cuomo is gonna be next but unless he apologizes to Conservatives, I’ll think about backing off on him.

Why does the state of New York always get bad governors? First Elliot Spitzer, and then David Patterson… next we have Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is the worst of the other two guys.

I’m a proud conservative and that’s what I believe in. Liberals shouldn’t be so hateful toward us… makes you wonder why conservatives hate the left in return, right? Cuomo really upset the conservative community on the internet.

As you can see here, Senator Ted Cruz was quick in responding to Cuomo’s offensive statement. Sen. Cruz advises NY conservatives to move to Texas ’cause everybody knows that Texas is a die-hard conservative state. Plus, Texas is the state that Sen. Cruz is senator for.

Freedom of speech works both ways. Always remember that.