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Liberals are making it less and less enjoyable to live in NY State… it almost makes me want to move out…

I’ve always loved to live in New York State ’cause I’ve been a New Yorker my whole life. I used to be proud to be a New Yorker but now I’m beginning to feel ashamed of it. I don’t want to live in a state that is very high taxed and I don’t want to live in a state where the economy still sucks. Yes, the US economy has improved greatly but there are some states in the US that has a bad economy still and NY State is one of them.

I also don’t want to live in a state that GLORIFIES abortion ’cause I’m a pro-life guy and proud of that. I’m totally against abortion and hate everything it stands for. The new NY Abortion law is pretty scary stuff.

I also don’t want to live in a state that wants to make this state a haven for illegal aliens and they’re trying to do that. It is really sickening that gov. politicians and officials wants to put illegals first before Americans. That’s a real problem in NY State and I don’t like it at all. Not only Gov. Cuomo has a huge hard on for illegals, the Mayor of Albany does too and most local Democrat politicians around this area.

Liberalism is a cancer. When will people wake up that liberalism is hurting the country? It’s getting worse too. Liberal politicians are trying to turn NY State into a socialist state and already doing a good job of that. No doubt that NY Government is corrupt to the core. If you think Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill is bad, NY Government is much worse. NY Government is corrupt to the core from top to bottom. Liberalism is horrible all across the country but it’s worse here in NY.

In NY State, there are liberals everywhere. My hometown of Greenwich is a pretty liberal town and you’re not going to see much conservative/Republican people around. Liberalism sucks. I’m so glad that I don’t consider myself a liberal ’cause I’m way smarter than that. Why would full grown men want to be a liberal is what I’m wondering?

NY State really needs a turn around for sure. We need to drain the swamp here pretty badly ’cause there are awful politicians and officials all over the State. I may have grown up my whole life here in NY but I’m not afraid to say that I almost want to move out of NY. What I’m seeing here lately is disgusting.


Thoughts on NY State soon raising the minimum wage for fast food workers…

Here it comes, y’all. Even more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder! NY State will soon be the first state in 6 years to raise the minimum wage of fast food workers… NYC will get it first, soon the rest of NY State. Then later on, I’m sure it’ll happen for the rest of the U.S.

For years fast food workers have protested this to happen and look like they got their wish.


Like everyone else, I disagree with it. Fast food jobs have low pay for a pretty good reason ’cause it’s a pretty easy job just to stand there and flip a burger or talk to customers in the drive-thru. They’ll be making a lot more money than people who work the harder jobs. They’ll be making more than factory workers, landscaping jobs, construction workers, office workers and they’ll be making more than people who work in a grocery store. These fast food workers will be making more than people who work as a waiter/waitress or as a cook at a real restaurant which is a much harder job. How is all this fair?

Fast food workers are not happy with their jobs ’cause they don’t get paid good? Well here is a bit of a reality check… why don’t they quit and find other jobs that pay well? I understand that some people have to get stuck working at fast food jobs ’cause they can’t get a job anywhere else. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have a good enough education which is why they get stuck working crap jobs. Well, if these fast food workers are getting stuck working crap jobs like McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell well they brought it upon themselves since they didn’t get their life in order. Don’t blame everyone else. Blame yourself.

Here’s an interesting write-up about it by local news anchor, John Gray.

Read this, it’s interesting…


This is bullshit and it’s gonna hurt the economy even more. This smells “communism” too. Barack Obama will love this idea though ’cause he was the one who came up with the idea of raising the minimum wage so he would praise NY State for this.

Hope we get Donald Trump in office so this don’t happen everywhere else.


Cool Video: NY State Assemblyman, Jim Tedisco, sticks up for the 2nd Amendment!!!

