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Anti-Gun and NRA hating actor, Alec Baldwin shoots and kills female crew member and seriously hurts director on film set, now he’s officially a hypocrite on his obsession for gun control…

Alec Baldwin was filming a movie called “Rust” which is a Western movie I just found out and they were filming near Santa Fe, New Mexico. They were shooting a scene where Alec was required to use a prop gun and he accidently kills cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and seriously injured the director. They halted filming as soon as possible while the police investigates the incident and Alec the man himself has been cooperative 100%.

On twitter, I’m already seeing “AlecForPrison” over this trending… while I’m not a fan of Mr. Baldwin, I don’t like him at all… I don’t think he’ll get charged for this but it was simply an accident. I would say though that this makes him looks like a hypocrite after being so anti-gun and hating on the NRA for so many years. Yet the man continues to use guns himself in action films, thrillers and now Westerns.


Yeah, prop guns are fake but they can still be just as dangerous. It wasn’t the first time ’cause Brandon Lee was killed by one while filming “The Crow” movie.

Accidents happen.

Yeah, movies are fake and make believe but if actors really wanted us to take their “anti-gun” arguments seriously then they would stop starring in movies that uses guns but they don’t. They continue to star in violent movies with guns even though they continue to debate about gun violence in the media.

RIP to Halyna Hutchins and speedy recovery and well wishes to the director, though. They didn’t deserve that and god bless their families. While Mr. Baldwin probably won’t get charged, the family of Halyna Hutchins could file a civil lawsuit against Baldwin and the studios if they wanted to and the director Joel Souza could do the same. I doubt Joel will sue ’cause he would know it was just an accident but Halyna’s family might sue, though. We’ll have to see what happens.

Terrible thing that happened but Hollywood movie stars really need to look at their hypocrisy when it comes to gun control and their anti-gun violence.

How would they think about gun safety after this one?


More on Albany, Crossgates Mall shooting… still calling it a “false flag”…

Definition of “False flag”:

According to the U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, a covert operation (also as CoveOps or covert ops) is “an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor.” It is intended to create a political effect which can have implications in the military, intelligence or law enforcement arenas affecting either the internal population of a country or individuals outside of it. Covert operations aim to secretly fulfill their mission objectives without any parties knowing who sponsored or carried out the operation.


Local media around the Capital Region are still not giving the full story of the Crossgates mall shooting. They still won’t give proof of an actual shooting either. If you watch some of the videos in youtube about this, you don’t see many people panicking especially with some of the interviews. Why would there be a bunch of people standing outside of the mall when they should be away from the building? Far away from the building. Why do they have to sit in their vehicles and not leave until the police told them to? Why do people have to be locked in the stores inside with an active shooter?

So there’s claims of an active shooter with no proof given. If there was an active shooter, the mall should have loads of security guards. The malls should also have hidden video cameras all over the fucking building. If a gunman has been spotted through surveillance, I’m sure security would have taken the gunman out right away. That’s what they spent half of their life training for in college, ya think? Sure security guards don’t have guns but they do have tasers which is enough to take a gunman down. So I didn’t understand the hundreds of police officers running around and a helicopter flying overhead. It’s all a joke to me, really.

I’m still believing it’s a “false flag” operation, controlled by our local area. Some would want to think I’m blaming Obama but not once I said Obama’s name. Of course, some would think I’m blaming Obama on everything. I think this is a covert operation by our local government possibly. Just another way to divide the country even more since they claimed the shooter was black and to ram gun control down our throats even more. So Donald Trump becomes president and this happens. How odd is that??? Are you trying to get under Trump’s skin about the 2nd Amendment? Is that what this was about? Is New York State upset about Trump’s victory so they did this hoping to grab his attention? Hoping this story would go viral.

Local media is just as bad as the MSM.


Many music artists sign “open letter” in favor of gun control… hypocrites… ALL OF THEM!!!

I hate it when libtard celebrities and music artists join in on the fight for “gun control” bandwagon. A lot of music artists that you love wrote an open letter and many music artists signed it. Take a look at the list of artists that signed the letter, a lot of your favorites are probably on here: Alanis Morrissette, Barbara Streisand, Beck, Sting, Billy Joel, Bob Weir, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Vedder, Cher, Iggy Pop, Rivers Cuomo, Joan Jett, etc. The list keeps going.

Conan O’ Brien even signed it.


They’re all hypocrites, all of ’em ’cause I’m sure many of these artists have armed bodyguards everywhere they go and armed security at their concerts. Really fuck ’em.

