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This is why people should be allowed to carry guns especially women…

Yep, things like this is why we should be able to carry legal guns. In this story, 5 young black thugs raped a young girl at a park in NYC while walking with her father. The men ordered the father to leave the area, though.


Sad and heartbreakin’ but think how things could have been a little different if either the girl or the father had a gun on them? The girl was old enough to get a gun ’cause the age limit in order to get a gun is 18 years of age so she should be able to have a gun. I think it would be even better if the father had a gun and he would have protected her by shooting all of those fuckers.

Wouldn’t you want to have a gun so you can protect yourself and others? Having a legal gun on you would help protect yourself from things like this, ya know? This would have been a good time to have a legal gun on ya. If I had a gun, I would have no problem shooting them all in the face just to save my ass and others.

I really am thinking about getting a legal gun permit and am thinking about joining the NRA as well. Fuck all those gun control loving assholes.


It’s good they’re charging Bill Cosby for sexual assault but what about Bill Clinton?

Not a lot of people in America know that Bill Clinton has a pretty long history of sexual assault. Of course, the mainstream media ignores that stuff. It’s actually great news that Cosby is getting charged but now lets work on getting Slick Willie Bill to get charged too. All it takes is a quick google research to see how many women that Slick Willie assaulted and raped over the years. Slick Willie is no different than Cosby. They would be good drinking buddies. I can see them two sitting at the bar together bragging about the hottest women they raped. lmao


Funny how liberals are upset over Chrissie Hynde’s rape comments but don’t have a problem with Bernie Sanders rape essay…

So libtards give Chrissie Hynde backlash and so much shit for her rape comments but then Bernie Sanders wrote that rape essay 40 years ago but libtards give him a free pass. So what’s up? Chrissie tells women to be more careful on how they dress and how much they drink but Bernie degrades women by saying it’s okay for them to fantasize about them getting raped & abused by men. Liberal media attacked Chrissie Hynde but defended Bernie about “rape”.

The liberal community don’t seem to care about Bernie’s rape essay. I brought up Bernie’s rape essay to a few liberals in facebook and sure enough, they laughed it off. They were Bernie Sanders supporters too. Ya know, Bernie’s rape essay is verifiable and 100% real but of course, liberals wanna shrug it off.

The proof of Bernie’s essay being real is right here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/05/31/bernie-sanders-new-claim-about-his-gang-rape-essay-and-fifty-shades-of-grey/

There’s even a photo of it and some libtards still refuse to believe it.

Bernie Sanders is a perverted old man. The man is probably a sex and porn addict. He probably reads “50 Shades of Grey”.

Liberals calls themselves “feminists” but they don’t attack Bernie for his rape essay. Why? Is it because Bernie is a liberal politician? That’s probably it. Bernie’s essay is offensive and way out of line. It’s crazy but he doesn’t get any flak from the left about it, instead they applaud him. No surprise. Liberalism is a mental disorder, it really is.

It really disgusts me how the left gets a free pass in everything. Whenever they say stupid things, they get defended. When they commit a crime, they get defended. Whenever they lie, liberals don’t care. When the right does similar things say stupid things & commit crimes, they get a lot of backlash. When will both parties ever be held responsible for things? I’m tired of the left thinking they’re above everything and thinking they are better than the “right”. I’ll have another rant on that soon.

Bernie should get the same flak that Chrissie is getting. Anybody who believes that Bernie shouldn’t get any flak for his essay is a dumbass. Bernie treated women like sex objects in that essay and sure enough, people still love the guy. WTF is wrong with people?


Interesting article that defends Chrissie Hynde’s rape comments… worth a read…

Here’s a great article written by a woman who defends Chrissie Hynde’s controversial rape comments and it looks like she’s siding with Chrissie on this one too.

This blogger here is so right. The reason that libtards and “feminists” are upset at Chrissie is that they didn’t like her telling women what to wear or how much they drink. They also didn’t like her blaming the victims.

Look, I know that women like to party hard late at night but at the same time, it’s very risky. There are a lot of women who naivety believes that nothing dangerous will happen if they go out there partying. Like I said in a post before, this world is not so lovable and wonderful as many would like to believe. There’s a lot of bad people and dangerous psychopaths out there. Women think they can go out there and do what they want to and think nothing will happen to them.

If you’re a woman and if you go out there partying wearing short skirts and tank tops that exposes your cleavage, you walk out there drunk… chances are something is gonna happen to you.

Nothing wrong with partying and having a fun time but do it responsibly and do it carefully. Don’t party alone… go with a group of friends.

I think the feminists got upset ’cause they simply can’t take the truth and it upsets them. They don’t like it when someone else’s opinion is different. Gotta love intolerance.


Anyway, rape can happen anywhere and anytime. Not just at night. There’s no reason for women to go around looking sexy all the time. Nothing wrong with dressing and looking sexy sure but do it responsibly and on special occasions. Looking sexy will help catch the eyes of sexual predators out there. There’s a lot of creepers out there and you gotta watch out for ’em.

It’s not a safe world at all. Stop thinking it is.


Bill Clinton is a rapist too but the liberal left still hails him as a hero and a rock star…

Oh man… not only that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky while still being married to Hillary, he is also friends with pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein. All the sex stuff with Bill Clinton gets even crazier.

Turns out that women have been charging Bill Clinton with sexual assault and rape ever since his college days at Oxford University.

More here…


Of course, I don’t really find this a surprise since Bill seems to love women.

Man, what is it with the Clintons that they think they can do all the bad things all they want to… there is never any public outrage? Bill and Hillary thinking that they’re above the law is nothing new as you can see. They always thought they were above the law.

What is wrong with this country when Bill Cosby has become a target in rape allegations and Bill Clinton gets nothing?