Jim Tedisco, who is our NY State Assemblyman, responds his thoughts about the Safe Act that was signed into law yesterday, and guess what? He doesn’t agree with it! Even he agrees that the law makes us less safer. He also brings up a good point, that having a few bullets to defend ourselves with isn’t enough. You can still buy guns legally, but allowing only 7 bullets is pretty ridiculous, and that’s what pissing us New Yorker’s off. He is also right that the Safe Act isn’t going to stop people from doing bad things.

I would own a gun legally to defend myself. If a guy tries to attack me when I’m out and about in public, I would do anything to save my own ass. Even if it means, killing the bastard. We should have our own right to defend ourselves, and not have the government tell us what to do.

Thanks Jim! If he ran for Governor or President, he would get my full support!


Welp, here we go, folks… the altering of the 2nd amemdment by our government has begun!

The people of NY state are upset with our State government today ’cause Governor Cuomo made gun control official today.

More on the story, here.

I’m totally with everyone on this. It’s bullshit. These new laws do make me feel less safe. Criminals will not follow these new laws, they’ll find their way around it. Gun violence is not going to stop, no matter what the government does. If you think this isn’t enough, wait until tomorrow, when Obama reveals  his plans on gun control.

We should have our own right to protect ourselves our own way. We don’t need the government controlling us, taking away our rights.

If we’re not allowed to have guns, what are we going to protect ourselves with? Altering the laws is not gonna solve anything.

Andrew Cuomo, had to jump right into it ’cause he wanted to get it done before Obama got to it. Nice way to get more attention.


BREAKING NEWS: UFC sues NY government, hoping to lift ban on MMA…

It was former Governor, George Pataki that first signed the bill to make MMA caged fighting illegal in NY State. He did it because he felt that children shouldn’t be watching that violent sport.

Not too long ago, it was former Governor, David Patterson was the first to bring up the interest to help lift the ban on MMA in NY, just to help the State’s budget. The NY Government, kept denying the ban to get lifted in our state for a quite a while and this state continues to refuse to lift the ban to this day. We’re trying really hard to lift the ban on MMA caged fighting here, but no success.

Well, it’s pretty obvious that the UFC company have been keeping an eye on it, and now they are doing something about it themselves. Dana White’s, Zuffa LLC, and UFC Champs: Jon Jones, and Frankie Edgar sued the NY Government, hoping to get the ban lifted.

Read the full story, here.

This really shows that Dana really loves the New York fans. UFC is extremely popular here and it is unfair it’s banned here. What will our new governor, Andrew Cuomo, do about this? He was the one who helped lifted the ban on gay marriage here, could he do the same to MMA caged fighting? I really don’t like Gov. Cuomo too much but if he’ll un-ban MMA, he’ll get a lot of respect from me and I’ll have a change of heart with him. Hopefully our Governor will do the right thing. We NY’ers deserve our MMA.

When MMA becomes legal here, I would so like to see a UFC ppv event live. I’m sure UFC will do ppv events at the Times Union Center or the Glens Falls Civic Center, they’ll make their way there, but the first arena they’ll hit in NY is the Madison Square Garden.

This sport shouldn’t be banned anywhere at all.



Report: Ultimate fighting close to being legalized in NY State?

The Senate approved a measure to legalize UFC/MMA events to come to NY State, so is it one step closer to being legalized officially in the NY State?

More on it here:


That would be awesome if ultimate fighting gets legalized here. There are many NY fans of that sport and we deserve our ultimate fighting live experience! You might be thinking, will the UFC put on ppv events at the Times Union Center in Albany? They might, but I doubt UFC will ever come to Albany. I’m pretty sure Dana White is aiming for a first ppv event at no where other than the legendary and the historic venue, Madison Square Garden. That’s the first place UFC will go. Then maybe the Times Union Center in Albany later on. The MSG will be the first place they will hit for sure.

As for MMA “Strikeforce” events, I see them hitting the smaller venues maybe the Times Union Center in Albany and the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls.

NY deserves this sport. If it gets legalized, I would go see a live UFC event or Strikeforce, yes definitely. That would be a blast!