I’m no fan of most of those people on there anyways except I’m still a fan of Billy Joel, Joan Jett and the Grateful Dead but I’ll still support them for their music… not their left-wing political views.


Obama wants to disarm Americans so we won’t have anything to defend ourselves against Muslims…

… and that’s how Obama plans to destroy America.

Like the title of this topic says, Obama wants to disarm all Americans and that includes the police. That’s why Obama goes after the police with all this race baiting stuff ’cause he’s trying to take away guns from our law enforcement. He wants real Americans like us to have no guns as well. Why do you think Obama is trying to make our military weaker? All this stuff he is doing is just his plan to destroy America. He’s trying to take away our guns while he’s giving them to terrorists overseas. That’s what Benghazi and Operation F&F were about to begin with. Those two gun running operations. That’s why Obama gives guns to terrorists instead of letting us have them.

Don’t you see? Obama wants to kill us all. He’s doing all of this intentionally. Obama is a madman and evil. When will liberals wake up?

First the Supreme Court rejected Connecticut’s gun control and now the Senate rejected Gun Control nationally. Sorry, Chris Murphy you lose. Chris Murphy wasted 15 hours talking about nothing. Liberals are gonna have to learn that “Gun Control” will never happen. Why? It’s because the “2nd Amendment” is tough to get rid of. That’s a fact.

No matter what Obama and the government tries to pull, you’re never gonna take away our guns no matter what you do. Even if “gun control” does happen, there is no possible way you could get rid of guns permanently. There are too many guns everywhere. Bad people don’t follow laws anyway. Even if gun control happens, that’s not gonna stop gun violence.

It’s pretty insane that stupid liberals blame conservatives, guns and the NRA for the gun violence. It’s also insane that liberals blame the gun itself. A gun, no matter what kind it is… don’t operate by itself. A gun is controlled by a human being which is you. You’re responsible if you have a gun in your hand. People blaming guns itself is pretty ludicrous.

Obama wants to take our guns away to weaken us. So we have nothing to defend ourselves with. Get the picture now? Obama wants to take our guns away, he gives them to terrorists. Now Obama is letting Muslims and illegal immigrants into our country. Obama wants to kill us all. Period. End of story.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a huge believer in the 2nd Amendment and will always support it. The more liberals obsess with “gun control” the more it makes me want to get a legal gun myself and I’m actually thinking about it. Someday I would like to get trained on how to use a handgun or a pistol ’cause I love target practice, I really do.

You can’t beat the 2nd Amendment and it will never be repealed either. Dumb liberals living in fantasy land like usual. I hate how liberals are all for something just because people like Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and the media says so. It’s real sad that liberals would listen to them. I’ll have a rant about that in another post soon.


This is why people should be allowed to carry guns especially women…

Yep, things like this is why we should be able to carry legal guns. In this story, 5 young black thugs raped a young girl at a park in NYC while walking with her father. The men ordered the father to leave the area, though.


Sad and heartbreakin’ but think how things could have been a little different if either the girl or the father had a gun on them? The girl was old enough to get a gun ’cause the age limit in order to get a gun is 18 years of age so she should be able to have a gun. I think it would be even better if the father had a gun and he would have protected her by shooting all of those fuckers.

Wouldn’t you want to have a gun so you can protect yourself and others? Having a legal gun on you would help protect yourself from things like this, ya know? This would have been a good time to have a legal gun on ya. If I had a gun, I would have no problem shooting them all in the face just to save my ass and others.

I really am thinking about getting a legal gun permit and am thinking about joining the NRA as well. Fuck all those gun control loving assholes.


Typical libtard response when it comes to Obama criticism… all they can do is call you racist, bigoted, etc…


You see, this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about. When libtards respond to Obama criticism and all that stuff, the only response they can come up with is call you racist, bigoted and whatever names they can come up with. This is just a typical libtard “one-sided response”. All they can do is call you every name in the book. Say these overused words like “racist” and “bigoted” which are libs two favorite words that they use way too much. Like the meme says above they say that stuff hoping to silence the opposition so they can declare victory in the argument. It usually means they can’t think of anything else to say.

Can you libtard assholes think of something new instead of calling us racist, bigoted, blaming everything on Republicans/conservatives, crying “Bush this and Bush that”… blah blah blah.?

This is why it’s pointless debating politics with libtards ’cause they’re all a bunch of “one-sided” losers and assholes. I don’t have time to argue with libtards who always give me “one-sided” responses.

The comment is by a libtard that tried to respond to my blog about “Obama crying about gun control” but I deleted it. I reposted it to give you an example that libtards still attack my blog. These are the kind of responses that I delete. They are not worthy of debating at all. This comment below the line was not written by the two idiots I named above but I still get attacks by other libtard all the time. It’s responses like this is why they deserve that name, “libtard”.

I just reposted this deleted comment for comic material. It did give me a laugh, though. Here’s a big FUCK YOU to that idiot.


Comment written by an idiot with the screen name of: Questionman…

Wow, you disgusting racist k-nts piss me off. Sorry for the language, because that’s what you are. Disgusting racist k-nts! American conservatives are simply much more racist than anyone outside of their cult thought possible before 2008. You will recall that they wanted Obama impeached within a month of him taking office. The plain and simple truth is that they hate him FOR BEING BLACK. They are victims of a psychological phenomenon called “confirmation bias”.
Me and my therapist worked this out. American conservatives hate black people. Why? I don’t know; possibly poor upbringing and southern culture. Because they already hated Obama just because of how he looks, everything he does looks terrible to them. And because everything he does looks terrible to them, their hatred of him is reinforced.
There are many things that the President has done since he has been in office that I do not agree with, some might even be criminal in nature, but never has he committed anything close to treason. “trea·son ˈtrēzən/Submit noun the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.” he was legally elected twice to do his job, and as far as I know have never tried to kill himself or any other government offical. I do not like the way he has done it and I do not agree with his policies, but one thing I can say for him is that he has never committed treason.
More intellectually deficient ramblings from someone who doesn’t understand the point of the EOs. They’re not a gun grab. They’re to keep guns out of the hands of people who won’t pass a background check. Get your facts straight, and stop threatening the President of the United States. I get the feeling that you haven’t bothered to read the E.O. yet. I don’t think these new measures will make much of a dent on gun violence considering most acts are by those who get guns illegally anyway, but I also realize the gubment ain’t coming for my piece
What “Gun Grab agenda?” Did you even watch the speech? He made it explicitly clear that he is supporting background checks, not gun confiscation. They are two entirely different things. Calm down and stop being so paranoid.
He had a personal visit with the families of the victims. Republicans and YOU didn’t show up.
Did Bush Jr. cry when propagandizing Americans with the lie that Sadaam Hussein & iraq had WMD? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when he collaborated with the israeli MOSSAD to destroy the WTC? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when he was hiding out in a school in the state dictatored by his brother, as the MOSSAD was destroying the WTC, 9-11-2001? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when initiating the destruction of Iraq? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when signing the Patriot Act? No.
Did Bush Jr. cry when signing the Dept. of Homeland Security act ? No
Did Bush Jr. cry when initiating the fraudulent war on terror ? No
The fact that this is even “a thing” for the GOP shows how degenerate they are. The President — a decent and empathetic man and father of two children — wells up at the thought of schoolchildren gunned down, and the failure of Congress to act in the aftermath, and we have Republican leaders questioning his sincerity, and a FoxNews harpy suggesting he had raw onions on hand to induce the tears. What a bunch of monsters they prove themselves to be.
So conservatives are now saying that Obama’s tears weren’t real because he didn’t cry when speaking about other mass shootings and just this one? If I watch 10 tear jerkers and cried during only 3 movies would my tears be fake too? Let me dumb this down for conservatives. The difference between dems and republicans on gun control is INTENTION! Dems want to have gun control to save lives and republicans don’t want it to keep profits from sales. If you understand that then you would know his tears were real.
It’s all because he’s black. Just calling a Ni–er and get it over with.
The president is granted certain actions that allows him to do anything he sees fit as long as it does not violate the constitution or laws established by the legislature. Executive action is his tool for developing actions. Obama himself is a constitutional law attorney and has been able with advisors to stretch his limit to almost tipping point, but staying in within his limits.
He has not done anything traitorous, yet. He is acting within his political ideology, although they differ from yours or mine, this does not make it illegal. The first amendment allows us to all express our ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, while the basics of liberal economic policy resemble communism, he is still not communist. Bernie sanders is more socialist than him. Therefore, he can be impeached for almost anything congress sees fit but the support for this in congress is not enough.

yea, you couldn’t find any now, so you want to blame 10 yrs after republicans mess things up.
America collapsed and died on Bush’s watch.
Obama pulled our asses out of the fire by saving the economy after bush gave away the store to his warmongering friends and masters.
Barack Obama is not a communist, He is not a Muslim (I think), He isn’t a traitor, If he hated America, why is he president?, drinks beer, eats Bacon and goes to church. yep, he’s a muslim! Barack is not evil he is just the average president, who doesn’t accomplish anything important during his term
As I’ve said and proven. You people are nothing but racist bigoted scumbags that hate having a black man as President. that ALL this is!

Obama wants our background checks? Well what about his?


If Obama himself had to go through background checks in order to get a gun, I’m pretty sure he won’t even be eligible to buy a guy himself. Why? Simply because he’s an illegal alien and an illegal president. His birth certificate is 100% fake. He keeps his college and birth records sealed. He will never show us anything about his personal and private life. We barely know anything about this piece of shit.

Yet here is everyone jerking themselves off over Obama’s “gun control” speech, calling him a hero and all. Everybody have to be like, “Obama is doing great things to America, you can’t say anything bad about him.” *yawn*

I’d say if Obama wants our background checks and our personal information, I’d say what about his? Come on, Barack. Stop being such a coward and show us your background. What have you got to hide, idiot? There’s so many unanswered questions about Barack’s life and he continues to keep himself mysterious even to this day. I can’t stand it. One day everything is gonna be exposed about this man. He can’t hide everything about himself forever.

If he wants to be taken seriously about “background checks” then he should show us his background and that’s the point of this meme. Easy right?


Obama crying during gun control speech, he’s fake crying…. well, duh…

Come on guys. Obama is not really crying. He’s faking it aka “acting”. He’s fake crying so he can sound serious about “gun control” and he does a terrible job at trying to sound serious. Sure enough, libtards in social networking are going, “Aaaaawwww, Obama is such a hero and such a good president”… blah blah blah, you get the deal, ya know? Barack talking about all these shootings that didn’t even happen and almost all of them were “false flags”.

Taking guns away is not gonna end violence. That’s a fact. Look at the United Kingdom. They have strict gun control over there but instead you see a lot of stabbings and stuff. What’s stopping violent people from using knives, bombs and other weapons?

You know very well that Obama being desperate in taking our guns away is nothing but a huge power grab. That’s all the son of a bitch wants is more power. It’s just another attempt at destroying America.

Do you honestly believe that Obama cares about human lives? You fucking dumbasses. Over the years of Obama’s life, he has killed over hundreds of people mysteriously ’cause he didn’t want stuff about him to get leaked out there. He doesn’t give a rats ass about human lives at all ’cause why? He’s a fucking Muslim that’s why.

He has murdered three of his ex-gay lovers… two of them which were killed execution style… killed by multiple gun shot wounds:


So since he had Donald Young and Larry Bland killed by gunshot wounds that makes Obama a hypocrite over gun violence. Obama didn’t shoot those men himself… it is believed that he hired hitmen to do the job for him.

Obama’s corrupt and a maniac. If you think he is a good guy then you are one delusional idiot. Get help.


Right-wingers are getting excited about Obama’s oval office address tonight when they shouldn’t…

All day long, the right wing community have been getting all excited about Obama’s address in the oval office tonight to speak about terrorism (and um, gun control). Why the right-wing community are going crazy over this? It’s because they are expecting him to utter these words, “islamic terrorism” when you know he won’t. He’ll mention the word “terrorism” yes but he won’t put “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence at all tonight. I expect Obama to go off on gun control and Climate Change mostly. *yawn*

All Obama gonna do is say a bunch of bullshit that is gonna outrage the right-wing community so “right-wingers” shouldn’t get all excited at all.

I’m probably gonna watch tonight and will give my thoughts after.


Upstate NY Sheriff urges citizens to carry guns where ever they go…

While our piece of shit governor, Andrew Cuomo is all for taking away our gun rights as well… there’s a few Sheriffs around here who would agree that every citizen should own a gun with a legal permit. This Sheriff is smart.


I’ve always believed that taken away our guns is not gonna stop shootings. It’s only gonna make shootings worse ’cause criminals don’t follow laws no matter how tough laws get. Even if the White House is successful at taking our guns away, people will always find ways to smuggle guns into the country. This is something you can’t stop. Guns are everywhere.

To reduce violence is to defend yourselves. I will always stand by that opinion. If you have a gun with a legal permit, I’m sure people would leave you alone. Having a legal gun would be worth it to save your own life and others.

Yeah, I do know that mass shootings really happen but under Barack Obama most of the mass shootings I’ve seen under him were all “false flags” and many of those shootings didn’t really happen at all and I’ll have another post on that soon. If there’s a mass shooting all over the news and if Obama is quick to respond to it then it’s a pretty good chance that the shooting is a hoax and false flag.

Mass shootings happen all the time but many of them gets ignored by the mainstream media, though. The ones that gets ignored by the mainstream media are the real ones. I’ll have a post on that soon.